Iditarod Insider Your only source of in-depth coverage for "The Last Great Race on Earth."

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Iditarod Insider Your only source of in-depth coverage for "The Last Great Race on Earth." Slide 2 WHAT IS THE IDITAROD? Iditarod is a sled dog race across Alaska! Sled dogs were disappearing in Alaska so Joe Redington started this race to keep the sled dogs a part of Alaskas present day culture. The race starts in Anchorage, Alaska and ends over 1,000 miles away in Nome. Slide 3 WHAT IS THE IDITAROD EXPERIENTIAL LEARNING PROGRAM (IELP)? The IELP is a year-round program with lesson connections for all curricula that help inspire necessary life skills to benefit all students. IELP helps teach students standard curricula by using: Iditarod-themed lesson plans experiential learning techniques. Anyone can access the IELP at the Iditarod website at no cost but a subscription to the Iditarod Insider provides exclusive access to even more. Slide 4 WHAT IS THE IDITAROD INSIDER? The Iditarod Insider is a subscription that enhances traditional classroom instruction. A subscription to an Iditarod Insider package allows your school to have exclusive access to: news archived videos interviews and statistics on the Iditarod Race. You also have access to daily video of the actual race that is uploaded to the website so you dont have to miss a minute! Slide 5 WHATS ALL THE HOWLING ABOUT? Iditarod Insider has many benefits for each subscription, including: Insider GPS Tracker Insider Video on Demand Ultimate Insider. The Ultimate Insider combines the benefits of both the Insider GPS Tracker and Iditarod Insider Video on Demand to keep your students updated on everything Iditarod. Slide 6 Insider GPS Tracker shows you how fast teams are traveling, the distance between teams and checkpoints, and the current temperature! In REAL TIME students know the location of each musher! (Imagine the science and math activities of this real life, real time event!) Insider GPS Tracker Slide 7 Video on Demand streams hundreds of video segments online over the course of the Iditarod, from pre-race interviews through the thrilling Live Finish in Nome. Iditarod Insider Video on Demand Slide 8 Slide 9 CHECKPOINT: SPEND LESS MONEY MORE EFFICIENTLY Budget cuts and layoffs force educators to look for innovative ways to teach students at a lower cost. The IELP offers free supplements for your states curriculum and helps to: reduce out-of-pocket costs access pre-planned materials and teaching tools reduce teacher preparation time. Slide 10 Slide 11 CHECKPOINT: IMPROVE SCHOOL PERFORMANCE The IELP helps improve learning in schools by using proven experiential learning techniques that : improve teacher efficiency enhance student performance reduce drop-out rates increase students self-discipline. Using the IELP as a supplement for any number of subjects helps students perform to the best of their abilities. Slide 12 Slide 13 CHECKPOINT: ENHANCE STUDENT LEARNING The Iditarod theme provides a versatile tool for teaching students the required curriculum. Stimulating students interest with interactive experiences inspires them to participate in class discussions and focus on lessons. Students are more likely to do well on tests and homework when they are mentally engaged and physically involved in the work. Slide 14 IELP appeals to younger students, too! Zuma, the lead Canine Reporter of the Iditarod, teaches students how to build character and life skills by encouraging: Determination Optimism Respect Teamwork Integrity The Iditarod Education Department encourages students to write to Zuma or any of the other three canine reporters! (Literacy Connection!) The articles at Zumas Paw Prints are filled with facts and important information for all ages! Break Time! Slide 15 IDITA-READS - ENCOURAGE LITERACY SKILL DEVELOPMENT! READERS RECORD READING PROGRESS ON IDITAROD TRAIL MAPS, THIS: Improves reading skills. Encourages students to read for the fun of reading! Encourages students to explores interesting topics through literature. Slide 16 the fastest route to take MATH STUDENTS CAN CALCULATE: the estimated arrival time for each musher the probability of a musher finishing the race. the effect of weight on speeduphill and down and much, much more! Slide 17 identify independent and dependent variables hypothesize how much warmer hands and feet would be INSIDE the trail gear as compared to the temperature OUTSIDE the gear Create a materials list and steps for testing the procedure. Science Experiments are Easy to Create. Example: Using the scientific method to test mushers gear for effectiveness and safety! Students can: Slide 18 Administrators and teachers are under a lot of pressure to meet state standards. You can incorporate the Iditarod theme into existing lessons to: reduce teacher stress with pre-made lesson plans give children an interactive learning experience increase scores and student retention. CHECKPOINT: RELIEVE EDUCATOR STRESS AND BURDEN Slide 19 Setting goals, working, planning and seeing things through to success is the adventure of life and the Iditarod is the most inspiring example of this I know. - Joy Davis, a high school teacher from Blynne, California IELP Testimonies Students can study moon phases and weather conditions to determine visibility during night-time racing. Science, math, language arts, and life skills! Slide 20 All kids get it!.Get them out of the textbooks and into the real world and HOLD ON! The kids will drive the lessons and the teacher becomes the facilitator. Its learning at its best. - Bonnie Edwards, a reading and language arts teacher from Tampa, Florida. IELP Member Testimonies Even students in warm climates and city settings are intrigued with the logistics of a wilderness adventure. Slide 21 Classroom access to the Insider GPS Tracker and Insider Video on Demand is only $39.95 each. Upgrade to a school-wide package for just $169.95 ! CHECKPOINT: ADD IDITAROD INSIDER TO ENHANCE CLASSROOM INSTRUCTION Thats a $1.00-per-student investment for every 170 students in your school. If enrollment is higher, your benefits are even greater. Slide 22 HOW DO I SIGN UP? To sign up for the Iditarod Insider and receive information about the Iditarod: go to click on Become an Insider fill out the information choosing the classroom or school wide option to start your subscription. The Iditarod race begins on the first Saturday in March and if you register now, your students can get immediate access to the race excitement and all the Iditarod Insider has to offer! Slide 23 So get in the race and become an inspiration to your students, to your school, and to others around the globe. Sign up today!