Learning Centre Leaders¢â‚¬â„¢ Newsletter 24th August Learning Centre Leaders¢â‚¬â„¢ Newsletter 24th August

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  • Learning Centre Leaders’ Newsletter 24th August 2018 Early Years Learning Centre What an exciting couple of weeks in Early Years! Science and Book week have seen some amazing activities happening around the school.

    During Science week we had whole school incursion where students were able to engage in a range of science experiments. Classes ran science afternoons and sessions where they would teach their families all the science experiments they have been learning this week. Some classes sent science activities home so the fun didn’t end at the end of the school day!

    Book week! Reading is such an important life skill that we prioritise here at Warringa Park and what a better way to celebrate it than Book Week. The theme this year has been ‘Find your treasure’. The students participated in an interactive performance incursion on Monday, which reflected this pirate theme! Wednesday was our dress up day where we had photo booths to capture the day. All week students have been taking part in a treasure hunt around the school to find missing books to read.

    What a wonderful celebration of the love of learning we have in the Early Years. Thank you to all the families and friends that joined us throughout these activities. Amy Byrne, Early Years Team Leader

  • Middle Years Learning Centre Leader It’s been a very busy and exciting time in the Middle Years. Students have been celebrating Science Week and Book week with lots of special activities. During Science Week, students in the Middle Years participated in daily science experiments to learn how things move, change, bubble and pop! All the students participated in the Science Incursion and were able to explore Sphero’s, Osmo Shapes, 3D drawing and much more!!

    During Book Week, students participated in a range of activities across the school. On Wednesday, students dressed up as their favourite characters from movies and books. There were lots of exciting characters around the school on the day. Groups 4, 25, 33, 34 and 32 ran a Round Robin Read Aloud with the classroom teachers moving around to the different groups to do lots of fun and exciting read alouds with all of the students. There was rain, ponchos, vegemite, fluff and lots of sensory opportunities and experiences for all students to engage with the text. Thank you to all the teachers for organising this!

    This week the Multimedia students have been on a three day camp at Blackwood. Students camped in tents and did lots of exciting activities such as archery, low ropes, tug of war and plenty more! Thank you to all of the staff involved in planning this camp experience for our students!

    Megan Retallick Middle Years Team Leader

  • Groups 39, 40, 41 & 42 So good to see that all of our staff and students have recovered from all the excitement of Science Week and Book Week! This week in numeracy, PLT 2 has been reviewing our knowledge of number sense and more or less. Our students have been given the opportunity to use a large variety of different resources to identify and compare collections and our learners are demonstrating steady improvement. In literacy, our students have been loving focussing on a book called ‘Crazy Hair Day’ written by Barney Saltzberg. We were even able to give ourselves a crazy hairstyle and then write about it!

    Furthermore, PLT 2 absolutely loved attending the Science Week incursion in the hall. It was extremely interesting and engaging for our learners. Group 40 loved learning about direction and colour through the use of light up Sphero balls and Group 41’s favourite activity was seeing coloured 2D pictures come to life and become 3D with just a simple scan of an iPad!

    Ainslie, Grace, Benita and Sonja.

  • Groups 24, 25, 32, 33 & 34 Welcome to week 6 everyone! It has been an exciting 2 weeks with Science Week last week and Book Week this week! Thanks to all the parents who came in for the shared read alouds in groups 24, 25, 32, 33 and 34! We all had a great time and we hope you enjoyed the fun activities! Week 8 is literacy and numeracy week so stay tuned for more special activities that you can come and join in on in your child’s classroom! Olivia

  • BRC News Well done to the Year 10 students who attended Interviews at the council on Wednesday of this week. You all did an excellent job and looked very swish in your “interview clothes.” I look forward to hearing the feedback you receive. Well done to Blake who has received part time employment at the Grange Secondary College. Blake will be working with maintenance staff at the college five days a week.

    The artwork that was viewed in Sydney earlier this year has been installed at the campus and looks great. Students are very proud of this work and it’s great to see them explaining the meaning behind the art to new students at the campus this year.

    Next Friday the 31st August will be Kristan’s last day at the BRC campus as she leaves to welcome her baby girl into the world. We wish Kristan and her partner Ben all the best with this new chapter in their lives. We look forward to visits

    Well done to our Student of the Week winners. Natasha B has received an award as well as Elisa D and Blake A.

    Danielle Barclay Assistant Principal Later Years

  • VCAL News Healthy Eating Program at VU This week a group of students in VCAL has started a weekly Healthy Eating and Nutrition course run by the Gateways Community Services and VUT. The students were introduced to the new healthy foods pyramid and were able to answer lots of questions about the food groups and why healthy eating is important to wellbeing. The VUT teachers were impressed with the knowledge our students had of healthy foods and also with their food handling and cooking skills. The students worked in small groups to prepare a chicken parmesan and risoni bake and a very nice veggie and egg slice. They also made an oat and date slice. Students have thoroughly enjoyed the program and they are looking forward to cooking and learning some new information next week!

    Kitchen Operation (VET) Last Friday students participating in the Kitchen Operation VET program visited the South Melbourne market to source and collect information on different food types, and observe customer service within the food industry. Students had opportunities to talk to stall holders, ask questions about their food products, and sample different food. It was a great way for students to learn what markets are about and why they are important to the hospitality industry.

    Automotive Today in Automotive we pulled apart the front wheels of a car. We took off the brakes and the suspension. We measured the brake pad and the disk. We got to put it back together. I used sockets, screwdriver, hammer, vernier caliper and spanners. It was very easy today. By Nathan

    Thank you for your support The Mat-making group at VCAL would like to thank the school community for your support in donating plastic bags for our project. We have been working hard to turn the plastic bags into plarns (plastic yarn) so that we can start making the sleeping mat. Thanks again for your support and we will keep you updated with our progress.

    Mock Interview This Wednesday students have attended the Real Industry Job Interview hosted by Wyndham City Council. Students

    arrived at the venue on time looking relaxed, confident and professional. Thank you to all staff who have support our students to get ready for the interview.

    Evangeline Au

  • CRC News On Wednesday it was great seeing our students all dressed up ready to present for a practice interview at the Wyndham Council offices. The Real Industry Interview program ( RIJI) has been made available to students at Warringa Park for a number of years now and we are grateful for the positive partnership that has developed. This is an authentic and invaluable experience for our students. Thank you to Nancy Ishak our Careers teacher for the work she has put in to achieve this partnership and in preparing the students learning. Please enjoy some student reflections on their experience.

    Monica Cooper Assisatant Principal

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