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Insurance, Expectations & Code of · PDF file Professional Indemnity Insurance Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) is generally designed for professionals who provide advice or service

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  • Insurance, Expectations & Codes of Conduct

  • Overview

    • Insurance

    • Professional Associations • Workplace regulations & expectations

    • Ethical codes of practice

    • Professional Practice • Code of Conduct

  • Insurance Advice

    Please note: this is general information only and should not replace financial advice.

    Talk to a licenced insurance broker, business advisor or insurer for detailed advice. You can check your insurance broker’s license on the Australian Securities & Investments Commission's professional register.

  • Insurance as a Contractor

    • As a contractor, you can’t cover yourself as an ‘employee’ with workers’ compensation insurance. So you’ll need to consider your own personal death, illness and disability insurance.

    • You can cover yourself for accident and sickness insurance through a private insurer. This policy will compensate you for loss of revenue while you recover.

  • Personal or loss of income insurance

    • Income protection or disability insurance – covers part of your normal income if you’re unable to work through sickness or accident.

    • Life insurance – provides a lump sum or series of payments if you die, or in some cases, if you’re permanently injured.

    • Total and permanent disability insurance – provides a lump sum only if you’re permanently disabled before retirement.

    • Trauma insurance – provides a lump sum if you have a specified life-threatening illness.

    • Business interruption or loss of profits – covers you if your business suffers from damage to property by fire or other insured dangers. It can help you pay your ongoing expenses and maintain profits.

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance

    Professional Indemnity Insurance (PI) is generally designed for professionals who provide advice or service to their customers or clients. Professional Indemnity Insurance protects professionals, consultants, contractors and businesses against legal costs and claims for any personal loss or damage.

    The claim may be for unprofessional advice, failure by the professional or professional firm to exercise the required level of skill, and/or breach of professional duty. Ultimately, professional indemnity insurance may protect your assets and your reputation should a claim arise.

  • Public Liability Insurance

    Public liability insurance covers you for third party death or injury. It helps protect you and your business when you’re liable for negligence. For example, if your business causes:

    • injury or death, such as someone falling over

    • nervous shock, such as emotional distress or a recognised psychiatric illnesses

    • property damage, such as causing a fire

    • consequential loss, which occurs in very rare cases where negligence causes another business to lose expected revenue

  • Professional Associations

  • Companions

    Given the significance of the Exercises for the contemporary Church, the Companions in the Ministry of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises (Companions ) has been formed to provide those engaged in giving the Spiritual Exercises the opportunity to enhance their understanding and practice of Ignatian spirituality. Companions is a professional association of givers of the Ignatian Spiritual Exercises who are committed to the highest standards of formation, ethical practice and accountability.

  • Australasian Association of Supervisors

    • AAOS is the association at the forefront of developing educational and ethical standards for supervision in the professions of counselling, psychotherapy, pastoral practice, psychology, coaching, social work and related disciplines.

    • AAOS supports the continued professional development of supervisors by sourcing experts from the various disciplines to assist practitioners in the ongoing enhancement of their skills.

  • Professional Practice

  • Safeguarding Children

    Province Resources & Trust

    Equity, Safety & Respect

    Acting with Integrity

    Province Code of Conduct

  • Province Code of Conduct

    The Provincial, acting under authority communicated by the Society’s Superior General in Rome, has authority over all of the ministries within the Australian Province and has approved this Code of Conduct (Code) to apply to all Jesuits, Partners in Mission and Contractors, regardless of their level or seniority. It covers all circumstances when Jesuits and Partners in Mission are performing work, duties or functions for the Province, whether in Australia or overseas.

    This Code sets out the Province’s expectations on professional and personal conduct, with the aim of promoting integrity and ethical behaviour, and to guide an individuals’ dealings with all others.

  • Province Code of Conduct

    All people are vulnerable at times for various reasons. It is upon us all to be mindful of and avoid situations where a Power Imbalance may exist and advantage could be taken of those vulnerabilities.

    Although not referred to throughout the Code, all requirements within it apply to Contractors who are permitted to be unsupervised while on ministry grounds e.g. engaged using a tender process and formal induction.

  • Resources – information about operating a small business – information about operating a business in Victoria – compare income protection insurance policies – Spiritual Directors association website – Australasian Association of Supervision - Province website with various policies

  • Simon Davies

    Director of Professional Standards

    [email protected]

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