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<ul><li><p>INSPIRE 2015 </p><p>Agenda for Teachers, Parents &amp; Chaperones </p><p>April 7-9, 2015 </p><p>Copyright 2015 MIT INSPIRE. All Rights Reserved. </p></li><li><p>MIT INSPIRE Created by MIT Students </p><p>INSPIRE Agenda for Teachers and Parents 2 </p><p>Event Agenda for Teachers and Parents April 7, 2015: Finalist Check in, INSPIRE Inaugural Opening Ceremony </p><p> 12:00 3:30 PM: Student registration, check-in and poster set up in </p><p>Sala de Puerto Rico (W20) </p><p> 12:00 3:45 PM: Optional visit MIT Museum </p><p> 1:00 3:45 PM: Optional Interactive enrichment activities hosted by MIT </p><p>Libraries. For finalists who have signed up in advance, and chaperones if space </p><p>permits. Meet at the Student Center 15 minutes before activity start time. </p><p>o Travel through Time at the Institute Archives and Special Collections </p><p>o Images Arent Just for Art </p><p>o Behind the Scenes in the Conservation Lab </p><p> 4:00 6:00 PM: Opening Ceremony at the Wong Auditorium (E51) </p><p>o Opening remarks by Deborah K. Fitzgerald, Kenan Sahin Dean, MIT </p><p>School of Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, Professor, Program in </p><p>Science, Technology and Society, MIT </p><p>o Welcoming remarks: Cynthia Barnhart, Chancellor, Ford Professor of </p><p>Engineering, Director, Transportation@MIT </p><p>o Remarks by Vaishnavi Rao, Founder and President, MIT INSPIRE </p><p>o Panel discussion: Careers in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences </p><p>Fields. Panelists include: </p><p> Moderator: David Kaiser, Germeshausen Professor of the History of </p><p>Science, Department Head, Program in Science, Technology, and </p><p>Society, MIT </p><p> Ian Cheney, American documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, </p><p>and producer, and Knight Science Journalism Fellow, MIT </p></li><li><p>MIT INSPIRE Created by MIT Students </p><p>INSPIRE Agenda for Teachers and Parents 3 </p><p> Scott Kominers, Junior Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows </p><p>and Research Scientist in Harvard's program for Evolutionary </p><p>Dynamics </p><p> Ian Condry, Professor of Japanese Cultural Studies and Head, </p><p>Global Studies and Languages, MIT </p><p> Bonny Kellermann, Director of Special Constituencies at MIT </p><p> 6:30 8:00 PM: Students staying off campus are free to go with their chaperones </p><p>at 6:30 PM </p><p>April 8, 2015: Judging Day and Enrichment </p><p> 8:00 8:45 AM: Student drop off and check in for judging </p><p> 9:00 AM 2:45 PM: Optional activities: explore Boston, Cambridge or MIT (MIT </p><p>campus options available at: </p><p>o MIT Campus Tour groups convene in Lobby 7, in the main building at 77 </p><p>Massachusetts Avenue. Tours are offered at 11 am and 3 pm. Further </p><p>questions about campus tours may be addressed to the Events and </p><p>Information Center, 617-253-4795. </p><p>o The List Visual Arts Center is at 20 Ames Street (Building E15), Atrium </p><p>level. It houses a collection of contemporary art in all media, in addition to </p><p>managing the Artists in Residence and Percent-for-Art programs. Hours </p><p>and directions are available on the List website. Admission to all </p><p>exhibitions and related events is free and open to the general public. </p><p>o The MIT Museum is located at 265 Massachusetts Avenue, Building </p><p>N52. In addition to the world's largest collection of holography, the </p><p>museum features Kismet and other MIT robots and the interactive </p><p>sculpture of Arthur Ganson, as well as programs and activities for all ages. </p><p>Hours and the MIT Museum calendar are available at the Museums </p><p>website, as are the hours the Hart Nautical Gallery in Building 5. </p></li><li><p>MIT INSPIRE Created by MIT Students </p><p>INSPIRE Agenda for Teachers and Parents 4 </p><p>o From the MIT events calendar (Please check