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  • 1. How Do ARTISTS use ELEMENTS OF DESIGN of printmaking to Convey message/purpose in their prints?

2. ORDER OF PRESENTATION Artists The elements of designs The purpose/message in the work Contemporary practices Difference between Digital and Traditional printmaking 3. ARTISTS: Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Felix Edouard Vallotton Ernst Haeckel Francisco Goya Henri De Toulouse-lautrec 4. The Elements of Design of Printmaking LINE COLOR SHAPE FORM SPACE TEXTURE 5. Now, how are the elements used? LINE Most common and basic element Created as a mark that connects two dots Used to be able to control the audiences eye create unity Balance Most importantly, Printmakers use it to help construct meaning in their work. Ernst Ludwig is well-known for his great usage of line in his prints 6. For instance. FOREST CEMETERY KINDERPORTRIAT 7. SHAPE Shape is a form of line. When a combinations of line are created, it usually forms the shape of the subject of the image. An artist who uses Line in his work is Felix Edouard Vallotton. Vallotton 8. For instance.. This is a La Raison Probante, woodcut by Flix Vallotton in 1898. Felix Vallotton autoportriat 1895 9. FORM FORM is just like shape only its in 3-D it can be measured by height, width, and depth. Its also the shape of parts of composition A printmaker who uses this type of design is Ernst Haeckel. 10. Ernst Haeckel The Kunstformen der Natur 11. QUIZ Which artist is well-known for his use of a) Line b) Form c) Shape QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ QUIZ 12. SPACE Used to find a way that objects relate to each other. It is also an illusion of three dimensions. Francisco Goya, a Spanish romantic painter and printmaker is known for his great usage of space in his prints. Goya is more of the intaglio printmaking type. Most of his prints uses etching or aquatint, or sometimes a combination of both. 13. Goyas Disparate 22. Lluvia de toros o Disparate de toritos THIS IS AN AQUATINT PRINT Purpose: To give the illusion of a deep black space around the bulls 14. COLOR is a special element of design. Created through the audience. There are three qualities of color in prints. These are Hue Value intensity An example of a printmaker who is known to use color very well in his work is Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. COLOR COLOR 15. TRUE OR FALSE QUESTIONS Color is a special element of design Francisco Goya is a relief printmaker The most common and basic element is Form BONUS QS CAN YOU DEFINE LINE, SHAPE, AND FORM. 16. CONTEMPORARY PRACTICE DIGITAL PRINTING VS. TRADITIONAL PRINTING 17. DIGITAL PRINTING PROS CONS -Incredibly fast Making it ideal for projects with a tight deadline. - Design projects texts, images and colors can be customized without been slowed down -Budget free but only on smaller quality pieces -Large quality pieces are not budget friendly -Inks arent fully absorbed into the print paper, which means cracks can appear in the color near edges which are folded in the finished publication. 18. TRADITIONAL PRINTING PROS CONS -Its more cost effective for higher volume print runs. -Its the best quality type of printing available for graphic designers. - They enable more choice when it comes to print materials. -Not nearly as fast as digital. -More costly for LOWER VOLUME PRINT JOBS. -Far more difficult to customize the print jobs during the print run as the printer NEEDS to be adjusted. 19. THIS BRINGS US TO OUR NEXT QUIZ !!!!!!!!!!!! 20. What type of printing is this? 21. What type of printing is this? 22. THE END