KUMARAGURU REGISTRATION FEE College of College of technology character is life Four days Workshop on Automotive NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

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  • KUMARAGURU College of technology

    character is life

    Four days Workshop


    Automotive NVH

    (Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

    In association with

    Acoustical Society of India


    28th 31st January 2014

    Faculty of Mechatronics Engineering


    (An Autonomous institution affiliated to Anna University, Chennai)

    Coimbatore 641 049.

    Organised by



    Open to all Interested Research Scholars, Engineering

    Graduates (Masters and Bachelors), Academicians

    and industry personnel.

    Note: Registration is limited to 40 members only.

    Accommodation will be arranged on request but

    charged separately.

    Category ASI Members Non ASI Members

    Students & Research

    Scholars: Rs.1000/- Rs.1500/-

    Academician: Rs.2000/- Rs.2500/-

    Industry Personnel Rs.8000/- Rs.8500/-

    T h e f i l l e d i n r e g i s t r a t i o n f o r m a l o n g w i t h a

    D D i n f a v o r o f T H E P R I N C I P A L , K U M A R A G U R U

    C O L L E G E O F T E C H N O L O G Y , C O I M B A T O R E thwill only be accepted, and should reach us on or before 5 January 2014.


    Last date for receiving the Application

    Notification of Selection

    Workshop dates

    th05 January 2014

    th10 January 2014

    th st28 to 31 Jan 2014


    Mr. R. Saravanan

    Organizing Secretary

    Dept. of Mechatronics Engineering

    Kumaraguru college of Technology

    Coimbatore - 641 049.



    Since 1907

    KUMARAGURU College of technology

    character is life

    Four days Workshop


    Automotive NVH(Noise, Vibration and Harshness)

    In association withAcoustical Society of India


    28th 31st January 2014






    Email :



    Category: Academician /Student / Researcher / / Professionals from Industry


    *Accommodation Needed: Yes / No

    Signature of the ApplicantSignature of

    Head of the Organisation

    (*will be charged extra)


  • About the Institution:

    K u m a r a g u r u C o l l e g e o f T e c h n o l o g y ( K C T ) ,

    C o i m b a t o r e i s a n I S O c e r t i f i e d a n d N A C C a c c r e d i t e d

    pr ivate Engineer ing Col lege started in 1984 under the

    a u s p i c e s o f R a m a n a n d h a A d i g a l a r F o u n d a t i o n .

    Under the ab le gu idance and patronage of Arutse lvar

    D r. N . M a h a l i n ga m , C h a i r m a n , S a kt h i G ro u p a n d w i t h

    the able administration of Dr.B.K.Krishnaraj Vanavarayar,

    C o C h a i r m a n , S h r i . M . B a l a s u b r a m a n i a m ,

    C o r r e s p o n d e n t , a n d S h r i . S h a n k a r V a n a v a r a y a r ,

    J o i n t - C o r r e s p o n d e n t , t h e c o l l e g e h a s e v o l v e d w i t h

    excellent infrastructure and experienced faculties in the region

    Currently the college offers 13 under-graduate (B.E., B.Tech.),

    12 post-graduate degree programs (M.E., M.Tech., MCA, MBA)

    as an Autonomous institution, affiliated to the Anna University, Chennai. All the eligible departments are accredited by NBA.

    About the Department:

    The Department of Mechatronics Engineering was established

    in the year 1999 and offers B.E. in Mechatronics engineering.

    The department has well developed laboratory infrastructure which

    bridges the gap between industry and academia.Industrial automation,

    Robotics,Automotive NVH, and design optimization are the thrust

    areas of this department.

    About the workshop:

    The Indian Automobile industry has matured to compete

    with the global players and it is necessary for us to produce

    indigenous products with high comfort and reduced fuel

    consumption whilst providing economical solution. The objective

    of motor vehicles is achieved by the conversion of energy from

    alternator, engine and power train. The energy conversion

    process has its own shortcomings such as noise and vibrations.

    Engineering problems such as poor machining, balancing, etc.

    are the major sources for noise and vibration and it is essential

    to optimize the design to produce quieter and efficient machines.

    Hence, automakers are concentrating more on Noise, Vibration and

    Harshness (NVH) to produce better machines without compromising

    on comfort and quality. Thus, this workshop is framed to impart

    theoretical knowledge of NVH with a right blend of hands on

    practice for computational methods to predict the noise sources

    and their paths in the vehicle design. In addition, hands on training

    will be provided on computer based measurements and control

    methods used in automotive NVH.


    Eminent speakers from ARAI, ASI National Instruments and

    JOST Engineering.

    Hands on training from the experts to the participants.

    Session Details:

    Introduction to Automotive NVH, Vibration and Acoustics

    Intake and Exhaust Manifold NVH

    Power train and Drive line NVH

    Noise Source identification

    Legislation for Pass by noise and Sound quality

    Transfer path Analysis

    Control Methods (Interior and Exterior Noises)

    Development of NVH test facility

    FEA & BEA based vibro acoustic NVH

    CFD based aero acoustic NVH

    Organizing Committee:

    Chief Patron: Dr. N. Mahalingam,


    Patrons: Dr. B. K. Krishnaraj Vanavarayar,


    Shri. M. Balasubramaniam,


    Shri. Shankar Vanavarayar,

    Joint Correspondent.

    President: Dr. R. S. Kumar,


    Convener: Dr.S.A.Pasupathy,

    Head / Mechatronics.

    Secretary : Mr. R. Saravanan,

    Assistant Professor / Mechatronics.

    Organisers: Mr. M. Ramesh Kumar,

    Assistant Professor / Mechanical.

    Ph: 95431 89848

    Mr. A. Ramkumar,

    Assistant Professor / Mechatronics.

    Ph: 99441 40675

    Mr. T. Suresh,

    Assistant Professor / Mechatronics.

    Ph: 99420 90470

    Some of the Eminent Speakers:

    Dr. M. L. Munjal

    (Professor, IISC, Bangalore)

    Mr. S. Raju

    (Former Director, ARAI)

    Dr. J. S. Rao(President Academics, KCT)

    Dr. P. V. S. Ganeshkumar

    (Dy. Director, NSTL, Visakapattnam)

    Mr. Atul Miskin

    (Altair, Pune)

    Mr. Murali Bodla

    (Mahindra & Mahindra, Chennai)

    Dr. T. J. Sarvoththama Jothi

    (Assistant Professor, NIT, Calicut)

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