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  • Updated November 21, 2016

    Our special session this year is a modified IGNITE! session. IGNITE! is a presentation format that challenges speakers to beat the clock by telling a great story in just seven minutes, using up to 20 slides. Two minutes for questioning will be allowed after each presentation. The purpose of the presentations is to stimulate interest and discussion around innovative and provocative work and ideas in the field of special education. Talks assume a basic level of knowledge for the audience, highlighting the findings from the study(ies) and the take-home message(s). View https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bGYgFYG2Ccw&feature=youtu.be for a sample session.

    IGNITE!TM Presentations PCRC 2017 Title: Instruction Coaching and Classroom Performance Presenter: Todd Glover, Rutgers University ______________________________________________________________________________ Title: Designing and Validating An Observation Protocol For Special Education Beginning Teaching Presenter: Nathan Jones, Boston University ______________________________________________________________________________ Title: Evaluating Screeners for MTSS: The Process of Meta-Assessment Presenter: Ryan Kettler, Rutgers University ______________________________________________________________________________ Title: The Effects of Instructional Coaching on Teacher Practice Presenter: Alexander Kurz, Arizona State University ______________________________________________________________________________ Title: What Can Special Education Researchers Learn from Personalized Medicine? Presenter: Chris Lemons, Vanderbilt University ______________________________________________________________________________ Title: Enhancing Instructional Coaching with Formative Assessment Presenter: Linda Reddy, Rutgers University