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History~*Motorola started as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation in 1928. ~*The Name Motorola was adopted in 1947. ~*Motorola is the 1st company that introduces cell phones in the in 1983. ~*Company also strong in semi conductor technology. market,

DynaTAC 8000X portable cellular phone


Type Industry Founded Headquarters Area served Key people Employees Website

Public (NYSE: MOT) Telecommunications 1928Schaumburg, Illinois, United States

WorldwideGreg Brown (President & CoCEO) Sanjay Jha (Co-CEO)

68,000 (2009)


Greg Brown(CEO)

Sanjay Jha (Co-CEO)

Products are:**Laptops.

**Cell Phones.

Radio Communication Devices Cordless Phones.

Motorola Accessories

D.C Charger

Bluetooth HandFree

Motorolas Free Charge

Nokia Samsung Ericsson LG Panasonic Spice Siemens

zThe Market of Mobile is highly competitive. There are so many players capturing the market. So Motorola provides innovative products to the market. ~*~* Launch a phone costing Rs. 1200/~*~* Launch Motoflip costing under Rs. 4000/~*~* Widen their Product Portfolio ~*~* Collaborate with telecom service provider ~*~* Enhance their distribution network ~*~* Target Audience- Youth

Used 360 degree marketing. Guess the Motostar. Funded NGOs in Bangalore Spend online 20% more than any other brand.