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<ul><li><p>Let's All Go To The Junior Dance Tomorrow Evening at The Rose Garden </p><p>NUAL GIRLS' VOCATIONAL i CONGRESS CLOSED FRIDAY: </p><p>DELEG.\TES FRO 1 EVERY COUl'iTY IN STATE GATHE R AT i:3TH ANN .\L CO~VENTION </p><p>1 ~~~~~~~~~~~ </p><p>BOZE::l'l:AN, MONTANA, TUESDAY, NOVE:VIBER 22, 1927 </p><p>~!ASCOTS STOLE:&gt;: </p><p>ponrnt Nl:i\IDER 10 </p><p>\BOBCATS LOSE THRILLING GAME TO STATE UNIVERSITY </p><p>RIYAL TEAM:,&gt; U'.'</p></li><li><p>PAGE TWO </p><p>The Weekly Exponent l'ublis.,i::d e~cry Tuesday of the Collegt yenr by the Staff </p><p>chosen from the stuch.n of Montana State College of the l'ninrsity of .:\Jontnna, Bozeman, llontana </p><p>Subscription Ra!(!: ~:.too per school year </p><p>A .. (.1..)Jtance for mailing :!. fpecial rate of postnge provided fo1 in !-icctinn 1103. Act of October 3, 19~7, </p><p>authorize'lClIX&gt;IX&gt;IX&gt;IX&gt;OO-IX&gt;IX&gt;CH:!IX&gt;IX&gt;IX&gt;IX&gt;IX&gt;IX&gt;IX&gt;!Xl Lined C'oa t - $8.90 </p><p>They arc ou t of the ordinary </p><p>JACOBS COSTUME SHOP 10 "esl !\lain Phone 77 </p><p>0 N E </p><p>s s :&amp; x SPEEDABOUT </p><p>FOR THE BEST D RAWIN G </p><p>in black and. white, by any undergraduate artist, submitted to C0llccre Humor hdore J1nuary 15, 192S. "' </p><p>$2.'0 GRUE PRECISJQ, the late. t PaiaJ!ll model best Jra w!llg. ' </p><p>WATCH, for second </p><p>$1,000 I EUGENE DIETZGE ' DRAWING I~STRU 1E , 'TS drawing sets, tabks and other arrists: supphc , the finest manufactured anJ 76 other pri:cs. ' </p><p>C MPLETE DETAILS of this nation-\\ide search for n.:\v artists in the D.:cem-ba College Humor on sale O\'ember 2nd. A brilliant art1ck on Princeton, by F. S.:ott F1t:gerald, appc,1r !ll this number: .rnd another feature 1s a complete nowktt.:, 'Tit~ Return of Alldy Prod1aoc, by Lois 1'. lontross. </p><p>.-1dcfrt!ss li..&gt;tters and e11tl"iC's ro </p><p>AR T CONTEST EDITOR 1050 No. La Sa lle Street - CIII C.\GO </p><p>SLE TllL :\LI\ l SSL\. \T </p><p>CHA$. R. POOR GARAGE </p><p>FLOWERS CHHYS.\1'\TH E )lll;\JS Ai\"D PO;\IPOMS </p><p>.\re Yt~ry appropriate nt thi$ season </p><p>M. LANfiOHR, FLORIST </p><p>V ISIT OUR </p><p>Art and Gift Shop )l.\YY CHR!Sn!AS Sl'GGESTIO. s </p><p>HAUSEMAN &amp; M'CALL "Studcnl S upplies' .1 East :\lain Street </p><p>Where You .\hrn):l </p><p>Feel at Home and are Sure of </p><p>Hi~ht Serdce </p><p>SORORITY and FR.\ TERX ITY P .\RTI E, A SPECL\LTY </p><p>Oad ex .. trcmcly exacting speci-5.cations to give the a:.ith~n:ic COLLEGE HALL wits their distinct:ve curve o f b.9d. </p><p>Collece ~!ill S'jl llf!!. o .. ~ :..A Two Suits .. :Ji";JI Trou.en </p><p>[Ctbel's to $4S) </p><p>\\'A~Hl~CT.;)S Irr LE! \', YOMINO . DllAJ:.' VADA D!Tll.Ol'T N ' U C.\r \l~STfl\S ll?S?ll.Vl U1'10N NSAS TULA !SL!YAN ~I </p><p>'"'J.111u- .... (OUt.0 I LL Al li\i\C.l </p><p>MAll.QU!TT! </p><p>It.II ALSIUCH TON H.'\l\\.All.D CUSI! Bit.OW' </p><p>" COLOlt.'