Ideas for Classroom Video Projects

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Ideas for Classroom Video Projects. Gladys Deniz & Nancy Hunt, Ed.D. School of Education & Human Development California State University, Fresno. Pumpkin Patch. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Ideas for Classroom Video ProjectsGladys Deniz &amp; Nancy Hunt, Ed.D.School of Education &amp; Human DevelopmentCalifornia State University, Fresno</p></li><li><p>Pumpkin PatchVideotape students working in a class pumpkin patch: planting seeds, measuring pumpkin growth, cutting them off the vines, hauling them to the classroom, cutting the pumpkins open, taking oujt the seed, creating jack-o-lanternsVideotaped activities were then integrated into math and language lessons which included counting, estimation, measuring, place value, and graphingKindergarten class, Birmingham, Alabama</p></li><li><p>YearbookVideotape students during important events during the school year.Students sold dozens of these tapes and made enough money to buy new multimedia equipment for the school.Sixth grade, Birmingham, Alabama</p></li><li><p>River WalkVideotape segments of students as they hiked along a river bank near the school. They were studying the environment, toxic waste, and pollutants.Results were then mailed to local members of Congress and TV stations. Presentations were made to parents and other classes.Sixth grade, Birmingham, Alabama</p></li><li><p>ZooVideotape students during a field trip to the zoo: taking notes, videotaping the animals, recording the animal sounds.Students create an electronic slideshowPrimary class, Trussville, Alabama</p></li><li><p>Weather EffectsVideotape studetns around their community uring different seasons of the year.The segments are spliced together to show the effect of weather and climate on plants, animals, buildings, and human beings.Fifth grade, Blue Earth, Minnesota</p></li><li><p>Native American Folk TalesVideotape students designing props and backdrops using a computerized paint program.Videotape students using popsicle-stick puppets to act out the story in front of the computer backdrops.Primary class, Trussville, Alabama</p></li><li><p>Business ExplorationVideotape student teams researching a particular business, visiting relevant work sitesStudents produce a videotape to teach fellow students how the business worksMiddle School special ed class, Albuquerque, New Mexico</p></li></ul>