Khalil Rouhana Director, European Commission. Purpose of the workshop To explore the potential of data –value creation, business development, economic

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Khalil Rouhana Director, European Commission Slide 2 Purpose of the workshop To explore the potential of data value creation, business development, economic growth, societal challenges. To discuss what are the best policies for data at EU level Open data, investment in R&D, innovation policy, etc. Slide 3 Our strategy Enable full exploitation of data held by the public sector Create the best conditions for business development along the data value chain Safeguarding citizens/consumers rights Data protection directive Mobilise all policy instruments: Regulation, Deployment, investment in R&D&I Slide 4 EU Open data initiative ( Open data package of 12 December 2012) Communication on Open Data: "sets the strategy" Revision of the PSI Directive (main regulatory pillar of the EU open data policy) Revision of its own decision on re-use of Commission information Open access recommendation (in the pipeline) Slide 5 Deployment: showing the way A Commission Open data portal A Pan-European Data portal An EU-wide Open Data infrastructure (Connecting Europe Facility) Slide 6 Our investment in R&D&I Funding for research on data-handling technologies under FP7 ( 100 million in 2011-2013 )and later H2020 Funding for open data & open access pilots & portals under CIP ( 22 M in 2011-2013) and later H2020 + CEF Support for research data infrastructures (FP7 ) and later H2020. Slide 7 To concludeor rather to open the discussion: Big data: what are the opportunities ? What are the hurdles ? What can we do ? "We" means: EC, MSs, industry, civil society, etc.. Slide 8 AGENDA 9h30: Welcome by Chair Khalil Rouhana, Director, European Commission 9h45: Keynote speech, Franois Bancilhon, Data Publica 10h00: Reporting from online discussions, Paul Miller, Cloud of Data 10h30: Panel 1 - Public Sector Information (PSI) with examples from specific application areas such as geographic information, business registries and transport. 13h00-14h00: Lunch 14h00: Panel 2 - Accessing and exploiting data across languages. 15h30: Panel 3 - Data-driven value generation. 17h00 Wrap up - Paul Miller 17h20 Closing note - Chair Khalil Rouhana 17h30 20h00 : Cocktail