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Summer Celebration. The cool accessories for Summer 2012.

Text of July August Issue

  • Marvelous Mode

    Cool ShadesRetro Sunglasses

    Sun hats

    Allure ofTheNecklace

    American StyleBridal Headwear

    Issue #3 July/August 2012


    The Pioneers & Legends

    Claire McCardell &

    Mad Hatter Sally Victor

    VeilsTiarasMillinery& More

    Hair Fascinators


  • Elvgren Vintage Pinup All American Summertime Girl

  • Letter from the Editor

    Its that good ole summer lovin time of year. You have to be crazynot to love this time of year. The time has come to put on sexy shades and go to the beach, pool, bbqs, tea parties, weddings and just plain kicking around. But that does not mean we have to be frumpy to be summer casual.... No quite the contrary ladies and gents. Its time to be cool literally and guratively. This issue is dedicated tothose accessorises that give us that chic hot look. The word retrois ever growing trend in the fashion world and in this edition ndretro to modern looks to t your look. Remember whatever youwear - wear it dont let it wear you. Happy Summer!

    Editor in ChiefHeather Sonrisa

  • Table of Contentswww.marvelousmode.com

    American Style Pgs. 5 - 6

    Cool Shades Pgs. 17 - 20

    Allure of The Neclace Pgs. 14 - 16

    Hair Fascinators Pgs. 26 - 27

    Wedding Toppers Pgs. 21 - 24

    Mens Accessories Pgs. 25

    FeaturesSally Victor Pgs. 7 - 10

    Claire McCardell Pgs. 11 - 13

    Copywright 2012MarvelousModeEditor in Chief Heather Sonrisainfo@marvelousmode.com for all inquires and Ads

    CoverlookEditor Heather SonrisaMakeup RevlonGingerbread Woman Hair Fascinator by Heather Sonrisa on Etsy


  • American StyleThis is an All American Magazine McCalls with the American Look starting to come to being in 1938.

  • American StyleSummer CelebrationIts that time of year to get out doors and celebrate. BBQs and cookouts galore. The 4thof July is a time to celebrate America. Show your patriotic chicness in casual glamour. Whenand where did the evolution of the American Look come about? America is a young countrycompared to Europe where most of the our settlers came from. Alot of the American Stylewas an extension of French Couturier and English Victoriana. Immigrants and wealthy Americans who traveled to Europe brought back the look which spurred entrepenures inNew York to open shops selling imports or remakes of those French Designs. This toowas the way for accessory designers too. In the 20th Century the American Style was solidied by Claire McCardells sportswear and casual glamor and Sally Victors Millinery. Showyour style with casual feminine glamour this summer.

  • Sally Victor

    Sally Victor was a true American Milliner. Unlike Lilly Dache she was born in the United States and most of her skills and study were here in the USA. She was born 1905 inPennsylvania during a time when millinery was part of a womans every day wardrobe. She was said to have studied art in Paris but the bulk of her style and craft came from working inthe Millinery Departs at Macys and other stores as a buyer and saleswoman. Also, she wascounted as being a part of the Edward C. Blum Design Labratory and used the Brooklyn Museumsmany historical costume archives as inspiration for her hats. It also helped that she marrieda hat manufacturer Sergiu Victor in 1927. Then in 1934 she ventured out and opened her ownmillinery business. From then till 1968 when she retired, Sally was an American Top Milliner. Some of the VIPs she hatted were Queen Elizabeth II, Eleanor Roosevelt, Judy Garland, Lucille Ball,Mamie Eisenhower and many more.

    To me Sally Victor was the most important Milliner in terms of the American Hat Trade. She introduced the modern woman and man to the famous Panama Fedora Hat. Her hats to merepresented a more modern wearable approach than other milliners of the time. It was important to her to create hats/things that were pretty and feminine. She was quoted as saying,According to her May 16, 1977 obituary in the "New York Times," Victor described her mission simply as "designing pretty hats that make women look prettier."

