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LETTER & MEMO. Memo or Memorandum Memo The plural of Latin word memorandum is memoranda. Most people use the words “memo” or “memos” A memo is a

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  • Memo or Memorandum

  • MemoThe plural of Latin word memorandum is memoranda. Most people use the words memo or memosA memo is a message written for communicating with others within organization.Memorandums are used for many purposes; to convey information from one department to another, to report on various business transactions, to communicate between branches or for records and reference.

  • Memo formatThe format or layout of a memo might vary a little from company to company.There are 2 memo formats which are standard and simplified.Standard memo is usually keyed on a form with printed template headings of TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECTSimplified memo is omitted the headings (TO, FROM, DATE, and SUBJECT)

  • I. Standard MemoTO: Jane Smith, Holly Marshall, Joe DiMaggio, Adrian Monk FROM: Patrick Starr, Human Resources Director RE: Company Holidays DATE: July 12 The Acme Corporation will be closed on the following official holidays. Full time employees who have been with the company for six months or more will receive a full day's pay on a holiday. Full time employees who have worked less than six months, part time employees and interns are not eligible for paid holidays. Please make sure you change your voice mail message to announce that the office is closed and make any arrangements for emergency projects to be covered while you are enjoying your holiday. Official Acme Company Holidays January 1 New Year's Day February 12 President's Day May 30 Memorial Day July 4 Independence Day September 1 Labor Day November 24 Thanksgiving Day December 25 Christmas Day

  • In-class Assignment (individual):Suppose you are member of student union, write the memo to all KKUIC students Student union wants to know whether what should we(KKUIC students) do during the semester break (in November 24-December 13). You as the student union wants to hear ideas from other students.

  • Business Letter

  • Business LetterBusiness letter are letters written to people in business organizations for various purposes; therefore, there are many types used in business communication. For example: Inquiry letter, order letter, complaint letter, etc.

  • Business Letter PartsLetterheadDateAttention line*Inside addressSubject line*SalutationBody of the letterComplimentary closingSignatureReference initialsEnclosure notation*Copy notation*

  • LetterheadIt should include:Who the name of the company. American firms usually use Inc. (Incorporated) while British firms use Ltd. (Limited)Where a complete address of the firm including telephone, fax numbers, and e-mail addressWhat words indicating the nature of business (if its not clear from the firms name)

    It also can contain trademark, slogan, locations of branch offices, etc.

  • LetterheadExample:

    Acme Explosives, Inc. 100-B Dry Gulch Alley Lonesome Coyote AZ 85789 (602) 555-5555

  • DateIt is typed three or four lines below the last line of the letterhead where it balances the letterhead.

    Always type out the full name of the month (do not use numerals to indicate a month) to avoid confusion in international correspondence

    Recommend to use either of these commonly used styles:American style: September 4, 2008Military style: 4 September 2008British style: 4th September, 2008

  • Attention Line* (Optional)If used, the notation Personal or Confidential is placed two or three lines below the dateline.

  • Inside addressIt identifies the name(s) of the person(s), and the name and address of the company or organization to whom the letter is addressed.

    But if you dont know the name of the person, address your letter title of his/her position rather than to the company name alone

    Place the courtesy title or professional title in front of the name, if you write to an individualCourtesy title: Mr., Mrs., Miss (Use Ms. When you dont know the womans marital status)Professional title: Dr., Professor, etc.

  • Inside addressA persons title of position in an organization (business or executive title) may be used after his/her name Example:Mrs. Karen Maxwell, DirectorConsumer Services DivisionABC Company000 West 12th StreetToronto, Ont. 000 000

  • Subject or reference line* (Optional) It is often underlined and it is placed below the inside address.

    It is used when you want to include or refer to a file or reference number (e.g. of an order, the name of special project or a certain date) in a letterExamples:Subject: Holiday Schedule for 2009Ref: Your order No.2338ARe: Insurance Policy No. 12134AbC

  • SalutationShould use the persons name (if possible) and always make sure that spelling is correct.

