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Jean Lonard Marie Poiseuille

Jean Lonard Marie PoiseuilleThe EngineersDirk MyburghLoreen GrobbelaarThonya OtsengueKgomotso MenyatsoeMbaliyezwe Madikizela

ContentsBackgroundContributions to Fluid MechanicsLawDerivationApplications and limitationsSimilar laws/theoriesConclusionReferences

1. BackgroundBorn in Paris, Francecole Polytechnique: Disband for political reasonsMedicine: Interest in circulation of blood led to series of experiments on the flow of liquid in narrow tubesD.Sc. Dissertation: Heart and pulse wavesPoiseuilles Law: Commonly known as Hagen-Poiseuille equationPoise: Unit of viscosity

2. ContributionsPoiseuilles law Governs flow in a tube as a function of diameterInvention of Mercury ManometerUsed for measuring blood flow hence mmHgExperiments contributed to various fieldsEngineeringPhysicsMedicine Biology

3.1 Derivation123

3.2 ApplicationsPoiseuilless Law hold for most systems involving laminar flow of a fluid in a rigid pipe, except at regions where pipe features disrupts laminar flow.

It can be successfully applied to:Air flow in lung alveoliBlood flowFlow through a drinking strawFlow through a hypodermic needle etc.

3.2 LimitationsLaw is restricted to:Incompressible and Newtonian fluidFlow must be laminar through a pipe of constant cross-sectional area, with length substantially longer than its diameterThere should be no acceleration of the fluid in the pipe

3.3 Similar Laws and Theories Hagens experiment - 1839

3.3 Similar Laws and Theories Poiseuilles Law correspond to Ohms law for electrical circuits

Ohms law

4. Conclusion

5. References

Sutero, S.P., Skalak, R. 2013. The history of Poiseuilles Law. [Online]. Available: [2015,February,22]

Poiseuilles Equation and Viscocity. 2014. [Online]. Available: [2015,February,22]

Original Law for Volumetric Flow Rate

Correction Factor for Compressible Fluids