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iLearn Initiative. Presentation to the Crenshaw County Board of Education. Crenshaw County Schools March 18, 2013. Agenda. Device of Choice Implementation Goals Technological Effects on Every Student Grade Level & Estimated Timeline Teacher Professional Development Student Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of iLearn Initiative

iLearn Initiative

iLearn InitiativePresentation to the Crenshaw County Board of Education

Crenshaw County SchoolsMarch 18, 2013AgendaDevice of ChoiceImplementation GoalsTechnological Effects on Every StudentGrade Level & Estimated TimelineTeacher Professional DevelopmentStudent TrainingCostsParentsStudentsTax PayerPolicy and ProceduresRoll-OutOpt-Out PolicySecurity PoliciesLost or Stolen PolicyFilteringMonitoringLocked AppsComputer History PolicyDamaged/Repair PolicyNext StepsDevice of Choice

Device of ChoiceiPad MiniOne handed operationWeight (0.68 lbs.)PortabilityiBooksMcGraw-Hill has over 50 interactive booksFree NovelsFree AppsiTunes USpeed, ConnectivityCan connect up to 5 devices- MacBook Air, an iPod touch, or another iPad over WiFi, Bluetooth, or USB

Storage (16 MB)Display ResolutionWireless CapabilitiesBattery Life (10 Hours)Cam and Photo capabilitiesDevice Comparison

Implementation Goals

Technology For Every StudentiPad MiniTake-Home DevicesGrades 11-12: Summer 2013Grades 9-10: December 2013iPad 2Mobile Labs via the Media SpecialistsGrades 7-8Grades 4-6Grades K-3Projected TimelineTraining for Teachers and StudentsiLearn Academy- Teacher Professional Development Spring 2013: Teachers Grades 9-12 (See Next Slide)Summer 2013: All Other TeachersiLearn Training- Mandatory for Parents and StudentsGrades 11-12Summer 2013Monday, July 22, 2013BHS Seniors and Parents- 6 PM BHS Juniors and Parents- 8 PMTuesday, July 23, 2013HHS Seniors and Parents- 6 PM HHS Juniors and Parents- 8 PMThursday, July 25, 2013LHS Seniors and Parents- 6 PM LHS Juniors and Parents- 8 PMGrades 9-10Fall 2013iLearn Academy(Teachers)Spring 2013, After SchoolFacilitate Instruction on:Basic UseTuesday, April 9, 3:45 PM-4:45 PMPresenter- Kevin Messick iBooks, iTunes U, & Apps Tuesday, April 16, 3:45 PM-4:45 PMPresenter- Randy WilkesiLearn Training(Students)Discuss and Endorse PoliciesDisseminateiPad MiniStudent e-mail accountMaintain our domain of crenshaw-schools.orgApple AccountsDiscuss device trackingDiscuss device memory useFacilitate basic training to students and parents regarding maintenance and useCosts

CostsCost to Crenshaw County SchoolsDeviceApproximately 700 studentsApproximately 150 teachers$309 each$276,000Cover$10-$15 each$8,500iBooksGrades 9-12, if each core class selected one book at $14.99 (times 4 core classes)$42,000Approximate average cost of a new textbook is $80Cost of 1 of 4 core subjects books would be $56,000 Notion: We can lease 4 new iBooks annually cheaper than we can purchase 1 book.Existing BooksAll previous books will be downloaded, per teacher request, to the devices hard driveCostsCosts to Parents$25 Annual Insurance FeeFull restitution will be required if the device is stolen, lost, or willfully damaged.Additional Costs to Taxpayers$0.00No Sales Tax IncreaseNo Ad Valorem Tax Increase


SecurityLost or Stolen Policy to be developed.All items will be:Inventoried by serial numberEngraved Placed on a tracking system applicationFiltering- Same as other (while on campus)MonitoringLocked Apps


MiscellaneousMeraki is a management device that may be used to mass:Download appsErase devicesLock devicesRestrict purchasesLock and charge devices may be located in each librarys media center.Teachers will need to purchase adapters.Central Office needs to determine a procedure for purchasing materials and supplies using State Materials and Supply funds.

Next StepsiLearn Initiative

StepsConduct iLearn Academy, core teachers grades 9-12Determine items needed for mass roll-out, grades 9-12Conduct iLearn Academy for all other teachers

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