    American style it usually followed by a colon(:) while the comma(,) is commonly used for personal letters of condolence and sympathy.British style comma(,) is always used after the salutation

  • Lists of salutations (to a man and a woman):ManSir:Dear Sir:Dear Mr. Brown: (last name)Dear Bobby,

    WomanMadam:Dear Madam:Dear Mrs. Brown:Dear Kathy, For more than 1 man, American frequently uses Gentlemen: while British uses Dear Sirs,

    For more than 1 woman, American frequently uses Ladies: while British uses Mesdames,

    Most formalLeast formal

  • Body of the letterIt is the main part of business letter.

    It is usually single-spaced and has double spacing between paragraphs and before complimentary closing.

  • Complimentary ClosingThe complimentary closing ends the letter.

    It is typed two lines below the last line of the body of the letter.

    Only the first letter of the first word of the closing is capitalized.

    A comma(,) follows the closing.

  • List of complimentary closing:Formal closing:Yours truly, Respectfully yours, Yours faithfully,

    Less formal closing:Sincerely, Sincerely yours, Yours sincerely, Cordially, Yours cordially, Cordially yours,

    Personal closing:Regards, Personal regards, Kindest regards,

  • Signature line (signature bloc)The name of the person who signs the letter is typed 3 or 4 lines below the complimentary closing.

    Normally, you can include your 5 separate identifications in this part: Signature Type-written name Business titleDepartmentCompany name

  • Signature line (signature bloc) Examples:

    Sincerely,(Signature)Joseph L. CottonDirector, Marketing Services

    Yours truly,(Signature)Marion Nicholson, ManagerCustomer Services DepartmentProcter & Gamble Manufacturing (Thailand) Complimentary closing Type-written name Business title, Department Complimentary closing Type-written name, Business title Department Company name

  • Reference initials* (optional)Your initials as dictator(writer) of the message (capital letter) and those of your typist (lowercase letter)

    It usually appears at the left margin on the same line as signature bloc or 2 spaces below that.

    However, you dont need to type this part in the letter if you type the letter yourself.Example: PY:scWriters name = Piyanuch YindeesookTypists name = Sunny Chawala

  • Enclosure notation* (optional)It is typed directly below the reference initials.

    It indicates that something has been enclosed with the letter (for examples, a resume, a brochure, a report, or a photograph)

    The word enclosure or enclosures is often abbreviated as Enc. or Encls.Examples:Enc.: 1 resumeEncls.: 3 brochures

  • Copy (Carbon-Copy) notation* (Optional)It is typed directly below the enclosure notation or reference initials.

    It indicates that a copy (abbreviated as cc:) of the letter has been sent to the person who has been named. Example:cc: Marry Andersoncc: Kelly Clarkson

  • 3 Business Letter Formats Block-style format: All lines are typed against the left hand margin

    Modified block-style format: The dateline and the complimentary closing are typed slightly to the right page center

    Semiblock-style format (Indented letter format): The paragraphs are indented five spaces from the left of the margin. The dateline and complimentary closing are slightly to the right of the page center

  • I. Block-style formatAll line type against left hand margin

  • II. Modified block-style formatdateline and complimentary closing are typed slightly to the right page centerOther line type against left hand margin except dateline and complimentary closing

  • III. Semiblock-style formatParagraphs are indented five spaces from the left of the marginThe dateline and complimentary closing are slightly to the right of the page center

  • In-class Assignment: MemoWrite the memorandum as directed below:You are the marketing manager of Thai Ceramics Ltd. located in Chiangmai province. You have seen an announcement (and a descriptive brochure) of the International Home Show 2009 to be held at the Queen Sirikit Convention Center. To show, which features exhibitions of home decoration, furniture and supplies, will run for 7 days beginning Friday, February 20. You would like to attend the exhibition for 1 day and take your assistant with you, Ms. Patty Min.You plan to fly from Chiangmai, attend the exhibition and then return. You estimate the cost for trip to be 8,000 Baht. Write a memo to the general manager.