LET'S GET REAL OR LET'S NOT ? let's get real or let's not play transforming the buyer / seller relationship

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LET'S GET REALOR LET'S NOT PLAYTRANSFORMING THEBUYER / SELLER RELATIONSHIPMAHAN KHALSAand RANDY ILLIGP O R T F O L I OContentsForeword xiPreface xvIntroduction 1CHAPTER ONE: KEY BELIEFS 7Key Belief No. 1: Consultants and Clients Want theSame Thing 7Key Belief No 2: Intent Counts More Than Technique(and Technique Is Still Important) 10Key Belief No: 3: Solutions Have No Inherent Value 13Key Belief No. 4: Methodology Matters: 16The ORDER Model 19Key Belief No 5: World-Class Inquiry PrecedesWorld-Class Advocacy 24CHAPTER TWO: QUALIFYING: OVERVIEW 28No Guessing 31Slow Down for Yellow Lights 37CHAPTER THREE: QUALIFYING OPPORTUNITIES 46The Opportunity Checklist 47Structuring the Opportunity Conversation 47viii ContentsMove off the Solution 48Get Out All of the Issues 52Prioritize the Issues 54Gather Evidence and Impact 55Explore Context and Constraints 70CHAPTER FOUR: QUALIFYING RESOURCES 79Time 80People 81Money 82CHAPTER FIVE: QUALIFYING DECISIONS 94Articulating and Influencing the Decision Process 95Gaining Access to Key Stakeholders 104Understanding Decision Criteria 115CHAPTER SIX: WINNING: THE ART OF ENABLINGDECISIONS 121Don't Present Until You Are Ready to Present 122The Meeting PlanPresent to Enable a Decision 128End in Mind 130Key Beliefs 134Proof/Action . 137Questions 139Yellow Lights 144Next Steps and Agenda 165Results 167"Yes, Let's Do It." 167"No, Thank You." 169No decision 169CHAPTER SEVEN: INITIATING NEW OPPORTUNITIES 170Prioritize: Do Fewer, Do Them Better 172Prepare 173Personalize: No Cold Calls! Get A Referral to the Client 187Contents ixPractice 193Pre-positioning Meetings for Success 196LAST WORDS 199Appendix One: Summary and Quick Reference 201Appendix Two: Creating and Applying an Intent Statement 219Appendix Three: Getting People to Call You 225Acknowledgments 229Notes 233About the Authors 253Index 255