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UI Call Center

+62 21- 2997 2200

I got in to UI through SIMAK KKI. The learning system in english helps to improve my english skills to prepare myself when I transfer to the partner university. There are many foreign students doing their exchange program, therefore we could exchange experience and also knowledge with each other. The lecturers who teach in this programs are experts in their field and also fluent in english. And due to few students in the class, the relationship between students and the lecturer is quite close. Im proud being an international undergraduate program student in UI, because I get a chance to go to the best abroad University and also at the same time entering the best national university.

I enter this program from talent scouting. One of the reason for choosing the program is because the international undergraduate program provides the international knowledge so it fits to face the globalization era. Study in here is never easy, but people are incredibly friendly and open-willing to start building friendships and achieving goals together. Through this mind-opening experience, I believe I will sharpen my skills in economy and accounting to face the future.

My youngest daughters dream was to be graduated from a reputable University overseas majoring psychology. As a mother, I was worried about her wel-being if she lives far from us, because she is still young and not mature enough. When I heard about the International Undergraduate Program UI offer, I was convinced that it was a beneficial program because students will be prepared academically, and by the time she leaves Indonesia after four semester studying in UI to continue her study overseas, she is more ready academically and mature enough to be responsible for completing her study and her own well-being. She really showed her best and I was happy for her.

Rajab Ali MehrabanFaculty of Technic,

Double Degree in Civil Engineering, 2014

Salsabila Nurkhalisha Faculty of Economics and Business, Double Degree in Accounting 2014

Diennaryati Tjokrosuprihatono Indonesian Ambassador to EcuadorParents of Raisha R. Narasmarani

Student of Psychology Double Degree Program UI

Public Relations and Public Information OfficeGedung Pusat Administrasi Universitas Indonesiae. [email protected]

Admission OfficeGedung PMB UI (ex BNI)e. [email protected] +62 21 7884 9104, 7864126, 7884 9129

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As a prestigious academic institution in Asia, Universitas Indo-nesia provides outstanding quality in educational programs, best learning and research, also international experiences.

International Undergraduate Program conducted by Universitas Indonesia based on cooperation with reputable university abroad. This program use English as the medium of instruction. Inter-national Undergraduate Program allows student to obtain single or double degree. For single degree, student will be awarded a degree from Universitas Indonesia. For double degree student will obtain one degree from Universitas Indonesia and one from partner university.

Requirement: High school graduate or equivalent Englishlanguageproficiencycertificate:International


Become a world citizenthrough UI International Undergraduate Program.

Medical Studies Monash University (Australia), University of Melbourne (Australia), University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK)

Civil Engineering Queensland University of Technology (Australia) Mechanical Engineering University of Duissburg Essen (German) Electrical Engineering University of Sydney (Australia) Architecture Curtin University (Australia) Metalurgy & Material Engineering Monash University (Australia) Chemical Engineering Industrial Engineering

Computer Science University of Queensland (Australia) The School of Computer Science & Information

Technology RMIT (Australia)

Communication Science University of Queensland (Australia) Curtin University & Deakin University (Australia)

Psychology University of Queensland (Australia)

Law Erasmus University of Rotterdam (The Netherland), Leiden University (The Netherland) Universiteit Utrecht (The Netherlands) Groningen University (The Netherlands)

Economics University of Melbourne (Australia) Management University of Queensland (Australia) Accounting University of Tilburg (The Netherlands) University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

University of Groningen (The Netherlands)

The University of Adelaide (Australia)

VU University Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

Single Degre Double Degre Program Partner University

Admission:Indonesian student SIMAKUI:Selectionbasedonwrittentest.Subjectfor

the exam are Natural sciences (Mathematics for Natural Sciences, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Integrated Natural Sciences) or Social Sciences (Basic Mathematics, Economy, Indonesia and the world A, Indonesia and the world B, Integrated Social Sciences). Download exam material of previousyearon

Talentscouting:Selectionbasedonacademicachievementindicated by transcript of student report. Universitas Indone-siaonlyinviteselectedschooltojointhisprogram.

Registration online on

International student Selection based on desk evaluation (not written test) of aca-

demic achievement of the applicant. Desk evaluation made uponthebasisofapplicantsprofileanddocument.Onlyoutstanding applicant who meet the requirement will be ac-cepted, and selection result can not be disputed.

Registration online on

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