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Depressed by Winterval? Put 'Christ' back into Christmas with a fresh understanding of the Christmas story, based on daily Advent readings and meditations.

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    Refl ections for Advent



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  • First published in Great Britain 2012

    Anthony and Melanie Bash

    The moral right of the authors has been asserted No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner

    whatsoever without written permission from the Publisher except in the case of brief quotations embodied in critical articles or reviews. Every reasonable effort has been made to trace copyright holders of material reproduced in this book, but if any have been inadvertently

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    Foreword by David Hope, Archbishop of York (19952005) ix

    Preface xi

    Before we begin . . . 1

    December 1 Christmas . . . and Jesus 5

    December 2 Christmas . . . and the rest of life 11

    December 3 Christmas . . . and science 17

    December 4 Christmas . . . and the Gospels of

    Matthew and Luke 25

    December 5 Christmas . . . and a family tree 32

    December 6 Christmas . . . and Jesus parents 39

    December 7 Christmas . . . and prophecy 47

    December 8 Christmas . . . and Zechariah 54

    December 9 Christmas . . . and Elizabeth 62

    December 10 Christmas . . . and forgiveness 69

    December 11 Christmas . . . and a girl

    called Mary 76

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  • CONTENTSviii

    December 12 Christmas . . . and children 83

    December 13 Christmas . . . and hardship 91

    December 14 Christmas . . . and Augustus 97

    December 15 Christmas . . . and humility 103

    December 16 Christmas . . . and shepherds 111

    December 17 Christmas . . . and Anna 118

    December 18 Christmas . . . and Simeon 124

    December 19 Christmas . . . and the Magi 131

    December 20 Christmas . . . and presents 138

    December 21 Christmas . . . and refugees 146

    December 22 Christmas . . . and loss 152

    December 23 Christmas . . . and food 158

    December 24 Christmas . . . and Jesus the man 164

    December 25 Christmas 171

    December 26 Th ey think its all over . . . 174

    Index 179

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    It was the late Cardinal Hume who once suggested that it was

    about time that we put Christ back in to Christmas. And that is

    precisely the aim of Melanie and Anthony Bash in this excellent

    collection of thoughts and reflections for the season of Advent,

    itself much in danger of being almost wholly marginalized even

    by the churches themselves.

    From the first day of December until the day after

    Christmas, the reader is presented with a clear and accessible

    thought for the day which is deeply rooted in Scripture, and

    in particular the birth narratives of Matthew and Luke. And

    whereas it may have been more convenient either to evade or

    avoid altogether some of the more challenging passages, Melanie

    and Anthony tackle, for example, the opening genealogy of the

    Gospel of Matthew and the belief in the virginal birth of Jesus

    head-on, ensuring a refreshingly lively and vigorous examina-

    tion of the text, as well as an appropriately relevant interpreta-

    tion for the day.

    As might be expected too in Advent with the seasonal

    emphasis on the last things the authors of Inside the

    Christmas Story , reflecting on and thinking through their own

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    personal vocations and professional hands-on experiences,

    make the collection truly come to life. They include as well

    some elements that will disturb and challenge the reader with

    questions and messages which are in no way either smug, self-

    satisfied or comfortable. Furthermore, their contributions nei-

    ther sermonize nor moralize.

    In all, here are 26 pieces about Advent which recall the reader

    to its true purpose, namely an invitation not simply to be car-

    ried along with the ways of the world, as if in Advent Christmas

    had already arrived, but rather to take the trouble to stop and

    look and listen expectantly and excitedly to the word of the

    Lord each of the days before Christmas. The result is that when

    the Day finally arrives, it can be celebrated with even greater joy

    and thanksgiving the day on which the Word became flesh

    and dwelt among us and a day which brings good tidings of

    great joy for all people.

    +David, Lord Hope of Thornes

    Archbishop of York (19952005)

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  • Before we begin . . .

    Before we begin, it might help if we make a few observations.

    The observations may seem obvious to you, but their impli-

    cations are not always straightforward.

    First, Christmas is a Christian festival to celebrate the birth

    of Jesus Christ.

    However, when Christmas is set in the public arena,

    Christmas is often a secular celebration, reshaped to include all

    people and to offend none.

    Advertisers and marketing executives have made sure that

    Christmas, that mid-winter festival of spending money, is for

    everyone, whoever they are, whether they have faith or no faith

    and whether they belong in a Christian tradition or not.

    Secondly, Advent, 1 a period of a little less than a month before

    Christmas, is not a time principally for making mince pies and

    1 Advent is from a Latin word and means coming. The coming that is referred to is the coming of Christ, born as a human being. The first day of Advent is always a Sunday and is the first of the four Sundays immediately before Christmas. Advent is also regarded as a time of preparation for the second coming of Jesus Christ as judge at the end of time. In former times, fasting was practised during Advent. The last day of Advent is Christmas Eve.

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    icing Christmas cakes, for buying presents, putting up decora-

    tions or writing cards (though, of course, many of us rightly do

    these things).

    Rather, Advent is a season of personal and corporate prepa-

    ration. It is a time for Christians to get ready to celebrate Gods

    wonderful gift of Jesus at the first Christmas. It is a time to

    reflect on how to celebrate wisely and appropriately.

    Thirdly, the materialistic and secular mindset of the

    twenty-first century increasingly affects how Christians cel-

    ebrate Christmas. Commercial and social pressures tend to

    shape what Christians do, rather more than Scripture and the

    traditions of the Church.

    Lastly, each year there seem to be fewer and fewer connec-

    tions between the Christian religious base of what Christmas

    is about and what (and who) people at large are celebrating.

    In a nutshell, Jesus has got more and more forgotten about at


    If these observations strike a chord with you, this book is for


    So please read on if you want to reflect on the first Christmas

    without its sentimental and commercial trappings.

    Read on if you want to move from the sanitized, mythical

    Jesus of popular culture (like Father Christmas or the tooth

    fairy) to worship the deeply disconcerting God whose presence

    and activities run through the Christmas story.

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  • BEFORE WE BEGIN . . . 3

    Read on if you want to rediscover that the Christmas story

    takes us to the heart of Christian discipleship.

    In short, we hope we will get inside the Christmas story , not

    only to discover its wonder and joys but also to acknowledge its

    turmoil and heartaches. We hope too that the Christmas story

    will get inside us . The result, most likely, is that our faith will

    deepen and our lives will change.

    This book consists of a series of reflections, m