Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Employees Productivity - By Nabeel a. Khan

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Text of Impact of Extracurricular Activities on Employees Productivity - By Nabeel a. Khan

ImpactofExtracurricularActivitieson EmployeesProductivity

khan .Nabeel A :Study conducted by

ImpactofExtracurricularActivitieson EmployeesProductivity(AstudyofKarachi)

Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan



Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


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S#1. Abstract 2. Introduction 3. Background 4. Purposeofthestudy 5. Justification 6. Scope 7. Assumption 8. Operationaldefinition 9. ResearchObjective 10. LiteratureReview 11. ResearchMethodology ResearchHypothesis Method DesignAnalysis ExplanatoryResearch ResearchApproach QualitativeMethod 12. SPSS Outputs 13. Findings/conclusion 14. References 15. Questionnaire

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Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan




In this paper we study the Impact of extracurricular activities (Sports, Outing, Exercise,Egames,Boardgames,anduseofinternet)onemployees'productivity(employee capabletoworkmore,havemorestaminatowork,willingtoworkmore).

Method:We randomly select employees who are associated with different industries, and randomly choose 110 employees and assigning them into two groups whether they were involved in extracurricular activities after his 8hours of working. After ward we used chi square to verify whether there were any significant relationship with employees' productivityandextracurricularactivity.

Results: According to the output of extracurricularactivity (independent variable) and employees productivity (dependent variable) shows that employees productivity dependent onextracurricularactivityandalsosuggestthatitcanincreasestheproductivity ofanemployees.

Conclusion:Majorityoftheemployeeswhichareparticipatedinextracurricularactivitiesaremore capable(Capabilitiesareperson'sskillsandabilitiesthroughwhichhecanperformtask completely)toworkmoreefficiently,andalsoabletoworkforalonghoursthenthosewho arenotparticipatedorinvolveinanykindofextracurricularactivities.Alsotheemployees whoarenotinvolveinanyextracurricularactivityAGREEswithextracurricularactivity helpsinincreasesinProductivity(employeecapabletoworkmore,employeehavemore


Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


ImpactofExtracurricularActivitiesonEmployee's Productivity


Now days in this competitive world where we have a lot of issues

regarding increase in efficiency of work; we have one more important issue which is based on employee's productivity (employee capable to work more, employee have more stamina to work, willing to work more). Now days due to lack of time and to keep himself busy people are not involving in extracurricular activities (Sports, Outing, Exercise, Egames, Board games, and use of internet) due to which they are loosing there capabilities; the process is very slow but internally destroying people efforts. A person will not be capable to work more when he returns from his work place. There are some factors which can affect employee's productivity such as; His family, the media, society itself. Many causes or agents can affect employee but most notable is his family, social change and the media, reforms and policies and otheraspectssuchas;motivation,intellectualcapacity,andselfesteem.

Undoubtedly; employee's productivity has been assessed along traditional lines, from a basic quantitative viewpoint based on scores or marks obtained in different task achieved. Some times distribution of marks considered as "discrimination" because it involve psychological aspects of mark distributor (marks distributor is a personwhoisgivingamarksorscoreonhisjudgmentandexperience). Different activities in which employee's participate both in side and outside of his work place by itself that can have an effect on these concepts. Extracurricular activities have been associated with Productivity, interpersonal competencies, higher aspiration and better attention level. It can increase personal social maturity

Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


andcriticalthinking,withgreatbenefitswhichcanservetobridgetheworkactivities withthoseperformedoutsidetheworkplace.

Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


Background:Research performed on the claim of fact that Employee's involved in extracurricular activities has higher Productivity than those not involved in activities. This topic studiedbecausepeopleareloosingtheircapabilitieswithpassageoftime.Onemore important reason of study is that; our young generation also under the influence of lack of productivity. If we put a glance on the previous generations they are more active, competitive, productive, energetic then this or upcoming generation. With thehelpofthisreportwecanfindtherelationbetweenextracurricularactivitiesand employee's productivity. If there is any relation through which we can improve our deficiencies.

