Iditarod® --- A Sled Dog Race Across Alaska The Official website for the race provides you with all the information you need to learn.

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Iditarod --- A Sled Dog Race Across Alaska

This presentation gives basic information about the race. Click on the menu item, Slide Show. Advance screen by clicking or wait 20 seconds.1

The Official website for the race provides you with all the information you need to learn about and follow the race.

Dont miss a minute of the race! is the official website for Iditarod.2

The Iditarod is a Sled Dog Race that runs from Anchorage to Nome.In even numbered years, the race runs the northern route.

In odd numbered years, the race runs the southern route.

This allows more villages in Alaska to be a part of the race.Map of the raceEven year route and southern year route3The race begins each year on the first Saturday in March.

Saturday is the Start of the race.The musher starts with 12 dogs.This is a ceremonial event.The mushers time does not count .Idita-Riders bid to ride with a musher.

Sunday is the Restart of the race. This is the REAL start of the race. The clock starts. The mushers leave with no more than 16 dogs.The dogs have passed physical exams and are healthy.

Information about the start and restart of Iditarod.4

Iditarod Headquarters is in Wasilla, AlaskaIditarod staff work at headquarters during the year. There is a museum and gift shop inside this building. Iditarod HQ5

You can learn about the race by viewing the displays and trophies.6

Bootie DisplayA bootie display. Also notice the headlamp. 7

Red Lantern AwardThe Red Lantern Award8

TogoTogo raced in the Serum Run. (1925) The Serum Run is not the same race as Iditarod.9

Iditarods Mission Statement10

Race fans can purchase merchandise at the store or at online Iditarod StoreIditarods StoreRace fans can purchase Iditarod items at the store or online at Iditarods website store. 11

This statue of Joe Redington, Sr. is outside the headquarters building. Joe is remembered as the Father of the Iditarod. 12

The race officially ends when the last musher gets to Nome.The race is over when the last musher gets to Nome, Alaska. The first musher gets to Nome in a bit over 9 days. The last musher may take another week or so to get to Nome. The number of mushers in the race each year differs. 13Information

The prizes and information about the purse (the money a musher gets for finishing the race) can usually be found in the media guide which can be found at the Press and Media menu tab at .

The deadline for signing up to run the race is generally around the first of December of each year. Mushers start signing up for the race on the last Saturday in June at the Volunteer Picnic and Musher Sign up which is held at Iditarod Headquarters in Wasilla.

You can learn more about the history of the race and other important information at the Learn About menu tab at

Important words

Idita Rider: A person who bids to ride on a mushers sled at the start of the race.

Bootie or dog booties: The dogs where socks or booties on their feet NOT to keep their feet warm, but to keep the feet protected from injury. You can learn more about dog care at the Veterinary Center at the Learn About menu tab.



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