Ilustrated History Of High End Audio vol. 1 Loudspeakers

Ilustrated History Of High End Audio vol. 1 Loudspeakers

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Text of Ilustrated History Of High End Audio vol. 1 Loudspeakers

  • VI VII

    Contents1 Introduction and Historical Overview3 Loudspeaker Milestones from the Acoustic

    Era to the Modern High End7 Bell Labs and General Electric10 Alan Blumlein

    13 Introduction and Historical Overview15 Celestion16 Tannoy17 Quad27 Altec and JBL29 Klipsch33 Acoustic Research37 KEF47 KLH and Advent49 Arthur Janszen and the KLH Nine51 Bowers & Wilkins (B&W)61 Spendor ,QQLW\6\VWHPV 2WKHU6LJQLFDQW3URGXFWV1970

    79 Introduction and Historical Overview81 Magnepan93 Acoustat94 IMF 36%6SHDNHUV105 Dahlquist107 Thiel117 Dynaudio127 Vandersteen137 Meridian147 Harbeth149 SoundLab 3UR$F153 Focal163 MBL175 MartinLogan 3DUDGLJP 2WKHU6LJQLFDQW3URGXFWV1980

    193 Introduction and Historical Overview

    195 Wilson Audio Specialties205 Sonus faber215 Kharma218 Apogee Acoustics219 DALI229 Rockport Technologies239 Avantgarde Acoustic 2WKHU6LJQLFDQW3URGXFWV

    19801995246 Oddities and Wonders

    249 Introduction and Historical Overview

    251 Magico259 Revel267 Technical Audio Devices (TAD)271 Raidho Acoustics279 YG Acoustics 2WKHU6LJQLFDQW3URGXFWV

    19952013290 Oddities and Wonders

    292 The Heil AMT293 The BBC Monitor295 Horn-Loaded High-Sensitivity Loudspeakers297 Canadas National Research

    Council (NRC)299 Ceramic Drivers301 Single-Driver Loudspeakers 7KH&RURQD3ODVPD'ULYHU303 Glossary of Loudspeaker Terms307 Index311 Contributors

    01The Pioneers

    11The High-

    Fidelity Era:1945-1970

    191The Industry


    77The Modern

    High-EndEra Begins:1970-1980

    247The New