\.00 !:011.Cl'\Tfc:.t! </p><p>'M:! ~O\\ _.., "' \.'tl'lMU"Y' </p></li><li><p>JRIZZLIES DEFEAT BOBCATS AND RETAIN STATE TITLE </p><p>:\X STILL HOLDS .'W.\ Y A:\D ~IIGHERTY :\1. S. C. TEA~! BOWS TO l ;". l\'ER,;ITY 6-0 </p><p>flont,r.ucd fro.n pal,te oncJ </p><p>t ut,\\H on hi! t:r1zz.Jy HI yar g-ot thcia1Jle ~ h1(Jugh tiw lint, \\"1tn the baH th~ HoL makr their duwn so 1dnr 1.m1 NI 2.'J yard~. GriizH .. </p><p>WEST SIDE fiROCERY Quality Groceries </p><p>ClG.\RETTES AXD (A:\'DY A SPECL\LTY </p><p>P hone 266 - -HO W. Curtiss </p><p>CL01"'HES Ready-made </p><p>And Cut to Order </p><p>ESTABLISHED ENGLISH UNIVEFlSITY STYLES, TAILORED OVER YOUTHFUL CHARTS SOLELY FOR DISTINGUISHED SERVICE IN THE UNITED STATES. </p><p>Bearly Camels Hair </p><p>Coat 5165 </p><p>~ I I </p><p>Styled fur </p><p>COLLEGE .MEN </p><p>C H A R 'f ER H 0 l ' S E </p><p>OVERCOATS tyle' correct in student circles </p><p>n both England and the United tates. We solely represent this </p><p>lolhing in this \'icinity . </p><p>$22.50 lo $40 </p><p>Be~ rly </p><p>Camels Hai r Coat 51 65 </p><p>THE MEN'S STORE McC'R.\CKEN BROS. </p><p>THE \\EEKL Y EXPQc-;E_ 'T, 'TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 22, 1927 PAGE THREE </p><p>\\'hikomb _ </p><p>Foss </p><p>Lewi~ </p><p>~Im ra:; </p><p>\"it&gt;r!1: s (t) </p><p>Row l'en </p><p>&lt; him-ke </p><p>Dads </p><p>Kain </p><p>Left end </p><p>Lef tackle </p><p>Left g-ua;:~i </p><p>Center </p><p>Rig.ht tat"klc </p><p>Right end </p><p>Quarterbcd .. k </p><p>Left half </p><p>Higoht half </p><p>Ario </p><p>\Vilson </p><p>Voirt </p><p>Dobeu8 </p><p>Hurd </p><p>CarJnc1 </p><p>Eikrem </p><p>nab.ock (c) </p><p>&lt; hcz </p><p>Stn1ford Wir:s l'rom California . </p><p>Th~ mi.c:hLy Stan ord te:1m played I a gn~at game, and dlfeatPU ( ai101 nia I;) ~o 6 in the t.hirty-1ifth J!.~lntt:' be- I ;.ween the two schocds. </p><p>E:uly in the se~l e choice tobaccos. Camels get Letter the morn of them you :;moke. Their subtle taoles are unfolded hy experience. They are always clelightfully smooth. </p><p>"Have a Camel!" </p><p>:1. REYNOLDS TOBACCO COMPANY, WlNSTON- SALEM, N. C. </p><p>:} 192':' </p></li><li><p>PAGE FOt:R THE \\.EEKLY EXPO. 'E:\T. Tt:ESDA Y. 'OYK\IBER ZZ. 1927 </p><p>I s CIET SOC! \I. l \I L=" D Ill "\dne!"dil} . '\ (n. :.?~- -.lu nfo r Dann I hurstl:.i\ . .\ tn. :.?1-f\.1pra Sit:.mo.1 l'ledtre- Part~ \11.ha (;aun ;! l'ht, Pinner ilrnn Frid:-). O\. :!t-B. E. l'ltd;.:-. Plar,hip. Offering courses in the following divisions: </p><p>College of Engineering College ha I </p><p>LESLIE E. fiAfiE f\\t.ntv-l1H.' j.!'1rb \\t'll' p11..-.1..n~ n.t J E1.:-.ilon Pa rt~. a lun1..heon J!'lYCn bv \lph!l Gamlllh ~qU.lH.' and Ct1r1.a.-. .... lh,lola) Ot..lLt in Butte. . (ji;.rnfe. \I J n::-.l.'ll Wl'IC )ltsst;.!,., L1lhnn Kmd-"t:hy. :\larg-nrct .:\hnn~, )ln1~ ... Jo "Eig-ht dollar::- a do1en, tinti.'d-nt </p><p>PHOTO SPECL\LS JEWELER &amp; MFG. OPTICIAN </p><p>Sto Tot ham and E111c&gt; tuw l l11)d of I Li\ingston. \t ....... ):(' -ne1 J .... :Ok</p></li></ul>