iLink ¢â‚¬â€œ The Oracle Product Hub Adapter for Oracle ERP iLink ¢â‚¬â€œ The Oracle Product Hub Adapter for

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  • iLink – The Oracle Product Hub Adapter for Oracle ERP

    Data Synchronization to Oracle ERP for Enterprise Companies with Oracle PDH

  • Implementing business applications successfully demands an end-to-end

    understanding of the business domain. Birlasoft recognizes the need for data to

    automatically flow along the business process. Therefore, our focus is directed on

    aligning iLink – our Product Hub (PDH) adapter with the complete process and

    point relevancy of accurate and current product data.

    Birlasoft’s iLink adapter connects the Oracle PDH application to Oracle ERP

    facilitating the product data flow, Items, BOMs, Organizations, Categories and

    Attributes from Oracle Product Hub to Oracle ERP Inventory Master. This automatic

    integration contributes further to time and cost management and reduces the time

    to market new and updated items. The integration platform leverages existing

    Oracle ERP infrastructure and technologies there by reducing the need for

    additional hardware and easy to maintain. Birlasoft’s iLink adapter is compatible for

    both "On Premise" and "On cloud" versions of Oracle Product Hub.

    It has built-in error handling logic which draws on standard Oracle ERP application

    APIs to ensure compatibility with future upgrades. Moreover, it offers Oracle ERP

    forms-based GUI for monitoring, troubleshooting and resubmitting the product

    data transfer process.

    · A proven packaged implementation improves quality and reduces overall costs

    · Pre-packaged solution supported by Birlasoft

    · Easy mapping of data entities between PDH and Oracle ERP (no coding)

    · Robust Error handling and notification mechanism

    · Uses Standard Oracle ERP Tool Kit which are supported during upgrades

    “iLink reduces risk, and it is a proven and economical solution for your Oracle Product Hub - Oracle ERP (Oracle JD Edwards and Oracle E-Business Suite Integration need". |

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    Solution Highlights

    Key Highlights

    · Product data flow adapter which enables the information flow to the ERP system

    · Lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

    · Rapid Deployment Capabilities · Excellent end-user and IT

    adoption with email alert of synchronization execution process

    · Leverages Oracle ERP infrastructure so no additional hardware cost

    · Easily extendable for customer specific business use cases

    · Easy to use Oracle ERP -based GUI for synchronization entity mapping, process monitoring and synchronization management

    · Built in collaboration with Oracle Product Strategy Group.