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    DENNY’S RESTAURANT Thursday, February 19, 2015 @ 7AM


    1. Call to Order - Welcome & Introductions X

    2. Conflict of Interest Disclosure X

    3. Approval of Agenda X

    4. Approval of Minutes from February 12, 2015 X


    5. Department of Transportation’s Use of Social Media presented by Meadow Bailey



    6. Knik Arm Crossing Updates X Mat-Su Borough Feedback from Sarah, Lisa & Donna

    7. Legislative Priority: Support Creation of an Alaska Transportation Infrastructure Funding Program


    8. Transportation-related Legislative Bills Updates a. HB21 – Transit Authorities (Jeff Roach)

    b. HB 24 – Procurement (Donna Gardino)


    See email in packet from Jeff regarding HB21 See email in packet from Lisa Herbert regarding HB24

    9. West Coast Port Labor Dispute US Chamber Teleconference Call Update

    See email from Lisa Herbert in packet


    10. Fuel Tax Discussion X Consideration of a Board presentation on March 2 pending Transportation Committee’s position


    11. Highway

    12. Rail

    13. Aviation

    14. Marine

    15. Committee Attendance Report

    16. Staff Report

    17. Committee Chair Report

    18. Committee Member Comments

    19. Guest Comments











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    February 26, 2015 – To Be Determined


    Upcoming GMLs at the Carlson Center

    February 24: Army Force Reduction Listening Session

    March 3: To Be Determined

    United States Army Force Reduction Listening Session – Tuesday, February 24 at 6PM

    Tanana Chiefs Conference Welcome Reception – Monday, March 16

    Military Appreciation Banquet – Friday, May 1 – tickets can be purchased online

    20. Adjourn X

  • Transportation Committee Meeting Minutes

    Thursday, February 12, 2015 -- 7:00AM

    Denny’s Restaurant

    Committee Members Present: Bill Brophy, Roger Burggraf, Cliff Everts, Donna Gardino, Tom George, Stan Halvarson, Deb Hickok, Sarah Lefebvre, Jim Little, Clark Milne, Ray Richards, Jeff Roach, Ray Richards

    Guests Present Bob Tilly, Ken Hall, Doug Isaacson, Ed Peebles

    Staff Present Lisa Herbert

    1. Call to Order/Roll Call Sarah Lefebvre called the meeting to order at 7AM. Quorum was established.

    2. Conflict of Interest Disclosure Sarah Lefebvre asked for any conflicts of interest regarding action items on the agenda. Sarah & Jeff disclosed conflicts with Knik Arm Project if becomes action item.

    3. Approval of Agenda

    MOTION: A motion was made by Stan Halvarson and was seconded to approve the meeting agenda as presented. No further discussion, the motion carried without objection.

    4. Approval of Minutes

    February 5, 2015 Amendments to minutes include: adding Deb Hickok to attendance and add that Jeff Roach declared a conflict as well as Sarah & David. MOTION: A motion was made by Jeff Roach and was seconded to approve the meeting minutes as amended from February 5, 2015. No further discussion, the motion carried without objection.


    5. None


    6. Seward Highway Midtown Congestion Relief Project Funding

    An email from Jeff Roach was included in the meeting packet as a follow up from the Feb. 5 meeting. Project funding for the Seward Hwy Midtown Congestion Relief including 36th and Seward Intersection (PJ 54629) -- Both amend. #11 & #12 showed no funding in FFY15 and $270 million in the “after ‘15” column. This project is not part of Amend. #13 (dealing with the removal of funding from the mega projects) so the project remains in the STIP.

  • 7. Federal Highway Transportation Fund Sarah presented the coalition letter from ACCE regarding Federal Highway Transportation fund to the Government Relations Committee on Tuesday, February 10 – the GRC also unanimously supported signing on to the coalition letter. Sarah also updated committee on the American Road Association letter she received – forwarded to Congressman Don Young and he has since signed on to a similar letter.

    8. Knik Arm Crossing Letter of Concern Update

    Sarah presented to the Board on Monday, February 9. Joining her from the committee was Tom George & Donna Gardino. Based on feedback Sarah distributed additional drafts from documents for the committee to review. The Board raised some concerns with the intention of the letter and requested that the committee consider those recommendations made at the meeting and bring back for consideration at the next Board meeting.

     Impacts to relationship with Mat-Su Borough; do we need to take action; is letter clear and to the point about what we are stating. Board requested letter be more direct.

    Tony Johansen from Great Northwest discussed project with Sarah & Clark - does not believe substantial savings to the state will result from Knik Arm – does not support the project. Committee discussed whether to proceed with any letter or not based on relationships with other legislative delegations across the state and actions regarding energy. State’s budget is limited – is this best use of state funds? Knik Arm Project has lots of funding sources to include several federal funds – state has general funds that could match – for that reason, weighing in is important. Are we getting ahead of Mat-Su Borough – where are they at right now – are they pushing for the bridge? Finishing the rail connection might be more reasonable to support related to the AKRR’s application to rail LNG in ISO tanks. Possible committee actions: 1) Submit to Board for approval but on the basis of submitting, only IF the Mat- Su delegation/area is pursuing; 2) refine letter to be comments in the STIP; 3) take no action. Multiple stakeholder positions to consider – reach out to Mat-Su folks and City of Anchorage folks. STIP 13 comments are open until Feb. 13, 2015 – funding for these projects is removed in current STIP. STIP 14 is being drafted now but may not address these projects at all.

  • Lisa provided next board meeting – either Feb. 23 or March 2. Topic could be discussed at GRC teleconference with Interior Delegation on Feb. 17. Sarah, Lisa (Chambers & Legislators) & Donna (Mat-Su Borough planning department regarding long-range planning) will reach out to Mat-Su to determine where they are with the project and report back to committee at next meeting. Mat-Su received $1m (earmark money) to develop long-range plan in STIP. Motion to hold letter from moving forward until reaching out to Mat-Su Borough Chambers & Planning Department and Mat-Su legislators and bring back to committee at next meeting was made by Tom George and was seconded. No further discussion took place.


    9. Legislative Priority: Support Creation of an Alaska Transportation Infrastructure Funding Program

    Sarah provided briefing on the stakeholder meetings that have occurred. Received feedback from legislators – group is going to work on a plan of action for moving forward. Four areas that need to be addressed; 1) where money would come from; 2) how secured; 3) how allocated and 4) what projects would be included? Sarah will continue to update committee as it moves forward.

    10. Review Transportation-related Bills (Support/Monitor/Oppose) & Assign Committee Members to Follow

    HB1 & SB 16 Arctic Policy for State – Monitor at this point HB 21 relating to transit authorities – what impact does it have? Not sure why this bill is being introduced. Jeff will research and bring information to next meeting. HB 24 relating to engineering and surveying – Donna will reach out to Rep. Kitto to find out what the importance of the bill is. HB 62 relating to off-highway driver’s licenses – how does it relate to business – rural employees of businesses transporting of goods. What is TCC’s position? HB 88 & SB 33 relating for tire fees – monitor at this point. HB 91 relating to operating motor vehicles – no impact to business – remove from list SB 19 relating to road service boundary changes – Lance Roberts discussed this at the GRC a few weeks ago; believe FNSB may have brought this forward – advocate support because all of the road service areas are expensive. Do not need to actively support.


    1. Highway STIP 13 public comment period closes tomorrow.

    2. Rail AKRR presented to FEDC on Tuesday – application to apply for transportation ISO tanks on railroad has been submitted.

    3. Aviation Tour of August Westin Helicopter Tour company – thank you to Stan for organizing that.

    4. Marine None.

  • 5. Committee Attendance R