Ithaca College Orientation 2015 “ Family Matters!”

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Text of Ithaca College Orientation 2015 “ Family Matters!”

  • Ithaca College Orientation 2015

    Family Matters!

  • Change majors 1-2 times in college

    Have 10-15 jobs in a lifetime

    Make 2-3 career changesCareer Development Is A Lifelong Process...

  • We will help your student with:Career planning and support

    Connecting with IC alumni for networking and opportunities

    Navigating and finding the right resources

  • Helping StudentsCreate a Four Year PlanFirst Year:Self-Assessment and Career Exploration

    Sophomore year: Career Exploration and Leadership Development

    Junior year: Career Goal Setting, Gaining Experience, and Graduate School Planning

    Senior year:Implementation and Transition

  • Students are responsible for their own success and we are here to help.

  • Opportunities for Students to Get Involved and Connected Clubs and organizations (200+)Community service and service learningLeadership training Internships/experiential learning Alumni Directory (55,000+) for networkingIC Mentoring Network (2,000+)Network Nights

  • Top Skills/Qualities Employers SeekCommunication Skills (verbal and written)Honesty/IntegrityInterpersonal SkillsStrong Work EthicTeamwork SkillsAnalytical Skills Detail OrientedMotivation/InitiativeFlexibility/AdaptabilityComputer SkillsLeadership Skills

    Source: Job Outlook 2015, National Association of Colleges and Employers

  • Career Services OverviewServe students and alumni in all schools and programs at any time4,488 job and internship opportunities were offered to our students and alumni via eRecruiting, career fairs and consortia events last yearCareer Services for life!Career development starts today!

  • Outcomes

    May 2014 Graduates Knowledge Rate

  • Hot Off the Press! Gallup Benchmarks forClass of 2015

  • The Undergraduate Experience:Student Support% Strongly AgreeSources: Gallup-Purdue National Study & IC May 2015 graduating seniors prelim survey results

    Ithaca CollegeNational StudyI had at least one professor who made me excited about learning84%63%My professors cared about me as a person51%27%I had a mentor who encouraged me to pursue my goals & dreams42%22%All three statements32%14%

  • The Undergraduate Experience:Experiential & Deep Learning% Strongly AgreeSources: Gallup-Purdue National Study & IC May 2015 graduating seniors prelim survey results

    Ithaca CollegeNational StudyI worked on a project that took a semester or more to complete51%32%I had an internship or job that allowed me to apply what I was learning in the classroom51%29%I was extremely active in extracurricular activities & organizations35%20%All three statements18%6%

  • The Undergraduate Experience% Strongly AgreeSources: Gallup-Purdue National Study & IC May 2015 graduating seniors prelim survey results

    Ithaca CollegeNational StudyStudent support (3 statements)32%14%Experiential & deep learning (3 statements)18%6%All six statements11%3%

  • Ithaca College Alumni are More Likely to Have:Stronger workplace affiliationGreater job satisfactionBe more engagedGreater career advancement potential and opportunity Stronger sense of well-beingLike what they doThrive financially, socially, physically and emotionallyStronger attachment to the their alma materRemain emotionally attached and affiliated with the college

  • You Are a Resource to All IC Students...

    Actively listenTry not to be judgmental or fix everything for themProvide encouragement, let them share their dreams and concerns Tell them what you see as their strengthsShare your career and other experiencesShare internships, jobs, volunteer positions with IC

  • Connect with ICFamily Weekend: November 6-8, 2015

    Parents Newsletter: Complete the Parent Information Form online at and youll begin receiving this quarterly newsletter!

    Network Nights: January 2016

  • Participate in the Mentoring Network

    Actively participate in:Family WeekendNetwork NightsSpeaking on campusHelping your student and other IC studentsShare your experiences and advice

    Make connections

    Hire an IC student or alumniGet Involved!

  • Contact InformationCareer ServicesJohn Bradac, Director of Career, 607-274-6635

    Alumni RelationsNancy Law, Director of Alumni & Parent, 607-274-3194

    Gretchen Van Valen, M.M. 90, Associate Director, 607-274-1695

    Institutional AdvancementEric Rosario, Interim Director of Family, 607-274

    Caryanne- Welcome & Introduce SelfEric- Introduce self and tell storyGretchen- Introduce self as alum and parent, give some adviceEric- Ask the audience questions (prizes for two of them)Gretchen- Group activity, talk at your table to come up with top tips for parents of college studentsCaryanneCaryanneCaryanneCaryanne




    CaryanneThe term knowledge rate was coined by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) to be used in lieu of the term survey response rate. The knowledge rate is a broad reflection of an institutions knowledge about their graduates career outcomes and includes multiple sources of information surveys, social media, outreach, etc. Caryanne







    GretchenGretchenGretchenGretchenEric*Share Rumstein story hereEricGretchenGretchen