Introduction to SSS September 2013. Counselors Dwi (Counselor) Ingrid (Counselor) Regina (Counselor / Psychologist) 4 th Counselor…?? (tba)

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Introduction to SSS September 2013 Slide 2 Counselors Dwi (Counselor) Ingrid (Counselor) Regina (Counselor / Psychologist) 4 th Counselor?? (tba) Slide 3 Programmes Counseling Workshop University Guidance Programme University Visit & Study Tour* Career Counseling University Application Process University Fair & Parent/Counselor Workshop (Monday, September 17, 2012) Slide 4 University Guidance Programme PIC: Regina Year 10 Personality & Career Profiling (psychological tests & counseling) + Subject Selection for DP Year 11 career counseling 11A & 11B : Dwi 11C & 11D : Ingrid 11E & 11F : Regina Year 12 counseling + recommendation letter, personal essay, application submission* 12A & 12B : Dwi 12C & 12D : Ingrid 12E & 12F : Regina Slide 5 Personal Preparation Major College/ university Country of destination Discussion with parents Expectations Family financial situation College/ university requirements Prepare questions for career counselor Slide 6 Career Counseling First come first serve !!! Direct appointment Email to: / / Priority: break time, lunch time, after school or study period Least preferred: lesson time (with teachers permission) Slide 7 Forms Request to Process Forms (UK) Request to Process Forms (Non-UK) Request for Teachers Recommendation NAVIANCE Go to: To be registered, please write down your email address on the sheet provided Slide 8 Year 12 Timeline UK APPLY UCAS North America Fill in application forms, ask for recommendation letters, personal essay, APPLY Common App NAVIANCE, SAT Australia / New Zealand Indonesia Others Slide 9 Year 12 Timeline University Application Deadline Fill out Request to Process form and give to your counselor Request recommendat ions from Teachers and School using appropriate forms. Teacher recommendat ions due to Counselor Approximate date counselor will send GJIS documents to your university Nov 24-Sept 24-Sep 16-Oct 23 Oct or before Dec / 1 Jan 22-Oct 22-Oct 12-Nov 26 Nov or before 15 Jan - Feb 2013 12-Nov 12-Nov 3-Dec 8 Jan or before Slide 10 University Application Slide 11 Outcome List Slide 12 Q & A Slide 13 For further information, please contact us:


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