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iPhone & Android Comparison. Aurel Jamilov 28.01.2011. Agenda. Introduction Busines s Comparison Software Comparison App Store: User & Developer Summary. Introduction: Mobile vs Desktop. Source: www.greenorange.com. Business Comparison: Some facts from Internet. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Aurel Jamilov28.01.2011

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1AgendaIntroductionBusiness ComparisonSoftware ComparisonApp Store: User & DeveloperSummary

2What is the project about?Define the goal of this projectIs it similar to projects in the past or is it a new effort?Define the scope of this projectIs it an independent project or is it related to other projects?

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2Introduction: Mobile vs Desktop

Source: www.greenorange.com3Business Comparison: Some facts from InternetGoogleAppleMottoDont be evilThink DifferentKey to success AlgorithmsEleganceWork ethic20% of employees' time for pet projects120% of employees' time for Steve's projectsThe employees who matter

EngineersDesignersHow decisions get madeData, data, dataBecause Steve says soCar of choicePrius Mercedes SL55Big challengeCan they make money on anything but search?Does anyone but Jobs have vision?4

Business Comparison: Market CapitalizationIn 6 years, Apples market capitalization outweighed both the new and old tech championsBloomberg.com5Business Comparison: Supply Chain Overview

Figure 1: Supply Chain OverviewSource: Communications of ACM6Business Comparison: Android vs iOS5 Nov 2007:Android announcedOct 2008 First Android running smartphone1st 1 mln devices sold within 70 days14 OEM currently ship the Android based devices

9th of Jan 2007 iPhone announced29 June 2007 market introduction of iPhoneFirst 1 mln devices sold within 74 daysManufactured by Apple only7Business Comparison: Google AndroidOriginally Search Engine/ Online Ad Business

Economies of ScaleBroad Handset Manufacturer BaseSupported by variety of Mobile OperatorsNew Platform for mobile adsNew business opportunities in HW segment

8Business Comparison: Google Android

Source: Jason Chen, 20089Business Comparison: Apple iOS

Originally in HW & SW BusinessPremium Brand with high marginStrong product ecosystemHalo effectEconomies of ScaleControls the seamless integration of hardware and softwareLess bargaining power from supplier/ODM/buyer sideFaster response to market needs

Strong Ecosystem fosters Apples Digital Hub Strategy through Halo Effect10Source: Apple Annual Reports 2009iTunes goal is to lock the consumer inBusiness Comparison: Apple iOS


Source: Gizmodo.comhttp://Gizmodo.com/5517993/the-dogs-of-war-apple-vs-google-vs-microsoft?skyline=true&s=I http://gizmodo.com/5517993/the-dogs-of-war-apple-vs-google-vs-microsoft?skyline=true&s=I

It's hard to grasp the breathtaking scale of the epic war between Microsoft, Google and Apple. Billions upon billions of dollars. Entire industries at stake. This is the board. These are the pieces.If you think about it, what's shocking isn't the size of Microsoft or Apple, companies that are decades old, established titans of industry (even if they have stumbled in the past)it's Google. In just over 10 years, Google's become arguably the most important company on the web, spreading to anything the internet touches with astonishing speed, almost like a virus: From the web and search to books, video, mobile phones, operating systems, and soon, your TV. Friends have become enemies, enemies more paranoid. And you know, it's only a matter of time before Google's remaining gaps on this map are filled out. (BTW, you can click on the picture to make it bigger.)Back in the 1990s, "hegemony" was another way to spell "Microsoft." It was Microsoft that looked to invade everything. It was Microsoft in the Department of Justice's sights for antitrust issues. Anywhere there was computing, there was Microsoft. But today, it's Apple that conquered music. Apple that revolutionized mobile phones. Apple that might make tablet computing mainstream. Not Microsoft. As the incumbent, Microsoft's not going anywhere. But it plays catch up more often than it leads, at least when it comes to the things people care about now, like the web and mobile.What's at stake? Nothing less than the future. Microsoft wants computing to continue to be tied to the desktopthree screens and a cloud, as Ballmer is fond of saying. For Apple, it's all about closed information appliances with lots of third-party apps, computers anybody can use. And for Google, all roads lead to the internet, and the internet is synonymous with Google.This isn't a road map. It's a study guide.Image created for Gizmodo by Shane SnowUpdated graphic, changing Android Marketplace to Market

The author of this post can be contacted at tips@gizmodo.com

12Business Comparison: VRIO ModelResources and CompetenciesValue RarityImitabilityOrganizationBrandBothAppleAppleAppleHardwareAppleAppleAppleAppleSoftwareEqualAppleEqualAppleiPhone named based smartphone device by Engadget, Gizmodo, Consumer Reports, ZDNet, Walt Mossberg of Financial Times etc. 13Sotware Comparison: Specifications

Source: PCWorld.com14Software Comparison: Market Share Overview

Source: Nielsen Company15

Smartphones generate 46% of mobile media traffic in May 2010, up from 22% in May 2008Software Comparison: OS Traffic worldwide May 2010Source: www.greenorange.com16

App Store ComparisonMore than 10 bln downloadsMore than 250K AppsJailbroken

1-2 bln downloadsMore than 100K AppsJailbroken1717

Android and iPhone users spend 79-80 minutes/day using appsApp Store ComparisonSource: www.open-source.com1818

iPhone users and Android users spend similarlyApp Store ComparisonSource: www.open-source.com1919

iPhone OS average purchase price higher than AndroidApp Store ComparisonSource: www.open-source.com2020

App Store ComparisonSource: www.open-source.com21

App Store ComparisonSource: www.open-source.com22

App Store ComparisonSource: www.open-source.com23

App Store ComparisonSource: www.open-source.com24SummaryMobile on track to eclipse desktop in the year 2015, 1 out of 3 of phone owners using mobile media.Globally mobile internet use has grown 43% over the last yearAndroid and iPhone users spend 79-80 min/day using appsOver the past year (from May 2009) the number of Android devices has grown 29%

Enjoy the great products from both sides!

2525BibliographyBurrows, Peter, Apple VS Google.BusinessWeek, 1/25/2010, Issue Nr.416Linden G,Kraemer K, Dedrick J, Who Captures Value in a Global Innovation Network? The Case of Apples iPod Communications of the ACM, March 2009, vol. 52, no. 3.http://www.apple.com/pr/library/2011/01/18results.htmlhttp://www.comscore.com/Press_Events/Press_Releases/2011/1/comScore_Reports_November_2010_U.S._Mobile_Subscriber_Market_Sharewww.millennialmedia.com/researchhttp://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2011/01/21/will-apple-put-the-iPhone-on-other-carriers/http://www.pcworld.com/zoom?id=208491&page=1&zoomIdx=1http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6AS0XB20101129http://touchreviews.net/apple-ios-android-web-share/26Thank you!