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<ul><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 1/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>Lets Do Nothing !Non-Activ ity Ki t</p><p>Dear Bo okse ller or Librarian,</p><p>Franke and Sal, the heres f the pcture bk Lets D Nthng!,</p><p>pre that t s mpssble t d nthng. Een when they aresttng as stll as a statue r as tranqul as a tree n the frest, ther</p><p>mnds are wrkng, ther eyes are blnkng, and ther chests are</p><p>rsng and fallng wth ther breath.</p><p>But Franke and Sal als pre that yu cantake a break frm</p><p>dng smethng. Takng a few mnutes f quet n between all</p><p>f yur scheduled acttes t relax, thnk, magne, r daydream</p><p>rejuenates yu fr the next rund f dng smethng.</p><p>What else can kds learn frm Franke and Sal? Maybe they canlearn hw t keep frm gng crazy when asked t st stll and</p><p>keep quet. What games can they play n ther mnd t help</p><p>thse mnutes tck by?</p><p>We hpe yu enjy the fllwng games and deas fr dng</p><p>nthng wth yung readers.</p><p>Yurs n nthngness,</p><p>Candlewck Press</p><p>May 2009 HC: 978- 0-7636-3440-7</p><p>$16.99 ($19.00 CAN ) Ag es 4 7</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 2/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page 2Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>Hw n the wrld d yu plan an eent fr yung readers arund the</p><p>theme fnthng?Kds hae t dsmethngfr t t be an eent.We agree! Here are a few deas that challenge kds t d nthng, rat least seemlke they are dng nthng.</p><p>Promotion</p><p>Feel free t use the pster n the next page t nte yung readers t</p><p>yur Nthng Challenge.</p><p>Read Alo ud</p><p>Begn yur eent by readng Lets D Nthng!alud t the gathered</p><p>kds. Yu mght ask them befre yu begn f they thnk t</p><p>s pssble t d nthng, and see what deas they hae.</p><p>After the readng, ask the kds the same questn. Yu mght als</p><p>ask them f there s anythng gd abut takng a break frm dng</p><p>smethng.</p><p>Do Nothing Ac tiv itie s</p><p> Nthng Challenges (grup acttes)</p><p> Ways t D Nthng (sl acttes)</p><p> Nthngs t Make (grup acttes)</p><p>The Game f Nthng (2 players)</p><p>HoW To HoST A LETS Do NoTHiNG!EvENT</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 3/10</p><p>Location:</p><p>Date:</p><p>Time:</p><p>The NoThiNg ChalleNge</p><p>Learn abo utthe power of nothingfrom a reading of the</p><p>new childrens book</p><p>leTs Do</p><p>NoThiNg!</p><p>Then jo in us for game s</p><p>that will tes t yo ur abili tyto do no thin g at all!</p><p>Come prac tice s taring ,s tillne ss, balance, and thecontainment of gig g ling!</p><p>Priz es of nothingnessw ill b e awarde d!</p><p>Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 4/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>The Staring</p><p>Challenge</p><p>Set up chars facng each</p><p>ther.</p><p>Dde kds nt pars and</p><p>seat them n the chars.</p><p>Explan that n yur sgnal,</p><p>the kds wll stare nt the</p><p>eyes f the persn acrssfrm them and that the</p><p>wnner wll be the ne n</p><p>each par wh s able t resst</p><p>blnkng r lkng away.</p><p>if the results are dsputed,</p><p>suggest that the kds try</p><p>t agan, r hae them</p><p>determne the wnner frm</p><p>tw ut f three tres.</p><p>Ge each wnner a prze.</p><p>The Balance Challenge</p><p>intrduce the actty by remndng the kds that n ne f Franke and Sals</p><p>attempts t d nthng, they pretend t be trees. Explan that n yga, whch</p><p>s a practce that relaxes the mnd and bdy, there s a balancng pse called</p><p>the tree. Explan that ths actty wll challenge them t be as stll and quet</p><p>as trees.