India’s Hottest Start-ups

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India’s Hottest Start-ups. Criteria followed for Selecting Companies…. All companies listed here are around three years older or younger. The company has to be an “Indian” company. The company must have survivability and that involves doing something new in India. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of India’s Hottest Start-ups

  • All companies listed here are around three years older or younger.

    The company has to be an Indian company.

    The company must have survivability and that involves doing something new in India.

  • LOCATION: BangaloreYEAR OF FOUNDING: 2007FOUNDERS: Sohang Chatterjee, Masters in Microbiology; Kavitha Iyer Rodrigues, Masters in Clinical Microbiology; Aditya Julka, M.Tech in Bioprocess Engineering.NATURE OF BUSINESS: Bioscience, touted as next big thing in pharma.FUNDING: Accel Partners ($3 million)NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 19SIZE OF TARGET MARKET: $70 billionBIGGEST THREAT: Slow pace of regulatory approvals in the US and European operations for generic biotech drugs.

  • LOCATION : Noida, NCRYEAR OF FOUNDING : 2008FOUNDER : Jagdish KhattarNATURE OF BUSINESS : Multibrand Auto Sales Maintenance and Allied Services.FUNDING : Rs80 crore from Premji Invest,Rs 28 crore from IFCI ventures.WILL MAKE MONEY BY : The 2nd full year of operations(2010-11).SIZE OF TARGET MARKET : The auto service industry is estimated at Rs 2,500 crore.BIGGEST THREAT : Extremely dependent on Khattars personality to drive marketing and sales.

  • LOCATION : ChennaiYEAR OF FOUNDING : 2007-08FOUNDERS: Ibrahim,Chadrasekaran, Shivanna & Narayanan from IIT Madras.NATURE OF BUSINESS : Engineering products development.FUNDING: Promoters equity(Rs 15 lakh) and seed funding(Rs 5 lakh)NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES : 11SIZE OF TARGET MARKET : Rs 1,000 crore.BIGGEST THREAT: At the moment, product failure.

  • LOCATION: BangaloreYEAR OF FOUNDING: October 2007FOUNDERS: Sachin Bansal & Binny Bansal.NATURE OF BUSINESS: Online RetailFUNDING: Self-funded, invested Rs 4 lakh.WILL MAKE MONEY BY: 2011REVENUE: 2008-Rs 4-5 crore;2009(Projected)-Rs 20 croreNUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 20BIGGEST THREAT: Other online retailers which sell books, such as Indiatimes and Rediff.

  • LOCATION: BangaloreYEAR OF FOUNDING: December 2006FOUNDERS: Kiran Konduri and Shriram Adukoorie, both worked in Microsoft.NATURE OF BUSINESS: Consumer-specific local information service delivered through multi-platforms(web,mobile,TV and print),The service is available in eight cities & will be entering six more soon.FUNDING: Secured a total of $12 million.NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 30 technical engineers and nearly 150 on field support.SIZE OF TARGET MARKET: $200 million

  • LOCATION: MumbaiYEAR OF FOUNDING: Mid-2007FOUNDERS: Kashyap Dalal & Navneet Rai from IIT Bombay.NATURE OF BUSINESS: Promotes creative merchandise.FUNDING: Angel, amount not disclosed.NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 15REVENUE: 2008-Rs 2 crore; 2009(projected)-Rs 8-10 crore.SIZE OF TARGET MARKET: Merchandise around Rs 650 crore.BIGGEST THREAT: A backlash from the design community in case they dont like the things it does. So, it is trying to grow in a way thats fun for the design community.

  • LOCATION:Kochi,Aluva,Bangalore,Mumbai and HubliYEAR OF FOUNDING: 2005-06FOUNDER: Rajiv Vasudevan(46), a scientist at Indian Space Research Organisation.NATURE OF BUSINESS: HealthcareFUNDING:Initial promoters equity(Rs 20 lakh) & venture funding(Rs 4.50 crore)WILL MAKE MONEY BY: 2010NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 75SIZE OF TARGET MARKET: UnlimitedBIGGEST THREAT: Misperceptions people have about ayurveda.

  • LOCATION: GurgaonYEAR OF FOUNDING: 2007FOUNDERS: Prajakt Raut and Melvin BarretoNATURE OF BUSINESS: To offer third-party advise to patients from interpreting adverse trends in the annual health check-ups together with cost options.FUNDING: Lumis Partners bought a stake between 10%-50% for an unspecified amount.NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: 21SIZE OF TARGET MARKET: Atleast a billion dollar opprtunity.BIGGEST THREAT: The sheer scale and the rapidity of the ramp-up of their project.

