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Lewis Matheson Method-1

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B. Tech. Petrochemical Engineering

Multicomponent DistillationUniversity College of Engineering (A) KakinadaDept. of Petroleum Engineering & Petrochemical EngineeringLewis Matheson MethodJawaharlal Nehru Technological University KakinadaProf. K. V. RaoProgramme DirectorPetroleum CoursesJNTUKCalculate the number of stages using the lewis- Matheson method for the separation of a multicomponent mixture, the data of which are given below :Distillate = 38.5 moles/hr, Bottom 61.5 moles/hr, Feed = 100 moles / hr, R = 1.722All streams are saturated liquids.

Input Data:R = 1.722% of lighter fraction in distillate=99%ComponentFeedDistillate dixidBottoms, bixibMethane57.3565.0050.1300Ethane (LK)352.09131.9550.833.0750.05Propylene (HK)1510.96250.02514.0220.228Propane200.9010.57750.01519.4340.316i-Butane100.507009.9630.162n-Butane150.4080015.0060.244Total ----------10038.5161.512Rectifying section :Material balance :vn,i= ln-1,i + diEquilibrium :ln,i= (L(vn,i/i)/ ((vn,i/i)))Material balance :l'm+1,i= v'm,i+ biEquilibrium :v'ri= V' * ( i * bi/ i * bi)for reboiler stageStriping Section:3

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