</p><p>Hae kds put ther feet flat n the flr.</p><p>Tell them t feel bth the frnt f ther feet and the back f ther feet</p><p>sld n the flr.</p><p>Ask them t lean a lttle n ther rght ft, wth ther left ft ery</p><p>lsely n the flr.</p><p>Hae them pck a spt n the wall and stare at t.</p><p>Ask them t lft ther left ft and put the sle f that ft n the nsde</p><p>f ther rght calf.</p><p>Explan that snce they are a tree, wth many branches, ther arms can be</p><p>n any pstn t help them balance.</p><p>Hae them practce a lttle bt n bth sdes. Nte that sme peple</p><p>balance better n ther rght and sme peple n ther left.</p><p>Explan that wheer can hld the pse the lngest gets a prze.</p><p>Say, Get ready. one, tw, three, g!</p><p>See wh can hld the tree pse the lngest.</p><p>D ths exercse seeral tmes and ge a prze t each wnner.</p><p>Yu may want t award a prze fr trees wth the mst wnd n ther</p><p>branches t kds wh really struggle wth t.</p><p>NoTHiNG CHALLENGES!</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 5/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>The Dont Make Me Laug h Challeng e</p><p>Set up tw chars facng each ther.</p><p>Hae tw kds st n the chars.</p><p>instruct kd number ne t keep frm laughng whle kd number tw</p><p>tres eerythng he r she can t make number ne laugh. Whateer kd</p><p>number tw des, kd number ne must stay seated and nt make any</p><p>nse fr as lng as he r she can.</p><p>Ge them a sgnal t g, and tme them usng a stpwatch.</p><p>After the frst turn, hae the kds swtch rles and g agan.</p><p>The kd wh was able t ntlaugh the lngest s the wnner.</p><p>Ge the wnner a prze.</p><p>The Statue Challenge</p><p>Ths s a game t play f yu hae a bg rm r can be utsde.</p><p>Remnd the kds that n anther f Franke and Sals attempts at dng nthng, they pretend t be statues.</p><p>Explan that ths actty wll challenge them t quckly g frm dng smethng (walkng) t becmng stll wth the</p><p>Pwer f Nthng.</p><p>Chse a leader t stand at ne end f the space.</p><p>Lne up the rest f the kds n the ppste end f the space.</p><p>Hae the leader turn hs r her back n the rest f the kds.</p><p>Tell the kds that, n yur sgnal, they must walk quckly (n runnng) tward</p><p>the leader and try t tag hm r her.</p><p>Explan that the leader can turn arund at randm tmes and that when thathappens, the rest f the kds must freeze and stand lke statues.</p><p>Nte that any kd the leader sees mng wll be ut f the game.</p><p>Explan that the wnner wll be the frst kd t tag the leader, r the last</p><p>player remanng.</p><p>Chse a kd wh lst early n t be the next leader.</p><p>MoRE NoTHiNG CHALLENGES!</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 6/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>WAYS To Do NoTHiNG</p><p>Hw many tmes hae yu been tld t st stll and be quet? Here are</p><p>sme games t play n yur head that allw yu t d smethngwhenyu are tld t d nthng.</p><p>Pretend yu are readng a farte bk, and try t remember hw the</p><p>stry begns and what happens next. Remember as much f the stry</p><p>as yu can.</p><p>Play a seres f magnatn games. Fr example, magne yu are a tall</p><p>buldng and a gant grlla clmbs up the sde f yu. What wuld yu</p><p>say t hm?</p><p>Say the alphabet backwards n yur head, r lk arund the rm andfnd smethng that begns wth eery letter f the alphabet.</p><p>Pretend yu are walkng smewhere that yu ften walk n real lfe.</p><p>Remember eery detal yu can, frm cracks n the sdewalks t clrs</p><p>f huses.</p><p>Prizes</p><p>Cnsder gng przes that</p><p>cntan nthng, such as blank</p><p>bks, drawng pads, water</p><p>bttles, cups, r wrstbands.