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  • Excellence without compromise

    Kings Road Primary School

  • Thankyou for taking the time to read our prospectus.

    Kings Road is a warm, hard working and happy school with the highest ambitions for all members of the school in all areas. Our daily aim is for excellence without compromise. Each day we aspire to give all pupils the highest possible standards of

    education and care in all areas. The school is full of positivity, dedication and celebration.

    Every member of the school is focused on achieving the highest outcomes in all areas for all children. The governing body regularly meet in order to help the school to be the best it can. The Senior Leadership Team meet each week and is focused on excellence without compromise. All teaching staff are talented people who are dedicated to always deliver interesting and exciting lessons.

    Welcome from the Headteacher

    Trafford school of the year for sport

  • Reach for the stars

    At Kings Road we work hard to create a school that is full of happiness and warmth. We want the children to want to come to our school.

    Well-being & Safety

    All children belong to one of six houses

    Wonderful energetic celebration assemblies are held each Friday afternoon

    Monday morning whole school assemblies focus on respecting themselves and others

    The Vulnerable Childrens Group (VCG) and Child Protection Team (CPT) regularly meet to think of creative strategies to help children

    The Bev Lee award is given to a child from each class to recognise excellent attitudes

    Children are given or able to apply for various positions of responsibility

    ‘Safeguarding is our primary concern. We all work hard to ensure that children at Kings Road are

    happy, safe and healthy.’

    Welcome from the Headteacher

    Jo Whiteside Child & Family Mentor

    Behaviour is outstanding, our children are taught to respect themselves

    and others. Our behaviour policy is innovative, including every child identifying every day how they feel by putting their name next to thematching emoticon.

  • Children at Kings Road receive a first rate standard of education in English and Mathematics. We supplement this year with regular and exciting events each year.

    Kings Road - An exciting school

    Grandparents day is an annual event where these special members

    of the family can see what their grandchildren are learning.

    Grandparent’s DayAn opportunity for

    children to showcase their talents.

    A half termly opportunity to enjoy a cup of tea, slice

    of cake and listen to each others views.

    Mr Morgan’s Tea Parties

    An annual event where all members of the school actively help others

    with innovative and creative ideas.

    Difference Day

    An annual event of the written word.

    Kings Road Eisteddfod

    An annual event where KS1 and KS2 learn

    through role-play for an entire week.

    Mantle of the Expert

  • We have a very exciting and enriching curriculum at Kings Road. From the first moment, Nursery children are encouraged to express themselves in a safe and warm environment. Phonics is fundamental and organised so that all Key Stage 1 children receive tailored and focused teaching. Reading is the key to children’s development in all subjects and is therefore fully embraced at all stages. We are particularly proud of our writing model, which is entitled The Royal Write.

    English at Kings Road The Roya

    l Write

  • We are very excited about our maths curriculum at Kings Road. Lessons are fun and enjoyable with the ambition to help all children achieve. We have carefully drafted our calculation policy, which can be found on our website.

    The Head and Deputy Headteacher meet with every teacher, every term in order to discuss and set aspirational targets for every child. Each child is carefully tracked in order to help them be the best that they can be.

    Maths at Kings Road

  • Kings Road is passionate about sport. We desire that children can enjoy physical activity and give the opportunities for those who wish to compete.

    We have our own sports coach on site. In addition to an excellent curriculum, we also have a vast range of before and after school clubs.

    In addition to playing lots of sport at Kings Road children are also part of the leadership, including, leading clubs and encouraging others to lead healthy life styles.

    Please refer to the Extra Curricular Programme for more details of sporting activities.


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  • We believe that every child is entitled to a high quality education where knowledge, skills and understanding are developed through personalised planning, teaching and real-life experiences. Children should be taught in a caring and safe environment and be encouraged to reach for the stars.


    At Kings Road we aim to provide a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum. We aim to enable the children to learn and develop skills, attitudes and understanding in the Prime and Specific areas of learning as outlined in the Statutory Framework for EYFS. The Prime areas are: Personal Social and Emotional, Communication and Language and Physical Development. The Specific areas are: Literacy, Maths, Understanding the World, Expressive Arts and Design. Within these areas children will participate in a variety of activities both with and adult and independently. This will be supplemented by our pledge that every child in the EYFS will experience a wide range of high quality real-life experiences.

    EYFS Curriculum

    We believe that play, both indoors and outdoors, is the fundamental way in which young children learn. Play can be enjoyed and

    challenging. When playing, children behave in different ways. Sometimes their play will be boisterous, sometimes they will describe

    and discuss what they are doing and sometimes they will be quiet and reflective as they play. Through play, children will be developing across all the Prime and Specific areas of learning, working towards achieving Early Learning Goals and developing their Characteristics

    of Learning. Adults in the setting support play by planning and resourcing a stimulating environment, supporting

    children’s learning through planned play, extending and supporting children’s independent

    play and developing children’s language and communication in their play.

    The importance of play!

    For children starting in our Nursery, the primary focus will be on developing the Prime areas of Learning, as without these it is difficult for a child to be emotionally, physically and mentally ready to develop their specific skills. As the children settle and develop, more emphasis will be put upon continuing to develop the prime areas at the same time as developing the Specific areas. As children move up into Reception, the Prime areas do not become redundant, these skills still need to be maintained, supported and extended at an age appropriate level. However, the focus does begin to move to the specific areas which include Reading, Writing and Maths, but they are still taught through a play rich curriculum. This ensures we remain true to the ethos of the EYFS whilst ensuring our children are becoming ready for KS1.

    Progression through the EYFS

    Within EYFS we are keen to involve our parents throughout all aspects of our curriculum, we believe that when parents are engaged, children are able to achieve more in the long term.

    We provide an open door policy ensuring all parents are able to approach any member of staff, this also supports the development of strong home- school relationships. Within our learning we try to ensure parents can become involved as much as possible. This ranges from weekly home learning information, stay and plays, parent readers and parent workshops.

    Parental Involvement

  • Our resident music teacher ensures that all children are enthused

    by music.


    All Y4 children learn to play the recorder.

    All Y5 and Y6 children learn to play

    the keyboard.

    Our in-house artist teachers in

    ‘the studio’.


  • An Exciting, Broad and Enriching Curriculum

  • Kings Road Primary School Kings Road, Firswood, Manchester, M16 0GR 

    Email: Tel: 0161 881 3571 Fax: 0161 881 7213 kingsroadschool

    Headteacher: Mr D.A. Morgan

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    Excellence without compromise