LASCO Umformtechnik brochure2
LASCO Umformtechnik brochure2

LASCO Umformtechnik brochure2

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    2012 LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH, Hahnweg 139, 96450 COBURG, GERMANY - All rights reserved.

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    Stahlhammer Bommern GmbH: SuperlativeThe biggest hydraulic die-forging hammer with U-frame ever is operated by Stahlhammer Bommern GmbH in Hamm. This superlative is just a side effect, though. Size alone was not a decisive argument for the investment.

    With the LASCO HO-U 1600 a state-of-the-art forging unit made its arrival at the production hall of Stahlhammer Bommern in 2012. Their many years experience with LASCO machine tools made the Managing Director Dipl.-Ing. MBA Thomas Brandis place his confidence in LASCO once again. Stahlhammer Bommern operates different types of hydraulic LASCO presses and hammers.The main reason for purchasing the HO-U 1600 was the increasing demand for lifting hooks which are now produced with the HO-U 1600 and the hydrau-lic LASCO counterblow hammer GH 2000 that has already been in operation since 1989. According to Thomas Brandis the new HO-U 1600 nearly matches his colleague in productivity - despite the extra 25% blow energy of the GH 2000.

    As early as in the commissioning stage of the HO-U 1600 the trust in LASCO technology proved to be justified: All performance standards were met and the unique machine went through acceptance without any problems. The hammer will be used mainly for forging machine components, hydraulic parts and crank shafts.

    Stahlhammer Bommern has gone down in the history of German industry: Founded by the brothers Franz and Clemens Schneider in 2011 the enterprise celebrated its 100th anniversary. In order to secure the future development of the company, a change of ownership and legal form of the company took place as of 31 December 2006. The new owners are the Brandis Brothers, who continue to feel committed to the traditions of a family-owned company and highest product quality (certified according to EN ISO 9001:2000).

    A die and tool making department of their own as well as modern mechanical processing allow quick and flexible compliance with their customers wishes and the production of forgings which are ready for assembly. In closed and open die forging stainless steel is on the increase. The variety of possible shapes of work-pieces is essentially expanded by the additional use of hot extrusion. Even if Stahlhammer Bommern is famous for its production of lifting hooks, their product range also comprises other drop forgings from 3 - 600 kgs, cardan joints for heavy-duty drives up to 600 mm in diameter, open die

    LASCO hammer HO-U 1600 at Stahlhammer Bommern in Hamm (Germany).



    2012 LASCO Umformtechnik GmbH, Hahnweg 139, 96450 COBURG, GERMANY - All rights reserved.

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    Interview: Reliable partner

    Mr. Brandis, what importance does your enterprise attach to the cooperation with LASCO?

    Thomas Brandis: We have been using a range of different forming machines from LASCO in our plant for many years now and are satisfied both with their efficiency and with the service provided by the manufacturer. LASCO is a reliable partner. For this reason we always like to decide for LASCO products, particularly as they are ahead of the competition.

    What is the competitive edge the new hammer HO-U 1600 has given you?

    Brandis: We are using the unit for a product segment in which we have already been producing with an older counterblow hammer. The decisive factor for this investment was primarily an increase in capacity. We are very satisfied that the HO-U matches the counterblow hammer in productivity despite 40 kJ less blow energy as far as productivity is concerned.

    To what extent did the design engineers involved in the forging line comply with your requirements?

    Brandis: Technical advice mattered a lot to us. Due to their high level of verti-cal range of manufacture LASCO has always been able to comply with a lot of specific requirements. This is certainly a big advantage. The new die-forging hammer has fully come up to our expectations in practice. This shows us that we have made the right decision.

    Dipl.-Ing. MBA Thomas BrandisManaging Partner Stahlhammer Bommern GmbH,Hamm

    forgings up to 4.000 kgs single weight, hot extrusion parts from 10 to 60 kgs single weight and complete units for the building industry, the industry for pumps and hydraulics, lifting gear manufacture, electricity industry and steel making, nuclear industry, railways, fitting construction, mining industry, open-cast mining, automotive industry, agricultural machinery and shipbuilding.