  • LOCATION: HyderabadFOUNDER: Kushant Uppal(39),an IIT Madras enginner armed with a Ph.D from the US.NATURE OF BUSINESS: Renewable energy with focus on rural and semi-urban markets.FUNDING: Venture funding of between $0.5 million & $1 million.WILL MAKE MONEY BY: 2011NO. OF EMPLOYEES: 25REVENUES: Around Rs 50 lakh for 2008-09SIZE OF TARGET MARKET: Over $1 millionBIGGEST THREAT: The use of LED light not becoming a trend. Also, if funding sources become tight.

  • LOCATION: New DelhiYEAR OF FOUNDING: 2001;completely rejigged the business in Oct.2007FOUNDERS: Pavan Chauhan and Ritesh HemrajaniNATURE OF BUSINESS: Web-based education.FUNDING: $1.6 million in April 2008 from InfoEdgeWILL MAKE MONEY BY: 2009-10NO OF EMPLOYEES: 55REVENUE: Rs 2.5-3 crore(2008-09);Rs 5-6 crore(Projected 2009-10)SIZE OF TARGET MARKET: There are 2.5-3 million students on the NetBIGGEST THREAT: Limited broadband connectivity.

  • 3DSoC: By May last year, Bangalore-based 3DSoC had hit pay dirt with its 3D authoring, visualisation and compression idea. The auto sector found 3D emanuals useful in downstream visualisation. When it got hit, 3DSoCs revenue target of $1 million went for a toss. What if the auto sector is shut? Theres telecom beckoning! We have signed up with a mobile operator to provide 3D greetings on the mobile as a value added service, says CEO K.K. Venkatraman.BigTec: Its talking to a couple of European medical device makers to license its handheld diagnostic unit. Initially funded by an initiative of the Council of Scientific & Industrial Research, it now needs to raise at least $10 million to take its lab-on-a-chip product to the market.Ikya: Bangalore-headquartered Ikya Human Capital Solutions has seen the slowdown drag down its HR revenues. But it scaled up its footprint across 11 cities and increased full time staff. The recession has impacted our organic growth but we have balanced it by buying AVON FMS, says Ikya Chairman Marcel Parker.

  • iViz: This Kolkata-based specialist in on-demand application and network penetration testing has not been affected much by the downturncompanies have become more conscious of security. Co-founder Bikas Barai admits revenues are below target, but it has spent less by putting on hold plans for offices in the US and UK. It has moved to larger digs, and doubled headcount of computer scientists and friendly As airlines cut flab and stop paying agent commissions, the iXiGO.coms meta-search platform seems to have done better than the transactional model offered by online travel agencies. iXiGO has enlarged its product portfolio, taken its innovative platform within the reach of 70 million WAP-enabled phone users and gone international with its hotel and flight search offerings. CEO Aloke Bajpai hints at a second round of funding by the middle of this year.

  • This Punebased online entertainmentprediction gaming site has grown from three employees to 10. The website has now entered into a contract with ESPN STAR Sports to run prediction games. While the co-founders are still not willing to talk about revenues, they are confident of breaking even in the next three months.Premedia Global: The outsourcing publishing company is set for revenues of Rs 120 crore this fiscal, down from the expected Rs 170 crore. Yes, the recession. And the promoters have decided to conserve cash, opt for organic growth and look at cashless acquisitions.Stempeutics: The Manipal Group-funded company has introduced its stem cell treatment across several hospitals owned or managed by its parent in AP, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The company has opened a second research unit in Malaysia and is adding stem cell therapies for several more ailments to its capabilities.

  • Sresta Natural Bioproducts: As against revenues expected for 2008-09 at Rs 25 crore, the company will be doing about Rs 13 to 14 crore. The drop in revenues, it says, is because of change in focus to retail products for exports and also due to the longer time it took to put various arrangements in place. It has finalised selling arrangements in the US for marketing its retail product range. Its area under organic farming is up from 12,000 acres in April last year to 30,000 acres.Zerostock Retail: As against expected revenues of Rs 35 crore for 2008-09, the actual figure is less than Rs 7 crore. Accordingly, it has significantly scaled down its goals for 2010-11 from Rs 420 crore to around Rs 40 crore. Reason: the slowdown. It is now redefining its business model and expects to be a profitable entity by July 2009

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