</p><p>The Box of Nothing</p><p>When yu fnd a lttle nthng, hw d yu keep t frm gettng away?</p><p>Yu culd keep t n a bx.</p><p>Cut a pece f paper nt a square and fllw any f the many rgambx nstructns nlne r n bks t turn t nt a bx f nthng.</p><p>(one set f nstructns, wth de, can be fund at www.rgam-fun.cm/</p><p>rgam-bx.html.)</p><p>Yu may fnd yurself cncentratng s hard n fldng the paper that yu</p><p>wll thnk fnthngelse.</p><p>Make a blank bo ok</p><p>or sketchpad</p><p>Take three r fur sheets f</p><p>8 x 11 paper and trm</p><p>them n half.</p><p>Stack the half-sheets</p><p>tgether and fld them</p><p>lke a bk.</p><p>Staple twce n the spne.</p><p>Nte that prnt shps hae</p><p>specal staplers that make</p><p>ths assembly easy.</p><p>NoTHiNGS To MAKE</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 7/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>THE GAME oF NoTHiNG</p><p>Playing the Game</p><p>Hae each player take a turn</p><p>pckng a card. The card wll</p><p>tell the player hw many</p><p>spaces t me.</p><p>if a card tells the player t g</p><p>back a space and he r she</p><p>cannt, the player must stay</p><p>n hs r her current space.</p><p>When the card ple s</p><p>depleted, shuffle the used</p><p>cards and begn agan.</p><p>When a player nears the</p><p>end f the spaces, he r she</p><p>can land n NiGHT nly f</p><p>he r she draws a card that</p><p>wuld enable the player t</p><p>land exactlyn the NiGHTspace. if the card wuld</p><p>make the player me</p><p>beynd the Nght space, he</p><p>r she must stay n hs r</p><p>her current space.</p><p>Instructions</p><p>The bject f the Game f</p><p>Nthng s t get thrugh the</p><p>day frm mrnng t nght as</p><p>slwly as pssble, by takng</p><p>lts f breaks t d nthng.</p><p>The player wh makes t frm</p><p>mrnng t nght lastwns.</p><p>SETTiNG UP THE GAME</p><p>Attach the game sheetssde t sde wth tape.</p><p>Cut ut the ten game cards</p><p>and place them wrd-sde</p><p>dwn n the game sheet.</p><p>Select game peces frm</p><p>anther bard game, r use</p><p>cns, such as a penny and</p><p>a dme.Place the game peces n</p><p>the frst space, whch s</p><p>labeled MoRNiNG.</p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 8/10</p><p>Yue played eery sprt eer nented.</p><p>MOVE FORWARD 3 SPACES</p><p>Yue baked enugh ckest feed a small cuntry.</p><p>MOVE FORWARD 2 SPACES</p><p>Yue read eery cmc bk eer wrtten.</p><p>MOVE FORWARD 1 SPACE</p><p>Yue played eery bard gameyu culd fnd.</p><p>MOVE FORWARD 1 SPACE</p><p>Yue panted mre pctures n a daythan van Ggh dd n a lfetme.</p><p>MOVE FORWARD 1 SPACE</p><p>Yu pretend yu are a tree n a quet gre.</p><p>GO BACK 1 SPACE</p><p>Yu st dwn and take a deep breath.</p><p>DO NOT MOVE</p><p>Yu pretend yu are a statue.</p><p>DO NOT MOVE</p><p>Yu pretend yu are a tall buldngsttng stll fr years.</p><p>GO BAC K 2 SPACES</p><p>Yu remember page by page whathappened n yur farte bk.</p><p>GO BACK 1 SPACE</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page </p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 9/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing!Non-Activity Kit page 9Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>MoRNiNg</p><p>sTaRT heRe</p><p>THE GA MEH o w s l o w l y a n dca l m l y ca n y o u</p><p>make i t f ro mmorn in g to n ight ? </p></li><li><p>8/8/2019 Lets Do Nothing Event Kit</p><p> 10/10</p><p>Candlewick Press Lets Do Nothing! Non-Activity Kit page 0Illustrations copyright 2009 by Tony Fucile</p><p>OFNOTHING</p><p>PLACE</p><p>CARDS HERENighTeND heRe </p></li></ul>