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iTouch … iLearn. Implementing the iPod touch in 21 st Century Classroom. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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iTouchiLearnKristi Bell, Educational Technology TrainerAshley Coffman, Educational Technology TrainerEmily Young, Educational Technology TrainerDoug Brubaker, Asst. Superintendent of Technology DevelopmentJan North, Director of Instructional Technology

Implementing the iPod touch in 21st Century Classroom

Mansfield ISD Mansfield, Texas


iPod Touch2KristiWhy integrate the iPod touch?Engages students in active learningFacilitates all types of learnersAllows for individualized and customized learningFosters higher-order thinking skillsProvides immediate feedback Brings the real world to the classroomPromotes collaboration among studentsMakes learning fun and exciting with the coolness factorSupports equitable access to technologyBenefits 3KristiProcess Research academic uses of the iPod touchResearch required equipmentDiscuss with Technology DepartmentIdentify training needs of teachers ProposalOrder equipment and accessories engraving FREE with AppleNecessary accessories case, skin, dock to sync/charge, optional microphone (if not new one) Setup: Apply protective covers, skins, chargeTest everything 30-day return policy Train teachers on setup and use Follow-up meeting with Specialists, Coordinators, Directors to evaluate implementationFollow-up training with teachersCreate Ning to promote further collaboration



Training TeachersInitial 6-hour workshop: Set up iTunes account Settings and Restrictions Uses Syncing contentClassroom ManagementFollow-up Sessions

TrainingPre-K ESLTeachers: Every Pre-K teacher 22 classes

Equipment: 3 devices, student headsets, 4-dock charger, desktop computer

Uses: songs, videos, podcasts, and apps* ESL

7AshleyApps for Pre-KindergartenScribbleToddler TeasersABCs FreeAlphabetAnimal FarmAnimalsCatchDoodle BuddyiWriteDottyShapes Matches

MatchPocket ABC'sP-K SafariShapesShapes Memory ZooMonkey Preschool LunchboxAlphaBubbleShapeBuilderTapDotsABC Phonics

Apps8Ashley5th & 8th ELL Sheltered ScienceTeachers: Every ELL Sheltered Science 5th & 8th Grade teacher

Equipment: Classroom set (20-26), 20-unit sync/charge doc from Parat Solutions

Uses: reviews, lab procedures, vocabulary, videos, note-taking

ELL Science

9KristiScience Apps The Chemical TouchiSeismometer Molecules Science GlossaryScience Facts Lite Hubble TelescopeGoogle EarthScientific Calculator Periodic NASASpace Images Biology GlossaryGFlash

Apps10KristiSpecial EducationTeachers: 42 Teachers 24 5th and 8th Grade SPED Science teachers, Content Mastery teachers18 7th and 8th Grade SPED Math teachers, Content Mastery teachers Equipment: iPod Touch, classroom computerUses: apps, audio, video, notes

SPED11EmilyRecently trained SPED teachers not a lot of feedback yet Resource Math & Science AppsMath DrillsBasic MathPop MathMath TutorTimes TableAwesome FlashcardsEducation 4 Free LLCMath TubeGraphing CalcKids Fun MathiTunes UScience GlossaryFree FlashcardsPeriodicVideo ScienceBistro ScienceScience TubeSPED12EmilyBeyond the AppsDeliver content PowerPoint Presentations Discovery Education Streaming videos Promethean Recordings Voice Memo Collaborative Story Building Podcasts Recording lectures

ContentPowerPointsCreate PowerPointSave as JPEGsNo Transitions/No animationsText and graphics onlyRename slides if more than 10Sync as photos Convert to MP4 Automatic transitionsAdd narration Use external converter (MOYEA) Sync as video

Content14AshleyDE Streaming VideosUse EDITABLE videos onlyDownload as QuickTime filesImport into iTunes LibraryConvert to MP4Right-clickCreate iPod or iPhone version

Content15KristiPromethean Recordings Use ActivInspire recording feature to record lessons

ContentVoice MemosCollaborative Story Building


Recording lectures

ContentiTunesWelcome to iTunesCreate a free iTunes accountApp StoreSearch techniquesPower SearchCategoryFree / PaidiTunes UPodcastsContent18EmilyDropboxhttp://www.dropbox.com2 GB Free StorageFree App on iPod touchDrag/drop filesCompatible with multiple file typesDocuments PDF, Office docsPhotos - JPEG, GIF, PNGAudio - MP3, WAVVideo - MP4, MPEG, MOV Learned: Trainers

Setup requiredScreen protectorTeacher reluctanceWirelessTraining IssuesReceive equipment at training iTunes AccountFollow-up training

20KristiMake sure teacher using equipment is the one trainedProvide frequent & continuous follow-up with teachers (ITSies)

Lessons Learned: TeachersSetup requiredSettingsRestrictions Converting and syncing files and appsTime to play and planDocking station Classroom ManagementSecurity issues Purchasing content and upgrades

21EmilyFile cabinetUse Notes to sign out iPodsMISD iPod touch NingCollaborative social network to share ideas, tips, resources, etc. with colleagues. 22AshleyMore InformationWikipedia Article SummaryThe iPod Touch initiative at Mansfield Independent School District is the first of its kind for the district, pairing innovative hardware and software to provide new and exciting learning experiences for its students. The project overall has been a successful one, and the district will continue to add iPod Touches to more of its classrooms as often as they are able to do so. One of the school administrators involved in the initiative said this of the pre-K students: There's no fear. It's just endless what they can do. (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 2009).[4] This quote perfectly demonstrates the reason that the initiative will be successful at MISD as it continues to grow.

23KristiDiscussionWhat concerns do you have?Any other ideas for integration of iPod Touch into content areas?Are you ready to jump in?

24EmilyResourcesiTouch video, Jerry Cantu, Media & Communications DevelopmentMrs. Hubbards 5th Grade ScienceMrs. Cervantes 5th Grade ScienceMISD Instructional Technology Specialists

Mrs. Melendez Pre-KMrs. Nunez, 5th Grade Science TeacherDiane Chapell, SPEDYvonne Davault, ESL/BILFreeplay MusicApple iTunes

We can no longer teach todays students with yesterdays tools and expect them to succeed in tomorrows world.