IWC4 GEF Policy Briefing

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  • GEF Policy reforms Revision of focal area strategiesResults based management (RBM)Streamlining of the GEF project cycleLevel playing field among GEF agencies

    Resource Allocation Framework (RAF)

  • Revision of focal area strategiesFocus on priority issuesProgrammatic approachMeasurable resultsIntegration across focal areas

    Consistency with the replenishment of GEF4

  • FA strategies revision processAdvisory groups (TAGs and SAG) with external experts, STAP, ConventionsDrafts and process papers posted on the GEF websiteComments received from GEF partners and also web-postedRevised focal area strategies presented to Council in June 07

  • Revised focal area strategiesStrategic objectives (long-term) with expected impactsStrategic programs for GEF-4 with expected outcomesMeasurable indicators for impacts and outcomesHarmonized structure among focal areas

  • Results based management (RBM)Shift from approval culture to RBMEmphasis on cost effectivenessIndicator framework following OECD terminology, to be further developedProject log frames will support the RBM

    Transition in reporting (PIR) to RBM, may include GEF-3 projects.

  • New GEF Project CycleConcept notes (PIFs) and PPG releaseWork Program inclusion based on PIFsApproval of fully prepared projects

    Reduce project preparation to max 2 yearsStreamline and simplify required project documentationShift the effort to implementation

  • Resource Allocation Framework Introduced in GEF-4 for BD and CC focal areasTo cover all focal areas from GEF-5Review in 2008

  • International Waters Focal Strategic Programs for GEF-4 (2007-2010)Four Strategic Programs

  • Strategic Program 1:

    Restoring and sustaining coastal and marine fish stocks and associated biological diversityExamples:Benguela Current Danube Basin

  • Strategic Program 2Reducing nutrient over-enrichment and oxygen depletion from land-based pollution of coastal waters in LMEs consistent with the GPA

    Examples:Danube BasinRomania Agricultural Pollution Control Manila 3rd Sewerage Project

  • Strategic Program 3 Balancing overuse and conflicting uses of water resources in transboundary surface and groundwater basinsExamples:Nile Basin Initiative Lake Victoria (LVEMP)Amazon Basin Management

  • Strategic Program 4 Reducing Persistent Toxic Substances and Adaptive Management of Waters with Melting IceExamples:Melting GlaciersHimalaya/GangesPesticides in LMEsMercury in Goldmining

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