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We give reasonable lifting equipment inspection services all through the UK. We can help to decide what equipment needs and how frequently, for more details visit at


  • Know More About Lifting Equipment Inspection Regulations

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  • Lifting Equipments

    Lifting equipments have gotten to be essential in current industry. They are regular sight in segments like development, steel, mining, shipyards, and others. Lifting equipments are helpful in numerous modern exercises and are ordinarily used to move to a great degree overwhelming things starting with one place then onto the next.

    The quick industrialization in numerous parts of the world has made the utilization of lifting equipments a critical segment of each significant industry. Operating lifting equipments requires aptitude and legitimate information of wellbeing techniques.

  • Various Categories Of Lifting Equipments

    Cranes, hoists and winches - hand or power operated.

    Ropes, chains and slings of all materials used for lifting purposes.

    Eyebolts, shackles, pulley blocks and gin wheels.

    Lifting beams - portable or runway.

    Specially designed lifting rigs, e.g. for handling of magnets, specialized equipment included in the experimental rigs etc.

    Lifts - passenger and goods.

    Fork lift trucks, power workers, similar devices and attachments used with the equipment.

  • Lifting Equipment Certificate

    At the point when a thing of lifting equipment is gained or generally gotten, it must be joined by a test certificate. Wire and fiber slings are excluded from the above prerequisite yet an authentication must be acquired demonstrating the protected working burden furthermore incorporate a reference to the cluster example test completed on the material from which the rope of sling was made.

    Notwithstanding these requirements ought to be arranged, regulated and completed in a sheltered way by individuals who are skillful. A duplicate of the configuration data, including computations, material details and confinements of utilization, might be kept together with any important drawings which incorporate the sheltered working burden and the confirmation test necessities.

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection

  • Lifting Equipment Testing

  • Lifting Equipment Inspection Specialist

    We are a leading independent Inspection Company carrying out statutory and nonstatutory thorough examination on Plant Associated with workplace activities.

    Our services, first and foremost, provide businesses with the peace of mind that they meet their legal obligations toward Health and Safety with regard to Lifting Equipment Inspection, LOLER 98, PUWER 98, PSSR 2000 and COSHH 2002.

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