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Group Members: Anam Hassan Ayesha Ahmed Hadiya Mukhtar Mah-gul Amjad Saira Quyyum Tahreem Baloch Urooj Kazmi

Brand Origin:


Started off in Michigan 1906 with only 44 employees. Now manufacture in 18 countries and sell in more than 180 countries.

Baking Products Beverages Cereal Cones Cookies Crackers Fruit Flavored Snacks Snack Bars Snacks, Chips, & Party Mixes Toaster Pastries Vegetarian Waffles, Pancakes, Syrup

Not introduced directly by the brand itself but through other marketing means.

Following are the Kelloggs brands available in Pakistan catering mainly Kids and Females:For kids: Froot Loops Coco pops Choco pops Frosted Flakes Rice Krispies Coco Frosties Corn Flakes almond For Females: Kelloggs K Special

In Pakistani market direct competitors of Kelloggs are:

Fauji (Cereals, Porridge and Corn Flakes) Nestle (Koko Crunch and Corn Flakes) Fauji cereals:

Corn flakes 80% market share Porridge 70 % market share and price ranges from Rs. 75 to 225


Corn Flakes (450 grams, 225 grams, 125 grams & 20 grams) Rice Flakes (225 grams) Wheat Flakes (225 grams) Honey Corn Flakes (300 grams) Choco Corn Flakes (300 grams) Choco Rice Krunchies (300 grams)

Fauji ready to eat Cereals: Choco Corn Pops (175 grams, 90 grams & 30 grams Sachet) Honey Corn Pops (175 grams, 90 grams & 30 grams Sachet) Fauji Frootooz (350 grams, 175 grams & 30 grams Sachet) Wheat Porridge Food (250 grams, 175 grams & 100g Barley Porridge Food (250 grams & 175 grams)

Nestle: Koko crunch Corn flakes

Fauji CornFlakes and Cereals: 125g of Rs.120 225g of Rs. 240 Choco corn pops 175g of Rs.108 Rice flakes 225g of Rs. 275


Special K 375g of Rs. 530 Coco pops 400g of Rs. 600 Fruit Loops 350g of Rs. 920 Coco Frosties 350g of Rs.600 Corn Flakes almond 220 grams 620


Corn flakes 275g of Rs. 440 Koko crunch 330g of Rs. 259 Koko crunch duo170g of Rs. 240

Strengths: High brand equity. Weaknesses: Very high price as compared to the competitors available. No direct entry in Pakistani market. The idea that a 'fibre cereal keeps you regular is difficult to communicate in our culture. Opportunities: Demand for more healthy foods. , driven by increasing consumer awareness of breakfast cereals as a healthy breakfast alternative. Furthermore, wealthy females are increasingly looking to lose weight, this in turn is expected to see a growing number of females choosing breakfast cereals for their morning meal, given the role they can play in weight-loss as part of a healthy diet.

Threats: Low-priced competitors and non-cereal oriented breakfast culture.


Marketing concept:

Ease, taste and nutrition at the same time.

Tag Line: Dhood ki taqat bhi froots ka mazza bhi

School going kids. Age: 5 to 13 Working women looking for nutritious, tasty and easy to make breakfast for their kids.

Electronic: Radio and TV ad Power radio fm 99- (Breakfast time 7 am to 9 am) (lunch time show from 1 pm to 3 pm). Animated electronic ads will be made associating Dora and Ben10 where focus is on 3-step easy to make process.

TV channels like:

Nickelodeon Cartoon Network On Geo during bachay mann k suchay

Print Media: The News and The Nation. (kids page) Magazines: US by The News, Youngs by the Nation. Will introduce coupons.

Web: interactive site with games for kids. Social Media: In addition a Face book page to gauge the feedback and response.

A red colored box bearing FROOT LOOPS along with Ben10 and Dora to attract the kids.

Moving inside: Kids play areas/ F-9 park Super and Jinnah markets, F.10 markaz , saddar Rawalpindi. Metro cash and carry City super market

Specially designed Volkswagen which will be placed near different schools. Timing will correlate with the school off time.

Intelligent and smart cartoon characters like BEN 10 and Dora would be used to provide a source of association to the kids.

On Occasions like:

FunFair School open days and Sports week

Kelloggs team will arrange different game based activities and give away free samples of FROOT LOOPS and COCO POPS to kids as a gift.

Schools from rawalpindi and islamabad would be selected. Roots intl, Beacon house, City, OPF and LGS.

Kelloggs Special K

Married women (25-44 years) Girls who want to lose weight before marriage (22- 30) Socio status: Middle and upper middle, Urban females.



Ambient Media Idea Big spoon with special K flakes placed inside beauty parlors, gym and on roads lead to Scheme III, F-10 and F-7 Markaz.

Be a smart Mom


Teaser Campaign (a powerful way to draw attention to a new offering)

T.V Ad to attract married women. Will be shown at the end. Humorous appeal (Cat used as a metaphor)

A print will be placed: The MAG LIBAS Instep

Healthy lifestyleSimple and easy to follow


lets go through the:

TV ad of Kelloggs K Special Radio ad of Froot Loops