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<p>Confidential</p> <p>INFOSYS TECHNOLOGIESMODEL PAPER Reasoning Ability (30 questions, 40 minutes)S.No 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Section Logical Reasoning/Analytical Reasoning Logic (figure type questions) Data Sufficiency Data Interpretation Logical Puzzles Deductive Reasoning, Syllogism No. of questions 5 5 5 5 5 5</p> <p>Important: Try solving out similar questions from A modern approach to verbal and non verbal reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal</p> <p>LOGICAL REASONINGNote: Do not attempt to solve fully. in most cases "solving" is not as important as "observation" Time Management is the key resource to crack this paper Try to observe questions (not only this but all) carefully and examine the fact it helps to save the time. Only when it is needed factually you should do the calculations. You need to concentrate on the Puzzle Test Section in book A modern approach to verbal and non verbal reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal. 6 topics are there, please dont ignore any topic. 1) 4 players A,B,C,D are playing a game. The rule of the game is that the person who loses the game will double the money of other players from the money he is having. They play 4 consecutive games and after the completion of 4 games each player had 32 rupees. If each player loses in one game and that in alphabetical order of their names, then answer the following: Five Questions like who started with what money, or what amount of money a person has after a particular round. if u solve the puzzle the questions wont take more than a minute. Solution to this puzzle: In these types of questions always follow the reverse order. in this question since money is to remain same that is 32 X 4 = 128, so this condition should be satisfied at every step. Since in last round D loses and thus before this round (ie in 3rd round) A,B,C must have had half the money they own now (ie 16) because D must have doubled their money in 4th round, Money with D in 3rd round can be calculated by subtracting money owned by A,B,C from 128 (ie 128 - 16X3 = 80). We can proceed in similar fashion to get the money persons owned before starting to play game. Make a table like this; it will speed up the process. so, after the round x : money with A : B : C : D 4 : 32 : 32 : 32 : 32 3 : 16 : 16 : 16 : 80 2 : 8 : 8 : 72 : 40 1 : 4 : 68 : 36 : 20 starting of game : 66 : 34 : 18 : 10 Now u can answer the questions based on the puzzle from the table. 2) A DI questions has to pass through three stages A,B,C.. There are 4 men to check at stage A, 10 men at stage B and 4 men at stage C. each man works for 10 hrs a day.. A DI question takes 1 hr at Stage A,2 hrs at Stage B and 1 hr at Stage C and an aptitude questions takes 45 mins at Stage A,2hrs at stage B and 1 hr at Stage C. There were 5 questions based on the data provided.. like At most how many DI questions could be solved in a day.. If 3 more men get involved in stage A then at most how many questions can be solved in a day..Page 1 of 22</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>3) At a CL institute there are 4 consulters, 10 conceptors, 4 readers... Each work 10 hours a day. A consultor can frame his part of questions in 1 hour, conceptor- half hour, reader- 1 hour... A) max how many questions can be framed in a day..? B) how many questions can be framed if number of readers are increased by 10..? C) if number of conceptor work is 5 less than the readers work than how many questions framed in one day..? 4) There are 6 bikes A,B,C,D,E,F to be sold within a week, one bike is sold each day of week F sold on Tuesday, D sold immediately after C. 5) P,Q,R and S are standing at the 4 corners of a squaren/w ,n/e, s/w, and s/e respectively N something likeIf P and R move one and a half distance in the clockwise directionQ and S one n a half in the anticlockwise direction then in Which direction is P with respect to S? 6) Gopal and Mohan bought 2 types of trees lemon and coconut in the ratio 1:5 Gopal spent 2 lakhs in other thing would like levelling, labour etc,, They totally invested 12 lakhs after they sold coconuts they got 5,00, revenue ,,, total field was 5 hectares ,, and the output of fields were in the ratio 2:3 ,,they sold a coconut for Rs.5. To find the numbers of coconuts? The number of lemons Total revenue of lemon. 7) 2 friends hired a piece of land and invested money in ratio of 3:1. They harvested coconuts and lemon in ratio of 2:1.Lemon trees were 100. In 1996 the profit was 28,000.In 1998, it was 5% of the total amount 8) A,B,C,D are 4 person. All are some money their sum is Rs. 100 and A and B have same amount of money that C and D have. A has more money than B. C have half of money that D have and A = d+5 1. How much money did 'c' have? 2. Who has the highest amount? 3. How much money does B have? 4. What is the ratio of C:D? 5. Who have second highest money? 9) 100 coins r distributed among five persons satisfying conditions below: 1) None got equal no. of coins 2) J got coins equal to sum of K &amp; L's coins. 