    True American Milliner

  • Colliers Magazine 1947

    Sally Victor Hats

  • Vogue July 1959

    Sally Victor

    tting actress Kay McDonaldMilliner Sally Victor

    American Mad Hatter

  • Sally Victor Hats



    Revlon Love Pat Vintage Ad with Sally Victor Hat



    Collasipable Straw Hat

    Sally Victor Ad

    Vintage Sally Victor on Etsy

  • Claire McCardell

    Claire Mc Cardell was a true American Design Pioneer. She cultivated a style that catered tothe American Woman. She was tuned into the growing casualness of the American Womanand her own wardrobe needs. However, she was highly inuenced by the Parisian CouturierMadeline Vionnet, the creator of the bias cut dresses of the 1920s and 1930s. Claires geniuslay in the fact that she could take a couture design and make it into a ready to wear versionthat was perfect for Modern American Women. It was the fabric restrictions during the 1940s wartime era that catapulted her to create simplier dresses that were attering and shoesto match. Lord & Taylor decided during this time to start promoting American Designers, arst for any big department store as they always heralded the European Designers. Mc Cardellwas chosen as the designer to highlight. Her star was set as a well known designer which was a rstas most designers were ghost designers for department stores or manufacturers. Mc Cardellthen decided women were now on the go and needed a versatile small wardrobe to accomodateand she created the original six piece interchangable wardrobe (a precursor to Donna Karan).

    True American Pioneer of Fashion

  • Claire McCardell

    Monastic Dress 1949 19401940 Claire McCardell Sketching

    1940s - 1950s

  • Claire McCardell

    From Book Claire McCardell:Redening Modernism byKohle Yohannan &Nancy Wolfe

    Blog: www.houseofwhitebyandrea.com

  • The allure of the NecklaceEven the name Neck-lace brings to mind sensuality. The necklaceloops around a part of our anatomy in a myriad of ways. What doyou intend for it to say about you and your look? Sometimes wejust throw an accessory on just to accessorize but an accessoryshould say something about the total package. A great piece ofjewelry can be worn with anything. I think of the 1950s when Dior told women to wear pearls with everything; that a lady was not properly dressed without pearls. I personally love pearl necklaces.But it does not have to be pearls. The right necklace can bringyou great energy and chic. There are many dierent types of designsand designers. Chokers, lairets, chains, decolletage, long, and manymore. What you wear depends more on your mood and personalitythan the shape of your neck. Trends are great to follow but dontladies and gentlemen, please dont wear something trendy thatquite frankly looks ridiculos on you. Wear things that atter. There aremany trends and styles pick yours. Our picks for trends are multi-strand, lockets and charm necklaces for Summer.

  • The allure of the Necklace

    Ruby Two Shoes Necklacewww.modcloth.com

    Christian Dior 1952

    Multi strand bead necklacewww.etsy.com/shop/bswingle

    Mod Slick Chick Necklace by Fables in The Airwww.fablesintheair.com

    9x7mm Graduated 18'' Strand - Yellow Gold Claspwww.mikimotoamerica.com

    Little Star Necklace by Amy Zernerwww.amyzerner.com

    Triple-Strand Faux Pearl Necklacewww.smithsonianstore.com

    Bird Flew Charm Necklace by www.charmedanddangerous.net

  • The allure of the Necklace

    Coco Chanel layered Necklaces

    Dearly Beloved Locketwww.clockworkcouture.com

    Beaded Flower Necklacewww.simplysouls.com

    Pearls and Gros Grain Ribbon Necklace by Lanvinwww.lanvin.com & www.neimanmarcus.com

    Gold Anchor Necklacewww.barneys.com

  • All American WomanVintage Summertime Pepsi Ad

  • Cool Shades for the Summer Time

    July and August are hot months that call for chic items that keeps us Cool. The important items to accessorize with are of course sunglasses and a hat. The trendsthat are most interesting to me are the retro sunglasses. For the right sun hat well take your pick. A great sun hat looks chic not ridiculos ladies. An oversized brim can be fun but a medium sized brim is truly hip. The trend toward the 1970s medium brim oppy hat keeps going but there are so many more styles to choose from. And it does not have to be straw. Most people think they have to wear straw hats when it is summer and yes they are quite beautiful but there are other fabrics that are quite right too: Cottons, terrycloth, linen, lightweight denim, and more. Be bold and daring in your summer choices. But always be pretty n chic.

  • Retro Looks

    ASOS Oversized Retro Sunglasseswww.asos.com

    White and Black Polka Dot Cat Eye Sunglasseswww.retrocitysunglasses.com

    Rayban Jackie OO Collectionwww.ray-ban.com

    The Original Wayfarerswww.ray-ban.com


    Paloma Picassowww.kingsofpast.com

    Cloud Covers Sunglasseswww.modcloth.com


  • Sun Hats

    Frida - Womens Sun Hatwww.hatcountry.com

    Emma Hatwww.sundayafternoons.com

    French Riveria Doors Hatwww.modcloth.com

    Jessica Simpson Swirl Bow Floppywww.zappos.com

    Olga Guillot - Goorin Brotherswww.goorin.com

    San Diego Hat Company UBX2535 Ultrabraid XL Brim