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<p>Dear...</p> <p>I am writing on Sean's behalf to outline his duties and responsibilities as an intern for the Solar Turbines, Titan 130 combustion group. As Sean's mentor, I worked with him frequently and provided guidance on his projects throughout the summer. His primary project involved testing the air-fuel mixing performance of a development, gas turbine fuel injector. He spent much of his time back and forth between analyzing incoming data sets and monitoring the test rig equipment. Throughout the project, he was particularly detailed in making sure the data being produced was accurate and replicable. Part of this involved investigating anomalous data and working with our rig technicians to calibrate and troubleshoot sensor equipment. This also involved modifying the original test plans to produce more meaningful data and reduce uncertainty.</p> <p>As a follow up to his assigned tests, Sean also planned and ran additional tests at the high pressure rig. We were impressed by how quickly he developed a sense for operating the rig as well as its quirks and limitations. He ran the tests with limited supervision and was quickly guiding the test technicians on how best to adjust the rig controls for obtaining the data he wanted. </p> <p>Additionally, Sean accompanied me on several full-scale engine tests where he observed testing procedures and helped monitor incoming data. His data analysis of the results helped qualify a development high temperature pressure sensor that will be a valuable improvement to the current combustion control system. He did an excellent job presenting and producing plots and visuals both for these tests and those previously stated. </p> <p>Some of the side projects he worked on with other group members and departments included analyzing field data from a high sulfur diesel site, mapping safe operation conditions for a development turbine engine, and working with the mechanics in the turbine assembly pits. Throughout the summer, Sean was a diligent team member and enjoyable to work with. I would gladly recommend him to any employer for his future endeavors. </p> <p>Sincerely,Christian Di NorsciaTitan 130 SoLoNOx SustainingCombustion Engineering, D219 MZ E-4Solar Turbines Inc.</p>