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  • Compendium of

    financing options for the

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    Investment Environment & Opportunities in Food Processing


    Ministry of Food Processing Industries Government of India

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    Production Clusters 6

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    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    State IntroductionOdisha is located on the eastern coast of the Indian Peninsula by the Bay of Bengal. The state's economy witnessed high growth rates between 2004-05 and 2015-16, with gross state domestic product (GSDP) expanding at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.25 %. The state leads in iron, steel, ferroalloy and aluminum production and has a strong base for coal based power generation. Odisha is primarily an agrarian economy having nearly 30% contribution to the Net State Domestic product (NSDP) with over 70% percent of the work force engaged in this sector. The cropped area is about 8.7 Million hectares out of which 1.9 Million hectares are irrigated. Climate and soil play a vital role in Odisha's agriculture economy.

    Odisha - key highlights State capital Bhubaneswar

    Geographical area1 155,820 Km Population2 (Census 2011)

    41.9 Million

    Gross state domestic product (GSDP)3 (at current price, base year 2011-12)

    INR 3323.29 BIllion (USD 48.65 Billion) in 2015-16 at constant price, base year 2011-12

    Per capita income4 (Measured as Per Capita NSDP at current prices for 2011-12)

    USD 867

    FDI inflows5 INR 3323.29 Billion (USD 416 million)- FY00-FY17 Total road length (kms)6 9003.92

    Rail length (route kms)7 2607 km Ports8 3

    Airports9 1

    Why Odisha

    Odisha is one of the leading vegetables, plantation crops and rice producing States of the country.

    Odisha is among the top three cashew producing states of India

    With a coast line of 480 km, Odisha is 4th in India in shrimp production.

    Government of Odisha plans to augment the growth of food processing from 0.7% to 10% by 2017 and 25% by 2025 opening up large scale investment opportunities







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    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    Raw material base (1/3)

    Odisha has over 40% of its total land area under cultivation. This is comparatively more in the coastal districts of Odisha i.e. Balasore, Bhadrak, Cuttack, Ganjam, Jajpur, Jagatasinghpur, Kendrapara, Khurda, Nayagarh, Puri etc.

    The total cultivable land exploited for cropping is about 40% of the

    total geographical area and the utilization is comparatively more in

    the coastal districts. Under the National Food Security Mission-

    Commercial crops (NFSMCC), it is aimed that production and

    productivity of sugarcane would be enhanced through modern

    farming techniques as intercropping, and other initiatives. Besides

    that Odisha is a leading producer of Bengal Quince, Pumpkin,

    Sweet Potato and Niger Seed in India.

    Other prominent produces of Odisha are Paddy, Black gram, Castor

    Seeds and Jute. Odisha also has a strong and upcoming fisheries

    sector, the state is among the highest fish producing states.

    Odisha has ten agro-climatic zones10 beneficial for cultivation of a multitude of crops, vegetables and fruits round the year. Based on soil characterization, rainfall and temperature, ten agro climatic zones in Odisha have been identified as under:

    Eastern Ghat High Land

    Districts: Koraput, Nabrangpur

    South Eastern Ghat

    Districts: Malkangiri, Part of Keonjhar

    North Eastern Ghat

    Districts: Phulbani, Rayagada, Gajapati, Ganjam

    North Western Plateau

    District: Sundargarh, Deogarh, Sambalpur & Jharsuguda

    North Central Plateau

    District: Mayurbhanj, Keonjhar

    North Eastern Coastal Plain

    District: Balasore, Bhadrak, Jajpur

    Western Undulating Zone

    Districts: Kalahandi & Nuapada

    Mid Central Table Land

    Districts: Angul, Dhenkanal

    Western Central Table Land

    Districts: Bargarh, Bolangir, Boudh, Sonepur

    East & South Eastern Coastal Plain

    Districts: Kendrapara, Khurda, Jagatsinghpur, Cuttack, Puri, Nayagarh


    Arable land 15582

    Net sown area 5604

    Total area sown 9071

    (2013-14, 000 hectare)

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    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    Raw material base (2/3)

    Major strength of Odishas food processing industry lies in the following:

    Food Grains: Paddy, Finger Millets, Maize

    Fruits- Bengal quince, Jujube, Jackfruit, Mango, Pineapple, Litchi

    Pulses- Black gram, Green Gram

    Plantation- Cashew, Coconut

    Oilseeds- Castor seed, Niger Seed, Groundnut

    Others- Tamarind

    Food Grains: Key production highlights (2016-17)

    Horticulture products: Key production highlights (2016-17)

