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Influencing Congress and Emergency Management Policies

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Influencing Congress and Emergency Management Policies. Martha Braddock, Policy Advisor International Association of Emergency Managers. IAEM. Who we are Join us in San Antonio November 14- 19 2014 . My Goals. Congress to understand what local emergency managers do - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Influencing Congress and Emergency Management Policies

Influencing Congress and Emergency Management Policies

Influencing Congress and Emergency Management PoliciesMartha Braddock, Policy AdvisorInternational Association of Emergency ManagersWho we areJoin us in San Antonio November 14- 19 2014 IAEM

Congress to understand what local emergency managers do

Local emergency managers to be a resource for Members of Congress and staff

Local emergency managers to have a strong voice in Congress and in Federal Agencies

Every state association politically active

My GoalsEmergency Management Performance GrantFY 2004 DHS budget requestUp to $151 MillionNot for personnelNot separate account, terrorism focus

FY 2004 Appropriations results$180 MillionCan be used for personnelSeparate account, all hazards

Why is Outreach to Members of Congress Important?EMPG

FY 2013 $350 enacted, $332.45m distributedNorth Carolina $8,608,500

FY 2014 $350 m North Carolina 9,085,469Funding opportunity announcedDetails posted

Funding Opportunity released March 18

North Carolina --State Homeland Security Grant

FY 2013 $4,773,429

FY 2014 $5,489,000

Charlotte --UASI--- $3,000,000 # 25 of 39

FY 2014 Homeland Security Grants

March 8 Starts over

FY 2015 Request

EMPG $350 million

Is it a done deal?

What does it mean?

Is it possible in an election year?Return to Regular OrderEMPGEmergency Management InstituteGrant ConsolidationPre-Disaster Mitigation Emergency Food and ShelterNational Weather ServiceFY 2015 Budget IssuesRequest to consolidate 16 grants

Legislative language

unit of local government

National Preparedness Grant Program

CommunicationRelationshipsInformationTrustWorking with CongressAll are important

Key Committee AssignmentsDavid Price AppropriationsMark Meadows Transportation and InfrastructureHoward Coble Transportation and InfrastructureRichard Hudson Homeland Security

Senate: Richard Burr Finance

North Carolina MembersYou have things they need

Your:VoteInformationAssistance when disaster strikesWhy Would They Want to Hear From You?

Guidance for Grants

Implementation of new Stafford Act provisions

National Flood Insurance ProgramBiggert WatersGrimm WatersOther FEMA Issues

Influencing Congress is a Contact Sport

Dont be on the BenchDistrict or state office staffIntroduce yourself position, countyGet correct staff person and contact informationMake contact before you need somethingPrepare members websiteFollow upInviteLook for opportunities to engageBeing Effective in the State Set appointment at home during recessAttend their public meetingsIntroduce yourselfThank them

Members in District or State

Same ProcessDetermine correct staff person for emergency management issuesBuild relationship before needed for appropriations or other legislationInvite them

Washington OfficesMake appointments well in advanceEmergency Manager from each Congressional districtGoal for meetingNot a tourist on the HillTalking pointsPaint a pictureLeave an information packet behindFollow up

Key Elements of Successful Association Washington TripsHR 3989 and S 1991

amend the Internal Revenue Codeto allow individuals a deduction not to exceed $5,000.00 for amounts contributed to Disaster Savings Accounts an incentive for homeowners to allocate funding for mitigation and disaster recoveryco-sponsors neededDisaster Savings Account Act