INTERN SHIP NOTICE #36 Summer Internship Summer Internship Summer Internship Engineering Career Year

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Text of INTERN SHIP NOTICE #36 Summer Internship Summer Internship Summer Internship Engineering Career Year

  • Alumni Office Room 1W9 Isaac B. Honor - Internship Coordinator


    Important Note: If you are selected for the internship, please inform Mr. Honor IMMEDIATELY via email at:


    The Engineering Pipeline Program (EPP) is a developmental program designed to address the growing engineering talent gap in the US. It is aimed to inspire promising high school students to pursue an education and career in engineering. Each year, only 15 of the highest caliber students from each region (NE, DNY, UNY) are accepted into EPP. These

    Scholars then participate in the Intro to Engineering Academy and the Future of Engineering Academy at our Learning Centers and various Engineering Job Shadows throughout our businesses. During the first two years, selected candidates will take part in two one-week summer programs, which include classroom and hands-on activities on the following topics: introduction to the energy industry, natural gas operations, electric power systems, the future of energy, gas engineering, electric engineering, sustainable energy, along with panel discussions with National Grid engineers regarding their education, interests and career. As a member of the Pipeline program, students will be given the opportunity to gain exposure to the engineering industry through instruction, in and out of the classroom, site visits, research and projects. Highlights include interacting with real life engineers as mentors, networking with fellow program participants, participating in job shadowing to experience a “day in the life of”, and opportunities for paid internships. The end result could be a future career with National Grid once students graduate from college. As mentioned above, the program is open to students that are currently high school juniors and are on track to complete their junior year by June 2018. For 2018, the Year 1 “Intro to Engineering Academy” is scheduled to be held from July 9th – 13th, 2018 at National Grid’s Learning Centers (Melville, NY, Syracuse, NY, Worcester, MA). After completing Years 1 and 2 of the program, students will be eligible for consideration of National Grid Summer Internship opportunities.



  • The application process for the EPP is now being done online, so please read and follow this carefully to understand the application process for the program. Students must take the following steps:

    1. On the below site, download the Teacher Recommendation & Essay Question templates, which must be completed and attached to your online application.

     Located on the National Grid website:

    2. Access the National Grid Career site:

    3. Under Search Jobs, type Pipeline in the Search Keyword field and click enter. This will populate the EPP program applications.

    4. Select the Pipeline program that is delivered in your region (DNY - Melville, NY; UNY - Liverpool, NY; NE - Millbury, MA).

    5. Click on Apply Now

    6. Enter your name, email address and phone number and then click Submit

    7. Select Apply Online

    8. Register as a new user and apply for this posting.

    9. Please make sure you complete all 12 steps in the application especially the questionnaires. If you do not complete all the steps, your application will not be considered.

    10. You may enter your attachments at a later date, but no later than April 15th

    11. Attach the following to your online application prior to April 15th:

     Latest High School Transcript

     250 Word Essay & Questions*

     (2) Teacher Recommendations*

    Note: Teacher Recommendation & Essay Question templates are located on the National Grid website:

    Please complete the online application process by April 15th:

    If you have any problems with the online application or have questions, please feel free to contact us at and in the subject line type: “EPP Candidate: Last Name, First Name”.

    Engineering Pipeline Program (EPP)

    Application Process

  • Engineering Pipeline Program

  • When National Grid thinks about the future, we

    think of innovation, especially in the area of energy

    conservation. We are passionate about the issue

    of climate change. We are committed to playing a

    large role in the transition to a low carbon economy

    and we need your help to get it done.

    Fewer students are becoming engineers

    despite the importance of engineers in

    our society.

    At National Grid, without the help of

    engineers, we could not:

    Understand how to be more energy


    Discover how to reduce our

    energy use

    Determine where our energy will

    come from in the next century

    Put simply, we depend on engineers

    as creative problem solvers who help

    shape the future. And we’re looking to

    you to become engineers and part of

    our future workforce.

    What you will get out of this program

    National Grid’s Engineering Pipeline

    Program offers high school and college

    students the chance to learn more

    about National Grid and the engineering

    profession as a whole through a

    structured six-year program.

    It’s a chance to translate your interest

    in science, technology, engineering or

    mathematics into a future career of

    your choice.

    As a member of the Pipeline program,

    you will be given the opportunity to

    gain exposure to the engineering

    industry through instruction, in and out

    of the classroom; site visits; research

    and projects.

    Highlights include opportunities for

    paid internships, real life engineers

    as mentors, with job shadowing

    to experience a “day in the life of”,

    networking with fellow program

    participants and even the chance

    to advise younger members

    of the program as you move along

    the “Pipeline”.

    The end result could be a future career

    with National Grid once you graduate

    from college.

    that electrical engineer Martin Cooper invented the cell phone?

    that civil engineer John Roebling designed the Brooklyn Bridge?

    that electrical engineer Stephen Wozniak founded Apple?

    that chemical engineer Erik Rotheim invented the aerosol spray can?

    that Larry Page, one of the co-founders of Google, has a degree in engineering?

    that Craig Newmark, founder of Craigslist, has a degree in electrical engineering?

    Did you know

  • High School Graduation College Journey Begins College Graduation

    Complete Junior Year of High School and apply for Pipeline Program

    YEAR ONE Intro to Engineering Academy

    YEAR TWO Future of Engineering Academy

    YEAR FOUR YEAR FIVE YEAR SIXYEAR THREE Summer Internship Summer Internship Summer Internship Engineering Career

    Year One: Exploring Engineering

    Gaining admission to the Pipeline

    Program is just the first step in

    identifying you as a credible talent in the

    eyes of colleges and future employers.

    You will also have the opportunity to

    participate in a one-week summer “Intro

    to Engineering Academy.” This is a

    valuable opportunity to meet National

    Grid employees and network with other

    accomplished students from schools

    across New York and New England.

    In addition, the Pipeline Program is a

    fantastic achievement to mention on a

    college application to make you stand

    out as an applicant.

    Year Two: Defining the Future of Energy

    Congratulations! You’ve graduated

    from high school and are ready to

    attend college. What does the Pipeline

    Program bring you this year? The

    opportunity to build on your knowledge

    and experience and attend a more

    comprehensive summer “Future of

    Engineering Academy.” Learn about

    the challenges the energy industry

    faces and what skills you will need

    to be successful in this industry, as

    well as tips to make the most of your

    college education to prepare for a

    career in engineering.

    Year Three: More than a Mere Freshman

    Most freshman students would

    consider completing their first year of

    college as their major accomplishment,

    but you’re ready for a summer

    internship and networking opportunity

    that will make you the envy of your

    friends. As a Pip