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  1. 1. Dear Colleagues, I would like, in this way, to say Good Bye to you as today is my last working day at BMW SA After 23 years and 16 days, I can honestly say that this feels a little like saying farewell to a family member. As working at BMW became more of a hobby to me rather than only a workplace, it was one of the more difficult decisions I have ever had to make. With this new opportunity, I will fulfil a long-term personal goal that I have set for myself as far back as in 1998, this being one day accepting full responsibility for the structuring, implementation and maintaining of a Quality Management System. I was privileged to work here for as long as I have only because you have given me the opportunities, guidance, cooperation and understanding; I will never forget what I have learned from you! In closing this chapter of the professional part of my life, allow me to say that one of the most beautiful sounds that in my opinion exist in this world is definitely the sound of a BMW petrol engine with six or more cylinders, at speed. I am confident that you will keep it that way! Regards, Gert Mattstdt
  2. 2. Hi Gert Thank you for all your help and support. You have also given me the courage to pursue a career in the QMS field and hopefully, one day we will meet again maybe as working partners. Best of Luck Always. Serena Brijraj Cheers Gert, and good luck! Kind regards Mike Hi Gert Best of luck in your new job! There are not many people I have met who have shown such enthusiasm and passion for their work. Im sure youll make a great success of the new challenges facing you. Cheers Jrgen Dearest Gert BMW is truely loosing somebody with a lot of knowledge - I don't think they realise what the impact will be - best of luck for the future and please do stay in contact with us. All the best for the future Regards Madeleine Alles Gute fuer deinen neuen Job und viel Spass. Gruesse Christine Good luck Gert. If I may ask . Where are you moving onto. Greetings RUDI BRITZ
  3. 3. All the best to you, and give my old friends at ALC hell ! Chris Hi, Fare thee well into a new challenge. There is no security on this earth. Only opportunity. General Douglas MacArthur Best regards, John Setlogelo Dear Gert From the canteen services, we wish you all the best in your new challenge and thanks for all your support. Best Regards Marian Hall & Team All the best. It was great working with you! Ilne Cruywagen Hi Gert, Vielen Dank fuer Deine Unterstuetzung in den letzten Jahren. Es war immer super mit Dir zusammen zu arbeiten. Viele Gruesse und alles alles Gute Franz All the very best Gert - God speed. Kendall Schutte
  4. 4. Gert Best wishes for your future career. We in turn have gained a lot from you. Kind regards Geoff Dear Gert, instantly after reading your mail just now-now without any further thinking or weighing my words, privileged by knowing you personally and professionally now since 1997, I can only honestly say: WHAT A LOSS. May luck always be at your side, and may you always stay the great character you are, Cheers, Guido Prick BMW Group TI-7 Konzernbeauftragter Umweltschutz / TI-7 Environmental Affairs Tel.: +49 (0) 89 382 48381 Handy/Cell: +49 (0) 173 588 3457 Fax: +49 (0) 89 382 34746 Hi Gert I wish you everything of the best in your new career. I am sure you will make success out of it. It has been a real pleasure to know you and to work with you. You are a true professional. God bless you. Caynos Gert, Shocked, but only a little surprised. Good Luck and keep on observing the steering rack requirements! Regards Bill Grieve
  5. 5. Dear Gert, Just to wish you all the best on your journey through the future. May you enjoy lots of happiness and most of all good health. With kindest regards. Emmie Still sorry to hear that you are leaving Some small note: Cherish your dreams and your visions as they are the children of your soul and the blueprint of your ultimate achievements. Keep in contact Madelaine van der Bank Hallo Herr Mattstaedt, auch von meiner Seite war es immer sehr angenehm mit Ihnen zusammenzuarbeiten! Gerne haette ich wieder mit Ihnen das Audit im BMW-Werk Rosslyn durchgefuehrt, das aber erst 2006 dort stattfinden wird. Haben sie jetzt Ihren Traum wahr gemacht nach Australien zu gehen? Auf eine kurze Antwort wuerde ich mich sehr freuen! Mit freundlichen Gren Klaus Wilfert TV MANAGEMENT SERVICE GMBH Gert, The name's origin is German and means by definition "he who rules by the sword" 'so' go out there and slay the NON Conformists. Make it happen , Have an amazing time with incredible success. MfG. Gerry Potgieter Dear Gert, BMW has lost one of its sons. Over the years you have established yourself as part of the group that can be considered the centre pin that make things happen. Your ability to guide and encourage will be sorely missed. You will do it again at ALC, I am sure of that. All the best in your future! Jaco