Incorporating Technology in the Foreign language classroom

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Incorporating Technology in the Foreign language classroom. Presenters: Tania Auguste and Katherine Sein. Mi Casa (My House) project. This will count as a TEST GRADE Using the target language (Spanish), students will prepare a 3-5 minute video presentation of their house. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Incorporating Technology in the Foreign language classroom

Incorporating Technology in the Foreign language classroomPresenters: Tania Auguste and Katherine Sein

Mi Casa (My House) projectThis will count as a TEST GRADEUsing the target language (Spanish), students will prepare a 3-5 minute video presentation of their house.Students should start at the front door and walk viewers through the important rooms (living room, dining room, family room, kitchen/breakfast nook, your room, bathroom, garage and any others that you would like to share) speaking only in Spanish. Upon arrival to each room, please state which room we will be enteringName a few furniture pieces in each room

Mi Casa project contAdd humor to your presentationsPut all projects on a dvd, flash drive or youtube and triple check to ensure that it works. Please do not put any projects on your H drives as it takes away from instructional time having to log off of one account to the next.Do not use CELL PHONES that are not compatible with windows to record this project! Digital Cameras and Camcorders only please.If you do not have access to a camera, please see Sra. AugusteBe creative and have fun!

Mi Casa

Music Video project This project can be done one of two ways:You can make a music video where your song teaches a lesson to students learning Spanish like the ser and estar video. Choosing this option your song can be a mixture of Spanish and English, but must rhyme if you use this method. You can use any concept that we have learned thus far for your topic.( ex: saber vs. conocer, past tense, ser vs. estar). You can use any background beat you desire with this option.You can a make a video using a Spanish song that already exists. You and your group members must sing the song to the instrumental version of the song in SPANISH in the video.

Music Video ProjectAll videos:Must be at least 3 minutes longMust be on either a dvd, flashdrive, youtube or emailed to Sra. as a wmv. file (No cell phones please!)Must have some element of humorMust have an element of DRAMAMust be OHS friendly (Anyone seen in your video must be dressed appropriatelyin other words COVERED!!!!!)Must be appropriate and have appropriate contentYOU ARE NOT ON MTV!!!

Music Video projectGroups:Can have no more than 5 members (any extras need to check with Sra.)Each member must have an equal amount of camera/speaking/singing/rapping timeStudents from other Spanish classes cannot be group members, but they can be extras in your video for no credit. Each group member will be graded individually, so if there is a slacker in the group, the entire group will not be penalized because of the slackerthe show must go on!

Music projectExtrasAll songs and video ideas must be discussed with Sra. first, to ensure that it is appropriateYou will be given several opportunities in class to meet with your group and work on your video.You will probably have to meet outside of class time to complete the video.

Music Project

How to use Movie Maker

Sample video

Story book presentation

Medio ambiente project


For speaking ideas and topics

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