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Kirsch Honeycomb Shades. Kirsch Honeycomb Shades. Exclusive Woven Fabrics Exclusive Woven Room Darkening Fabrics Exclusive Energy Liner Industry Leading Energy Efficiency Industry Leading Widths and Options Industry Leading Coordination Somfy Powered Automation. Construction - Standard. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Kirsch Honeycomb Shades</p></li><li><p>Kirsch Honeycomb ShadesExclusive Woven FabricsExclusive Woven Room Darkening FabricsExclusive Energy LinerIndustry Leading Energy EfficiencyIndustry Leading Widths and OptionsIndustry Leading CoordinationSomfy Powered Automation</p></li><li><p>Construction - StandardLift CordCordlockCellular FabricBottomrailCover to releaseHeadrail</p></li><li><p>Construction - CordlessCellular Fabric BottomrailHeadrailCordless Motor</p></li><li><p>Fabrics Cell SizesHoneycomb Shades Unite Two Pieces of Fabric in a Series of Opposing PleatsSingle Cell 7/16 This honeycomb size is versatile and great for smaller windows.Single Cell 9/16 This honeycomb size is versatile and is appropriate for windows of any size.Single Cell - This honeycomb side is versatile and great for larger windows.Double Cell Two layers of cells create the most depth, color and the best insulation.</p></li><li><p>Energy EfficiencyR-ValueMeasure a Shades Ability to Block Out Temperature DifferencesHigher R-Value Indicates a Better Insulating ShadeSolar Heat Gain CoefficientMeasure of Solar Energy Passing Into the HomeHigher SHGC Allows the Sun to Heat a RoomEnergy Liner Clear Liner that Increases R-Value While Allowing Solar Heat to Warm a Room</p></li><li><p>Energy EfficiencyEnergy Liner Standard on Sheer and Available on Top 8 Mosaic and Top 8 ZileanaSave Up To $180.00 on Energy BillsMost Energy Efficient Product is Unique to Each Home and Region</p></li><li><p>Fabrics TypesWoven</p><p>Non-Woven</p><p>Sheer</p><p>Opaque</p></li><li><p>WovenPolyester Threads Dyed and Woven TogetherConsistent Light FiltrationElimination of MottlingTruer and More Brilliant ColorIncreased Fabric DurabilityFour Exclusive Collections Linen (12 Colors) Satinage (18 Colors) Zileana (30 Colors) Atlantis (12 Colors)</p></li><li><p>Non-WovenPolyester Fibers Bonded Together and Color is Applied to the Visible SideDurable FabricKirsch Exclusive DustguardTM Prevents Dust and Maintains PleatEnergy Efficient Double CellTwo CollectionsMosaic 7/16, &amp; Double Cell (42 Colors)Classique (12 Colors)</p></li><li><p>SheerSoftly Filters Light and Allows Solar Heat Gain to Aid in Warming the HomeAllows Vision from Inside and Outside of the WindowSingle Cell OnlyEnergy Liner Standard 7 Colors</p></li><li><p>OpaqueWhite, Laminated Film Used to Prevent Light from Passing Through FabricControls up to 99% of LightHigh Insulation PropertiesSingle Cell Mosaic Opaque (18 Colors)Two Collections:Exclusive Woven Zileana Room Darkening (30 Colors)Classique Opaque (12 Colors)</p></li><li><p>OptionsAvailable Corded and Cordless:Standard Bottom UpTop Down/Bottom UpDay/NightMultiple Shades on One HeadrailContinuous CordloopDecorative Drapery Hardware ValanceSpecialty ShapesAutomation</p></li><li><p>Standard Bottom UpAvailable Corded and CordlessCorded Sizes: 6-144 Width x 6 144 HeightCordless Sizes: 10-120 Width x 6-96 HeightIndustry Leading Fabric/Components CoordinationIndustry Pioneer of Cordless Technology</p></li><li><p>Top Down/Bottom UpAvailable Corded and CordlessCorded Sizes: 12-72 Width x 6 96 HeightCordless Sizes: 16-96 Width x 6-84 HeightEnjoy Light and Privacy at the Same Time with Independent Top and Bottom Operation</p></li><li><p>Day/NightAvailable Corded and CordlessCorded Sizes: 12-72 Width x 6 96 HeightCordless Sizes: 16-96 Width x 6-84 HeightCombines Room Darkening and Light Filtering Fabric Giving Optimal Thermal InsulationMaximum Privacy</p></li><li><p>Multiple Shades on One HeadrailAvailable Corded and CordlessCorded Sizes: 12-144 Width x 6 144 HeightCordless Sizes: 20-120 Width x 6-96 HeightAllows Multiple Shades to Operate IndependentlyNot Available with Top Down, Corded Top Down/Bottom Up or Corded Day/Night</p></li><li><p>Continuous CordloopSizes: 18-144 Width x 6 144 HeightCordloop Lengths Available from 2 10Helps Evenly Raise Larger ShadesCord Length Does Not Change, Always Consistent</p></li><li><p>Standard ValanceSizes: 6-144 Width x 6 144 HeightIndustry Leading Color CoordinationHeadrail Color Shown in Sample Book</p></li><li><p>Decorative Drapery Hardware ValanceAdds Upscale Style and Elegant FinishBall Finial and End Caps in Four Colors, Oak Leaf Finial in Three Colors and Charleston Finial in One ColorOutside Mount Only, Cordless/Continuous Coordloop Headrail Only</p></li><li><p>Specialty ShapesMany Shapes Available for Hard to Dress WindowsTemplate Required:Non-Perfect ArchHalf ArchCircleHexagonOctagonMeasurements Required:Perfect ArchPerfect Movable ArchSkylightFanned Angle Top or BottomCutouts</p></li><li><p>AutomationUltimate in Convenience and Luxury Operate with a Remote Control or Wall-Mounted Control In-Factory ProgrammingLong-Lasting Lithium Battery is Virtually Maintenance-Free with Refillable BatteriesPowered by Somfy Technology100 ft. Frequency Range </p></li><li><p>Cleaning Guide100% Polyester Used for Durability and Ease of CleaningBrush-Type Vacuum Attachment or Feather Duster for Regular CleaningStains May Be Spot Cleaned with a Damp Sponge and Lukewarm WaterAvoid Contact with Window Cleaning Products</p></li><li><p>Installation Standard HeadrailBrackets May Be Used for Both Inside and Outside MountPush Shade Into Brackets Until Locking Tab Clicks</p></li><li><p>Installation Cordless HeadrailBrackets May Be Used for Both Inside and Outside MountRotate Shade Into Brackets Until Spring Tab Clicks</p></li><li><p>Sampling Easy to Use Sample Book Removable Swatching for Easy Comparison to Other Textiles Technical Guide in Back of Book for Swatches at Home</p></li><li><p>What Are Your Questions?</p></li></ul>