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    Coimbatore- 641 029

    Workshops/Seminars conducted on Intellectual Property Rights

    (IPR) and Industry-Academia Innovative Practices

    For the

    Academic Year 2016-2017

  • KONGUNADU ARTS AND scrENcE coLtEGE leuroruouous) [Re-Accredited by NAA. with 'A'Grade 3.64 cGpA out of 4 (3d cycre)]

    coilege of Exceilence (uGC), star coilege scheme (DBT)

    cotMBATORE _ 641O2g


    The Department of Information Technology conducted the Seminar on .,power PIan For A Successfur career, on rs.07.r6, the function was presided by our Respected Dr'M' Revathi Bala and a seminar was delivered by our chief guest Mr.B.Ashok, Human Resource, yRsK Technologies, coimbatore and Mr. Sudesh Babu, Founder and operation Head, Job store Consurting, coimbatore and Mr'Kadamai Ravikandan, Motivationar Trainer, yRsK Technorogies, coimbatore' The seminar was very interactive and it motivated nearly 64 students.

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    [Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 cGpA out of 4 ] college with Potential for Excellence (uGC) & star college (DBT)

    COIMBATORE _ 641029


    Department of commerce with CA organized a Seminar on Seminar on career prospects for commerce students in central and State Services on 25,h fuly 2016. Mr.T.Kunar, Head of the Department welcomed the garhering. Dr. C.A. Vasuki, Secretary and Director Presided over the function. Dr.T.Mnraleeswari Mam, principal and. chief Executive officer Dr.V.Grinnusamy Sir Felicitate the gathering.

    The chief guest for the first session was Dr.V.Padmanaban, Course Director of IAS Academy, Bharathiar University. The session was very interactive and informative. He explains about wider oppornrnities available for

    the students in central and state services and he gave the guidelines for the students for preparing for civil services and banking sector examinations.

    The chief guest for the second session Dr. N. Mahendran, president,

    Indian Medical Association, Coimbatore. The session was very interactive and.

    informative and it covered healthy life style for the students. The program was highly successfuI as the students also interacted with us to clear their misconceptions about the deadly disease. Nearly 210 studenrs were highly


  • enthusiastic and eagerly pafticipated in our noble mission. The programme was

    concluded with the vote of thanks delivered by IVIn. A.Priya, Assistant Professor of the Department.

    T. KUMAP, r\,21 Corn,iM"phit., T9.d, HPPrttm', r ,o ('a r r,ji;e *rrtr cA, t\onguna fu Aris o, f coc GIor;uge,


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  • 20t6-2017

    The Department of Computer Technology conducted an Inaugural Function BLITZKERGOTZ

    on26.07.16 (Tuesday). The function was started with welcome address by Association President

    Ms. Haripriya of III B.Sc Computer Technology, presided by the Principal Dr.T.Muraleeswari

    and the Chief Executive Officer Dr. V.Chinnusamy. The Chief Guest Dr. P. Nandhakumar,

    Senior Software Engineer, Easy Design Systems Private Ltd. Coimbatore was delivered the

    special address on Creative Ideas in Web Development. In his speech, he explained the web

    development concepts and current job opportunities in IT. Finally, Association Vice President

    Mr. Sai Kiran of II B.Sc Computer Technology proposed vote of thanks. Nearly 134 students

    were participated in this seminar.


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    [Re-Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade 3.64 CGPA out of 4 (3'd Cycle)]

    College of Excellence (UGC), Star College scheme (DBT)

    cotMBATORE - 64t O29


    The Department of Information Technology conducted Extension Activity

    "Computer Literacy Programme" on 28.07.16, for IX standard students of

    Corporation SRP Ammaniammal Girls Higher Secondary School. A total of

    64 students and two staff mernbers were actively participated in the






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    International Conference on 'Contemporary issues in global banking'on 04.08.2016

    Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore


    Department of Commerce (PG & Research and Commerce (PA) of Kongunadu Arts and Science College has convened an Intemational Conference on "Contemporary Issues in Global Banking on0410812016.

