Inspecting a hotel room for bed bugs

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  • 1. The truth about bed bugs

2. Myth #1:Bed bugs only exist inunclean or unsanitaryliving conditions. 3. Myth #1:FALSE! Even highly regarded multi-unitBed bugs only exist in establishments in theunclean or unsanitary USA have had bed bugliving conditions. infestations lately, mostlydue to domestic and international travel. 4. MYTH #2You can easilyget rid of bedbugs yourself. 5. MYTH #2 FALSE! Bed bugs are difficult ifYou can easily not impossible to treat on yourget rid of bed own. Often times, its bestbugs yourself. handled by a professional. 6. MYTH #3You can sleep in a different room or vacate the structure to get rid of bed bugs. 7. MYTH #3 You can sleep in a different room or vacate thestructure to get rid of bed bugs. FALSE! This is not a solution and can make theproblem more difficult to eliminate as bed bugsmigrate. 8. Traveling Precautions Bed bugs can hitchhike on your luggage and follow youhome from your travels 9. When traveling, itis important to: Plan and pack carefully Inspect youraccommodations forbed bug problems Take someprecautionary pestcontrol measureswhen you return 10. So, how should I pack? 11. How you pack for your trip can make the difference inthwarting bed bugs you may encounter on the roadTip #1:Get a supply of1 or 2 gallonsize baggiesand sealBaggies everything youcan inside themso bed bugscannot crawl in. 12. Tip #2:Pay attention to the luggage you useUse hard-sided luggage that haslatches, if you can, because it leaves noplace for bed bugs to get in and hide.Light-colored bags work best so you canspot any bed bugs. 13. Tip #3: Pack clothing that can be Drying clothes in a high heat when washed and dried at hotreturning from a trip can kill anytemperatures.bed bugs carried home on clothes. 14. Tip #4:Dont bring your bags inyour room until youve donea proper bed bug inspectionLeave your bags with the bellhop, in the car, or in the bathtub when you arrive to your hotel until youve inspected the room. 15. Tip #5:Carry a small flashlight with you Bed bugs hide in the darkest crevices of the room. Bed bugs are hard to spot without a thorough inspection. 16. What should I look for when inspecting?Small, multi-sized and multi-shaped insects that are brown or reddish in color Signs of bed bug presence include: Tiny dark spots on linens or furniture (excrement and blood stains of light brown skin castings) YUCK! 17. theyre called bed bugs for a reason Checkthoroughly:Linens Dust ruffleMattress Box spring 18. Furniture or other items near the bedHeadboardBehind picture frames and mirrorsInside the dresser and nightstand 19. Ask for adifferentroom.. Make sure it is not adjacent to the room where the bed bugs were found bed bugs can easily travel through duct work or wall cracks into adjoining rooms 20. Keep items in sealed bagsNever place your luggage on the floor or bed.Inspect luggage before putting in car Wash clothing when home Inspect & Use this! 21. Batzners 3 step exclusive Bed Bug Elimination Program: 1. Initialinspection to identify infested areas.2. Treatment A treatment 3. Postplan is treatment determined andinspectionperformed customized onthe situation. Full services available: canine scent detection, chemical, heat, and fumigation. 22. Hunter: our caninebed bug detector. He Canines are 3x moreensures accurate andefficient inspections. accurate than humans. 23. Heat treatmentseffectively eliminateHeat bed bugs at all stages of their lifecycle.Conventionaltreatments are aConventionallower cost solutionto your bed bug infestation.In large structuresthat are heavily Fumigation infested,fumigation may bethe solution foryou. 24. Dont forget these pointers Key points to remember if youre dealing with a bed bug infestation: Contact a Professional Remove Bed Bugs Eliminate Clutter Dont Store Items Under the Bed 25. Install MattressLaunder Itemsand Box SpringRegularly EncasementsDo Not ChangeWhere YouSleep 26. Tips to avoid a bed bug infestation!While visiting any public (or evenprivate) location, be aware of yoursurroundings. 27. Dont place your purse, briefcase, orbelongings on the floorNever bring used, refurbished, orsecond hand items on to yourproperty 28. Want to learn moreabout pests, or pestmanagement? Download our Free Guide to Recognizing Bed BugsNow CONNECT 29. Visit Batzner for details