Improve your furniture to improve your productivity

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<ol><li> 1. Improve Your Furniture to Improve Your ProductivityOffice furniture makes a big impact on productivity. Having good shelves, filing systems, desks and chairswill cut down on time spent doing menial tasks. Well designed Safco furniture product family can alsoreduce repetitive stress injury (RSI), which can be a big cost saver on your workers comp.Here are a few ways to improve your furniture to boost your offices productivity.HON Office ChairsHON is one of the worlds most widely recognized brands in office furniture. Their chairs in particular aretop notch. They produce everything from the basic folding chair to the ergonomic managerial leatherchair.Safco Mobile File CartsHaving a good filing system is crucial to office performance. If you ever need to move large volumes ofdocuments around, having a mobile file cart is the way to go. Lawyers, accountants, investors and otherprofessionals who often need to review paperwork-heavy deals can save many hours by investing in amobile filing cart.Lorell Open ShelvesLorells open shelves are fantastic for both storage and interior design. For offices that want a modernand sleek look, the open shelf storage design is a match made in heaven.Dry Erase BoardsDry erase boards are highly versatile office tools. Theyre great for brainstorming, for meetings, fordrawing out ideas, even for writing reminders. Getting a dry erase board can save your office a lot oftime and paper.Visually Appealing Waste BasketsBelieve it or not, even the waste baskets you choose can make a big difference. A cheap waste basketsticks out like a sore thumb in an otherwise well designed room. Investing in a quality basket thatmatches the rest of your rooms design can help improve visual appeal and employee morale.Investing in office furniture will help reduce wasted employee time, boost overall productivity andimprove profits.</li></ol>