3) L got 3 coins more than cube of a number. 4) K got coins equal to Square or Cube of an integer. 5) M &amp; N got the lowest no. of coins. There were 5 questions based on that 1) Who got the highest no. of coins Ans: J 2) How many coins did J get. Ans: 46 3) How many coins more/less did K get than L Ans: 14 10) There is six friend Arun, Sourabh, Gaurav, Kiran,,.,. and Arun and Gaurav play golf, Kiran and arun play cricket and golf both like this six game .. 11) In a college hostel there are 100 rooms for 100 boys during holiday all boys returned home and every room of hostel was locked. after holidays when 1st boy returned he opened all 100 doors when 2nd boy arrived he closed every 2nd door when third boy arrived he operated on every third door (if door was opened he closed it and vice versa) This process continued toll the 100th boy arrived 1) which of the door was opened at the end of process? a)80 b)68 c)75 d)100 2)find the odd one out in the following doors 81st, 16th, 96th, one more a) 81 b)16 c)96 d)one more and three more questionsPage 2 of 22</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>12) There is a cuboid of dimensions 7 X 6 X 5. It is painted on two opposite faces of 7X6 with red color, one 6 X 5 face with violet and the face opposite to it with green color and the remaining two with 5X7 with Blue and Yellow. Now it is cut into small cubes of 1 cm sides. then answer the following questions on the basis of above facts: 1)How many cubes are there with no face painted? Ans: 60 2)How many cubes are there with 3 face painted with Red, Yellow and Green? Ans: 02 3)How many were painted with one face RED? Ans: 40 4)How many with two face painted ? Ans: 36 5) how many ....</p> <p>13) Exam is to be held between Monday to Sunday. There is 1 holiday in between papers. 9 papers were: English, Hindi, math, history, civics, geography, biology, physics, and chemistry. Conditions were: a) exams will start either on Sunday or Wednesday with biology and no other paper will b there on that day. b) Geography paper can be followed by 1 other paper but not on Monday. c) Hindi &amp; English cannot be accompanied by others. d) Saturday is a half day and Sunday is after the holiday. e) Number of papers before holiday is less than that after the holiday. 5 questions were there like: 1) when the exams start?? a) Sunday b) Wednesday c) Monday d) Friday ans: b) Wednesday 2) when is the holiday? a) Sunday b) Friday c) Saturday d) Thursday ans: b) Friday The sequence was like this sol: Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday biology history holiday English Hindi civics geography physics maths</p> <p>chemistry</p> <p>14) A starts from point 'A' and walk 10m towards south to reach point 'B'.. Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point C'.. Then he turn left and walk 10m to reach point 'D''.. Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point 'E'.. Then he turn left and walk 10m to reach point 'F''.. Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point G''.. Then he turn left and walk 10m to reach point 'G'./Then he turn right and walk 10m to reach point 'H'.. He kept on walking 50m further toward west to reach point 'I'...and the walk towards north 60m to reach point 'K'.. 1) Find the shortest distance from point 'A' to 'H'.. 2) Find the shortest distance from point 'I' to 'K'.. 15) A man used to rob the computers and he is active only for quarter of a year.....he rob three computers .....vayu,,tejas and agni..,....January was unfortunate month for tejas...vayu was stolen in he used three tools plier, screwdriver and hook to rob all the parts from the computer and make his own computer....he rob monitor from tejas but does not use hook...he rob printer from vayu and use plier....and from third computer he rob keyboard.... 1) In which month was agni...?? 2) Which tool was used for tejas.. 16) There are 4 sisters S,T,U,V arranged in age sequence is S is oldest and T is youngest. they play sum gambling game. If anybody loses then she has to distribute her money in such a way that the remaining 3 sisters have double their money ie if 3 sisters have 10 rs each after the loss of one sister they will have 20 rupees. after 4 rounds each has 32 rs each. the questions were like 1) Who has max money. 2) Who has min money 17) In a football match each player scored a prime no. of goals. n none of them had the same no. of goals. their average was also a prime no. which was not equal to one of the individual scores. No1 scored more than 45 goals. There were 11 players. 