MIT Events calendar for </p><p>the latest updates on these events): </p><p> Wired: A World Transformed by the Telegraph </p><p>Time: 10:00a4:00p; Location: 14N-130, Maihaugen Gallery, </p><p>Sponsor(s): MIT Libraries Exhibits </p><p>Long before telephone or text, instantaneous messages travelled </p><p>by telegraph. Explore the historic significance of this technological </p><p>triumph of the 19th century through an exhibit featuring books, </p><p>telegrams, photographs, and ephemera from the Libraries' Peterson </p><p>Telegraphy Collection. Web site: </p><p> </p><p> 10AM Undergraduate Admissions Information Session </p><p>Time: 10:00a11:00a; Location: 10-100 </p><p>MIT Undergraduate Admissions Information Sessions are led by </p><p>student interns and cover a variety of topics including academics, </p><p>campus life and the admissions and financial aid processes. </p><p>Immediately following the Undergraduate Admissions Information </p><p>Session is a student led Campus Tour. </p><p> Artists Beyond the Desk Presents Michael Yarsky </p><p>Speaker: Michael Yarsky </p><p>Time: 12:00p1:00p; Location: 14W-111, Killian Hall </p><p>Artists Beyond the Desk </p><p>Yarsky (b. 1987) is a Boston-based songwriter and multi-</p><p>instrumentalist. He has written several indierock tunes for The </p><p>Wakes before venturing into solo, flamenco-infused indie folk. In </p><p>addition to being an accomplished bassist for pit orchestras and </p><p>jazz trios, he performs his work solo or with accomplished </p><p>composer and tenor Saunder Choi. He is a classical guitar </p></li><li><p>MIT INSPIRE Created by MIT Students </p><p>INSPIRE Agenda for Teachers and Parents 5 </p><p>enthusiast, a fervent admirer of Bartk, and a former student of </p><p>Berklee professor David Newsam. He is thrilled to be playing Killian </p><p>Hall again! </p><p>o Additionally, various galleries at MIT open to public from arts to </p><p>cancer research. See for details. </p><p> 12:45 2:15 PM: Activities for Accompanying Adults organized by the MIT </p><p>Libraries. Meet at the Student center 15 minutes before activity start time. Please </p><p>check at registration desk for updates on this activity. </p><p> 4:00 6:00 PM: Projects open to the MIT and Boston community for public </p><p>viewing (La Sala de Puerto Rico). The public can vote on a project for the MIT </p><p>INSPIRE 2015 Lincoln Community Choice award. </p><p> 6:00 6:30 PM: Poster tear down and cleanup. [Note: All posters, display and set </p><p>up must absolutely be cleared out before 6:30 PM] </p><p> 6:30 - 7:30 PM: Dinner for Finalists, mentors and parents. Location: Coffeehouse </p><p>(Student Center) </p><p> 7:30 9:00 PM: Panel Discussion: The Transition to College/Student Life at </p><p>MIT. (Panelists consisting of MIT students). Open to Finalists, mentors and </p><p>parents. Location: Wong Auditorium. </p><p>April 9, 2015: Award Ceremony and check out Location: Kresge Auditorium (W16) </p><p> 9:00 9:45 AM: Breakfast in Kresge Auditorium Lobby </p><p> 10:00 AM 12:00 PM: Award Ceremony </p><p>o Concluding remarks W. Eric L. Grimson, Chancellor for Academic </p><p>Advancement, MIT </p><p>o Special remarks The Honorable Deval L. Patrick Former Governor, </p><p>Massachusetts </p></li><li><p>MIT INSPIRE Created by MIT Students </p><p>INSPIRE Agenda for Teachers and Parents 6 </p><p>o Special awards presented by Ms. Colleen Messing, Chair, Council of Arts </p><p>at MIT (CAMIT) grants committee, Mr. Paul Parravano, ex officio member </p><p>of the MIT Community Service Fund (CSF) Board and Co-Director of the </p><p>Office of Government and Community Relations, MIT </p><p>o Category awards presented by Leah Flynn Gallant, Assistant Dean and </p><p>Director for Student Leadership and Engagement, Office of Student </p><p>Activities, Division of Student Life, MIT </p><p>o 12:15 2:30 PM: Checkout in Kresge Lobby </p></li></ul>


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