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Interesting blogs, books, podcasts, movies on economics


Paul Krugman, nobel prize winner, updates several times a day, more or less left-wing, in favour of mix government and market Mankiw, writer of one of most used introductory textbooks, teaches at Harvard Research-based policy analysis and commentary from leading economists

No introduction needed combines economics and sociology, Posner teaches law. One topic, two views. right-wing, free market, made by a.o. the guy behind that rap video

Podcasts (all in iTunes store)

BBC radio 4 analysis

Freakonomics radio

NPR Planet money

This American Life, the episode: the invention of money

BBC Radio 4 the bottom line with Evan Davis EconTalk (from the guys of Caf Hayek)

Tim Harfords Pop-Up Economics Books Anything by Tim Harford, most notably The logic of life (microeconomics) and The undercover economist strikes back (macroeconomics)

Dan Ariely Predictably Irrational (behavioral economics)

Daniel Kahneman Thinking, fast and slow (behavioral economics)

Sylvia Nasar Grand Pursuit (History of economic thought)

Thaler and Sunstein Nudge (Behavioral economics applied to policy making)

Economix (comic book on the history of economic thought)

Shiller - Irrational Exuberance (Nobel 2013, on bubbles)

Documentaries Inside job (on the crisis of 2008) Masters of Money (BBC, 2012, on Hayek, Marx and Keynes)


That rap video Tim Harfords favourites are here top 25 economics blogs according to the Wall Street Journal