1) What was d avg? (23) 2) What was d max. scored by an individual? (43) 3) What was d lowest score? (5)Page 3 of 22</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>4) What was d second lowest score? (7) 5) How many scored above 20? (5.. check on this) 18) There are 6 operations performed to manufacture a computer chip. A, B, C, D, E, and F conditions given 1 only A, B and D are the first operation to be performed 2. operation F is performed immediately after A 3. operation C is performed after F 4. operation E is performed immediately after C Questions 1 If operation A is performed at the third position then how many combinations are possible 2. if operation B is performed first then how many combinations are possible 3. if C and E operations are replaced by a single operation G then the total no of possibilities are reduced or increased compared to the previous possibilities 4 if operation A is performed first then how many possible combinations are possible 5 if operation A costs 1, B costs 2, C costs 3 and so on.. Then what will be the manufacturing cost of 81 chips 19) Problem on Ravan. It was like Ravan was going to die ..he had 4 sons. He had a box of gold coins. each worth Rs1 lakh. .to be distributed amongst 4. A b the eldest one would get the maximum. D be the youngest one would get least...nobody will get less than 3...B has one lakh more than C...and so on.. How many gold coins were there? How much did A get? 20) There is MR...he has to visit 7 doctors daily from 9am to 4pm...namely M,N,O,P,Q,R,S.. After every visit he takes 25min (travel n rest) to move to another doctor. After the 5th visit he takes 50min break for lunch.. He has to visit O before M...S is to be visited third aft visiting N.etc. Who was d first to b visited? If doc S says to meet him again aft he visits last person. Then how will he manage.. At what time he will go to him? Who will he visit aft R? 1. Ram is 10th from front and Shyam is 10th from back. if both interchange their positions then Ram is 27th from front, then Shyams position from back is (1) 25 (2) 26 (3) 27 (4) 28 2. Hari stands 10th in the class and mohan stands 17th from back and there are 4 students in between them then the total strength of the class is.. 21) To manufacture a computer chip 6 operations r required (A,B,C,D,E,F), Let B or A or D operations occur first Operation C is performed after E F comes after A E is not performed immediately after F 1. If Operation B occurs first then what is the state of A (Ans is either (i) or (ii) i) 2nd stage ii) 3rd stage iii) either I and ii iv) None 2. If a single operation costs Rs.21 then what is the total cost for manufacturing 80 chips By specifying the state of any operations and asking to find the other operation states.. 22) A puzzle on sequences...some statements were given like x comes b4 y n y two places b4 complete order had to be determined...and then reversed to get ranks of each person...set of 5 questions on this. 23) A,B,C and D four girls living in Chennai and Mumbai. Their unique hobbies and some relations between their home towns are given. Answer the five questions on this.</p> <p>Page 4 of 22</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>24) There are 3 sections in one class. A, B and C are elected as the representatives for these sections. The total votes polled for this election are 317. A got only 4 votes more than C. The unit's digit of C is two times that of B. the votes polled for B is b/n 100 and 200. One digit in his number of votes is zero 25) From Cube basically 3*3,4*4,5*5 are only. To solve them fast and easily. draw the cube and divide it into different layers and then solve the questions given. For example: a 3*3 cube is given and painted in all sides. And the cube is cut into 27 small cubes of equal size. Now the questions will be How Many cubes are not painted in any side. Then u can solve it like this 3*3 cube have 3 layers: 1 layer - 0 not painted, 2 layer - 1 not painted, 3 layer - 0 not painted and finally add all the three you will get the answer. 26) A cube problem 15 cm cut into 3cm and opposite sides is painted with black, green and yellow. i. How many cubes have three sides painted ans. 27 ii. how many cubes have two sides painted ans. 36 iii. how many cubes with one side painted ans. 54 iv. how many cubes with no side painted ans. 8 v. how many cubes with different colour sides painted. ans. 8 formula is no of cuts = n no side = n-2 power 3 one side = n-2 power 2 multiply 6 two side = n-2 multiply 12 three side = 8 . 27) A cube of 15m in length is cut into few smaller cubes in such a way that the cubes are equally 3m in side, and the cube is painted green ,blue, yellow on all the pair of opposite sides, answer the following questions. A) How many cubes are no side painted B) How many cubes 1 side painted C) How many cubes 2 sides painted D) How many cubes 3 sides painted E) How many cubes painted 3 sides with 3 different colors. Solution: Please refer to cubes and dices topic from verbal and non-verbal reasoning by R.S. Aggarwal Approach can be like this. What ever the cube is given take it into layers. Top layer, bottom layer and the middle layer(s). Since this cube is 5*5 u have 3 middle layers. Draw down the cube immediately and use pencil, blue pen and black pen to isolate the 1 side painted, 2 side painted, 3 sides painted. This is how you can approach. Cube problem always consumes time. So my suggestion is to have it as a last option.</p> <p>Page 5 of 22</p> <p>Confidential</p> <p>LOGICNote: You need to have concentration more and your observing needs to be fixed on...</p>