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<p>Kids Cupcake Celebration Fabulous Frostings: How to Use Frosting Decorating Tips </p> <p>From the Celebrate the Holidays with Better Homes and Gardens iPad application </p> <p>Copyright 2011, Meredith Corporation. All Rights Reserved </p> <p>Closed Star Tip: This tip, available in various sizes, has tines that curve in, creating stars, shells, </p> <p>and rosettes with deep, pronounced grooves. </p> <p>Open Star Tip: Find this tip in all sizes. Its great for making borders, small stars, long stars, and </p> <p>basket weave. </p> <p>Leaf Tip : This tip does just what its name saysmakes perfect little leaves for frosting flowers. </p> <p>Connect the leaves together for a lovely border. The leaf tip comes in many sizes. </p> <p>Multiopening Tip: This tip is handy to create frosting grass, as well as fur and hair. </p> <p>Large Star Tip: This large open star tip is the one to choose for the classic cupcake swirl that </p> <p>looks like soft-serve ice cream. To make the swirl, start at the edge of the cupcake, turning </p> <p>cupcake and piping around entire outside edge. Back at the starting point, overlap the first rim </p> <p>and build up frosting to reach a peak at the top. </p>


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