Introduction To Digital Photography II – Camera Features

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Introduction To Digital Photography II – Camera Features. Fritz SchneiderPeacham Cybernetics. Point and Shoot. Automatic setting Camera makes its best guess: Exposure Focus Color balance No manual override. Exposure. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • FRITZ SCHNEIDERPEACHAM CYBERNETICSIntroduction To Digital PhotographyII Camera Features

  • Point and ShootAutomatic settingCamera makes its best guess:ExposureFocusColor balanceNo manual override

  • ExposureCombination of how much light (Aperture) and for how long (Shutter Speed)1/200th at f/4 = 1/100th at f/8 = 1/50th at f/16+ or ExposureAperture priorityShutter priorityFull manual

  • Metering nodeCenter weightedSpotMulti-zoneFace detection

  • Auto FocusCenterSpotMultizoneFace recognitionManualMacro (close-up)

  • Image FormatPicture is compressed to save space

    Quality:LowHighRawFile Size:2MB4MB20MBLoss of colorsSharpeningLoss of detail but faster!

  • Multiple ShotsCapture unpredictable motionBracketing exposureHigh Dynamic RangeShort movie clips

  • SensitivityASA or ISO film speedTake pictures in low lightIncreased noise (colored speckles)

  • FlashBuilt-in flash can reach 10 feet or soFill flash is a nice effectPlain flash gives stark shadowsRed eye prevention takes timeEarly flash vs. late flash

  • ZoomExpressed as 35mm equivalent:35mm is wide angle55mm is normal135mm is short telephotoOld rule of thumb: handhold 200mm at 1/200th or faster, but stabilization can double thatDigital zoom is just in-camera cropping

  • Self-timerProp the camera on a level surfaceYou have 10 seconds to run around front and smileCan also be used to start a time exposure.

  • FiltersUsed to be used for color adjustmentSkylight or 1A used to protect the lens if you have threadsPolarizer controls reflections and deepens sky colorSome cameras have useless built-in black and white or sepia effects

  • Special PresetsScenery locks focus at infinityPortrait balances for good skin tonesNight optimizes for low lightSports tries for high shutter speedSmile Waits for smiles!Etc

  • Geo TaggingCamera can record GPS coordinatesSeparate GPS logger can also be used

  • Mobile Phone CameraSmartphones have better and better camerasGood for close-upsFeatures controlled by touch screenPractice your gripApps available to replace standard cameraTakes movies too