Purposeofthestudy:The study will give the benefit for all the people and for those who are employed. Many other people can also take an advantage through the study from different angles because; it impact on social culture, impact on physical and analytical capacity and capability of a person, increases productivity etc. In my point of view for an employee and other people; it is necessary to spend or occupy his or her free time, spare time or leisure time in extracurricular activities because it really helpful inkeepingapeoplehimselfactiveandproductive.

Justification: The issue or problem had been observed on the basis of judgment, opinions, views, and also few matter of productivity related with employee's which istotallyrelatedwithphysicalandanalyticalcapabilities.(Capabilitiesareperson's

skills and abilities through which he can perform task completely). The issuealsorisesbecauseofthecomplaintobservedbytheemployers.

Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


For all these reasons; this paper seeks to study whether or not a relationship existsbetweenextracurricularactivitiesandemployee'sproductivity.

Scope:Thescopeoftheinvestigationincludesemployee'sofeveryfieldordiscipline andtherelationshipbetweentheirinvolvementinactivitiesandtheirproductivity. Somecollegiatelevelstudieswereusedsincethebenefitsofextracurricular activitiesinhighschoolandcollegearethesame.

Assumption:Inthisresearchwehavetwovariablesinwhichemployee'sproductivityis dependentonextracurricularactivity.Itmeansthatourfirstvariablethatis "dependentvariable"whichisemployee'sproductivityisdependenton extracurricularactivitywhichis"independentvariable".Ihavereadfewresearches whichareonstudentswhoparticipatesmoreinextracurricularactivitiesgothigher gradesinschool.ThatsoneofthemajorreasonthatIassume;becauseof extracurricularactivitiesemployee'sproductivitywillbeaffectedorcanobservean impactofextracurricularactivityonemployee'sproductivity.

Operationaldefinitions:Employee'sProductivity:(Employeecapabletoworkmore,employeehavemore staminatowork,willingtoworkmore). ExtracurricularActivities:(Sports,Outing,Exercise,Egames,Boardgames,anduse ofinternetetc).

Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


MarksDistributor:(marksdistributorisapersonwhoisgivingamarksorscoreon hisjudgmentandexperience). Capabilities:(Capabilitiesareperson'sskillsandabilitiesthroughwhichhecan performtaskcompletely).

Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


ResearchObjective:Ourmainobjectiveistofindtheimpactofextracurricularactivitiesonemployee's productivity.Wewantedtoexploretherelationshipamongbothvariables.

LITERATUREREVIEW: Theresearchtopicwehavechosenisrelativelyanewphenomenontoexploreinour society, and not much research is done on this specific topic. We have developed a concept which can helped us to identify some variables which could be directly related to our research but would contribute in understanding the phenomenon of productivityofemployee'sduetotheinvolvementinextracurricularactivity.

RESEARCHMETHODOLOGY ResearchHypothesis:H0:ExtracurricularActivitiesincreasesEmployee'sproductivity Ha:ExtracurricularActivitiesdonotincreasesEmployee'sproductivity Population: The total population of my research is 18% (3240000) of the total populationofKarachiwhichis10.8million.



Study Conducted by: Nabeel A. Khan


Designanalysis:We have collected the data of 110 employees who are associated with different fields and industries in which 70 employees are involved in different extracurricular activities (Sports, Outing, Exercise, Egames, Board games, and use of internet) and 40employeesnotinvolvedinanyextracurricularactivity.Resultswereassessedasa function of their participation and non participation in extracurricular activity. From thedatagatheredwewillassesandanalysestherelationshipamongbothvariables.


ExplanatoryResearch:The study can be explanatory when the focus is on causeeffect relationships, explaining what causes produce what effects. Our concern in casual analysis is how onevariableaffects,orisresponsiblefor,changesinanothervariable. We are more interested in understanding, predicting and controlling relationships between variables. My research is descriptive research. It explains the phenomenon of relationship among variable and also defines (WH Question) that the descriptive studyonlyobserved. Our research purpose and research questions reveal that this study is primarily descriptive. Largescale survey studies conducted to identify