    In the lnauguration of the Conference, Professor .Dr. S. Nakkiran from Ambo University, Ethiopia, has acted as the chief guest. In his keynote address he expressed that Bank runs in spectrum of loss in developing countries due to high Interest rate, Mismanagement of fund and poor regulatory mechanism. China and Japan are known for the Best Banking Practices. Though India has been marching towards inclusive growth, it faces several challenges due to structural problems, Environmental challenges and mounting NPA. Stringent measures (Legal as well as operational) must be taken to cut the rate of NPA. Loans for Educational purpose should not be treated on par with other loans. In building Infrastructure and capital information Industries, we

    have to go long way, he added. Dr. C. A Vasuki, Secretary, of the College specified that, though Indian Banks are properly regulated, till cyter crimes emerge and impinge the growth of banks. She insisted the talented youth to

    rcalize the need for setting right the ineffective practices prevailing in the banking sector. She also asked to bring proper awareness among the public on various

    irxrovations in the banking sector. Dr.V.Chinnusamy, CEO delivered special address. Dr.T.Muraleeswari, Principal delivered inaugural address. Dr.M.Revathi Bala welcomed the gatherings. More than 600 participants attended and presented their papers in the technical sessions of the conference.

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  • Report on Guest Lecture

    The Department of costume Design and fashion of Kongunadu Arts and Sciencecollege, coimbatore, organized guest lecture on "Designer portfolio,, for B.Sc., III year around27 students on l2h August 2016 at 10.30 am to 3.00 pm, in the pattern making lab of cDFDepartment by Mr.Mathew vijay, Textile Designer, Leshark Global LLp, Tirupur

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  • Report on Guest Lecture

    The Department of Costume Design and Fashion of Kongunadu Arts and Science College, Coimbatore, orgatized a Guest Lecture on "CAD in Garment Designing,, by Mr.Suresh and Ms'Sajitha, Dream Zone, School of Creative Studies, Coimbatore for 3.d year CDF students (23 students). The program was conducted on 2'd Septemb er 2016 at 10.30 am to 4.00 pm in the Computer Lab VII.

    Mrs'C'Sheeba, Assistant Professor, CDF Deparknent, Welcomed the gathering and introduced the Chief Guest and also encouraged the students to actively participate and gain knowledge with updated ideas from the Designer.

    In morning session, Mr.Suresh gave an introduction about the software - Adobe photoshop and explained how to use the tools to create a design and to incorporate it in the garment. He had made the lecture very interesting by interacting with students and by teaching the shortcut keys. The students were also eagerly participated and design their garments more creatively.

    In afternoon session Ms. Sajitha demonstrated how to create a logo design for garments. During the lecture session the chief guest, gave ideas on how to start with fashion designer portfolio professionally and also gave demo on making portfolio. At last the chief guest explained about the courses in dream zone and he gave an offer to the students who answered majority of the questions in the lecture' B.Nandhini, S.Sridevika and R.Selvi of IIr B.Sc., CDtr'got scholarships of TsoAr s1oh and 25Yo discounts in their fee to learn any dream zone courses. It was very informative session for students to shape their career in fashion designing.

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  • ffiKoNGUNADUARTsANDSclENcEcoLLEGE1euroruoruous}Effiffi ffiffi [Re-Accredited by NAAC with'A'Grade 3.64 cGPA out of 4 (3'd cycle)]"uWtr college of Excellence (UGC), star college scheme (DBT)

    e*Xf*?S COIMBATORE - 64L O29


    The Department of Information Technology conducted the Seminar on 'oAdvanced Java Programmingo, on 02.0g.l6,the function was presided by our Respected cEo Dr.v.chinnusamy and a seminar was delivered by our chief guest Mr.J.Dhanasekaran, Senior Java Developer, Settle Technologies, Coimbatore and Mr. S.Sabari prakash,Technology Trainer, Settle Technologies, Coimbatore The seminar was very interactive and it motivated nearly 40 students to create their own applications.




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    One Day National Level Workshop on'oBiocomposting and Vermi


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