    Total production of 117.18 Lakh Million Tonnes of food grains

    o Paddy 98.47 Lakh million Tonnes

    o Millet 8 Lakh million Tonnes

    o Pulses 10 Lakh Tonnes

    Total production of 11.7 Million Tonnes of horticulture products

    o Fruits 22.04 Lakh million tonnes

    o Vegetables 90.39 Lakh million tonnes

    o Plantation 3.4 Lakh Million tonnes

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    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    CROPS (000 tonnes)

    FRUITS (000 tonnes)

    PLANTATION (000 tonnes)

    Raw material base (3/3)

    Livestock & Fisheries: Key production highlights11 (2016-17)

    Paddy 5878 Pulses 1000 Maize Oil Seeds

    700 500

    Mango 817.91 Jackfruit 233.02 Bengal quince 48.6

    Brinjal 2012.55

    VEGETABLES Cabbage 1058.5 (000 tonnes) Pumpkin 460

    Coconut 228 Cashew 90.83

    Odishas contribution in the National Marine Fish production is five percent in the year


    Odisha is also responsible for two percent of the countrys meat and egg production.

    The poultry industry in Odisha is an organized industry and part of the agriculture


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    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    The major production clusters12 of Odisha are given below:

    Brinjal Tomato

    Cabbage Cauliflower

    Onion Pumpkin

    Sweet Potato Okra

    Pulses Plantation Crops

    Paddy Oil Seeds

    Geographical Indication for Agricultural Products in Odisha:

    Production Clusters

    Kendujhar, Balangir, Mayurbhanj, Ganjam, Sundargarh

    Kendujhar, Balangir, Sundargarh,Sambalpur

    Kendujhar, Balangir, Mayurbhanj, Ganjam, Sundargarh

    Kendujhar, Mayurbhanj, Ganjam, Sundargarh

    Mayurbhanj, Ganjam, Keonjhar,Malkangiri,Dhenkanal

    Cuttack,Sonepur,Balangir,Balasor e

    Balangir, Nuapada, Angul, Boudh,Kalahandi

    Balangir, Mayurbhanj, Ganjam,Keonjhar,Sundargarh,Cut


    Cuttack, Puri, Kalahandi, Koraput Dhenkanal, Balangir, Rayagada,

    Nauparha, Sambalpur

    Puri, Ganjam, Cuttack, Khorda, Koraput,Dhenkanal,Malkangiri

    Bargarh, Balangir, Kalahandi, Mayurbhanj, Nabarangpur

    Koraput, Mayurbhanj

    Kandhamal Turmeric

    Koraput Arometic Rice

    Ganjam Kewda Rooh

    Ganjam Kewda Flower

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    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    Production Clusters

  • 8

    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    Agriculture marketing

    Odisha has the following marketing facilities13 in the state:

    Fisheries: Over 0.16 million active marine fisher man engaged in marine fishing which has

    a production potential of 0.16 million tonnes.

    Agri-Export Zones: Kandhamal Agri Export zone has been identified by the state

    government for the export of Turmeric

    There are 66 regulated market committees and around 600 markets and sub-market yards

    in the state. 10 markets have been integrated with e-NAM

    126 cold storage and 34 fish processing units with capacity of over 0.27 million MT

    750 small and large warehouses with a capacity of 0.37 million MT 41828MT is the total seafood export during 2016-17 with a value of INR 2205 cr (USD

    324 million)

    66 Market

    Fish production employs over 0.16 Million


    126 cold storage and

    fish processing


    Agricultural markets in Odisha

    10 markets integrated to e-NAM

    1 Agri Export Zones

    750 Ware-houses

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    Investment Environment & Opportunity for Food Processing Sector: Odisha

    Processing Clusters (1/2)

    Mango Based Products

    Balangir, Kendujhar, Sundergarh, Dhenkanal,Koraput,Sambalpur, Mayurbhanj,Rayagada

    Banana Products

    Balangir, Cuttack, Jajpur, Sundergarh, Sonepur,

    Rice Based Products

    Bhadrak, Bargarh, Balangir, Dhenkanal, Koraput,

    Fish & Seafood

    Cuttack, Ganjam, Jajpur, Khorda, Puri, Balasore

    Milk Processing

    Cuttack, Dhenkanal, Ganjam

    Tomato Based Products

    Kendujhar, Mayurbhanj, Sundargarh

    Sweet Potato Processing

    Ganjam, Dhenkanal, Kendujhar

    Processed Bengal Quince

    Mayurbhanj, Dhenkanal, Raygada