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ICT in Arts and Humanities Research 0118 378 5064 ahrbict@reading.ac.uk http://www.ahrb.ac.uk/ict. The David Lodge model of humanities computing: Number-crunching Table-emptying Scientific measurement and analysis. Contrast Richard Beacham, University of Warwick (Theatre Studies) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


ICT in Arts and Humanities Research0118 378 5064ahrbict@reading.ac.ukhttp://www.ahrb.ac.uk/ictThe David Lodge model of humanities computing:Number-crunchingTable-emptyingScientific measurement and analysisContrast Richard Beacham, University of Warwick (Theatre Studies)The Pompey Project: the evolution, structure and legacy of the Theatre of PompeyAdolphe Appia at Hellerau: Virtual Reconstructions and performancesInterpretation, imaginative reconstruction, experienceJeremy Black, University of Oxford and Hamish Cunningham, University of Sheffield--morphology, part of speech, lemmaCorpus-based analysis of Sumerian literature: style, lexis, grammar and registerGeneric tools for linguistic annotation and web-based analysis of literary SumerianAlan Bowman, University of Oxford--enhanced digitised images The Vindolanda writing-tablets: edition with commentary and electronic databaseNigel Llewellyn, University of Sussex--image retrievalTowards a National Census of Funeral Monuments: A Pilot Study of East and West SussexAwards with ICT output or methodology: 1999-2003AHRB ICT in Arts and Humanities Research Programme 2.7m over 4 years from 1 October 2003 at School of Modern Languages, University of ReadingDavid Robey (half-time Director, half-time Professor of Italian)Stuart Dunn (Research Assistant)The aim of the ICT in Arts and Humanities Research Programme is toencourage, support and enhance the use of ICT in the conduct of research in all areas of the arts and humanities, the development and use of digital research resources and tools, and the exploitation of ICT in disseminating and making available the results of research. Services already in place:Arts and Humanities Data Service (joint-funded with JISC to 2007: approx. 1m p.a.JISC Resource Discovery Network: Humbul (part-funded by AHRB) and ArtifactAHRB ICT Methods Network 1.1m: 3 years from October 2004Why 'Network'?interdisciplinary and interprofessional dialogue amongst computing specialists and Arts and Humanities scholars using ICTnew developments and advanced methodologies, and research processes, questions, methods and uses of dataone-stop shop for dissemination of new methodologies and tools, and of new forms of scholarly communicationgeneric and last-resort user supporton-line materials for postgraduate and postdoctoral trainingweb-site, publications, workshops, expert seminars, possibly conferencesadvise on AHRB strategy, new technological developments, international collaboration, funding opportunities and needsAHRB ICT Methods NetworkICT STRATEGY PROJECTS SCHEME: 1mTwo types of project: Knowledge-gathering Resource-development Knowledge-gathering projects: to underpin 2006 Strategic Review of ICT activities and research community needs. May include:Survey of current e-publishing activity in the arts and humanitiesTechnology-deficit survey: needs for tools development, generic resources, and standards in ICT for arts and humanities researchScoping survey(s) of ICT developments in other domains, including e-science, with a view to their potential use in the arts and humanitiesSurvey(s) of the distribution of ICT skills and uses between different areas of researchEvaluation of the quality and sustainability of AHRB-funded digital resourcesSurvey(s) of use and impact of the AHRB-funded digital resourcesResource-development projects: digital research resources for a broad range of subjects in the Arts and Humanities. May include:Test/demonstrator/exemplar projectsNew generic resources and toolsTransferability projects arising from existing funded projectsCollaboration with AHDSMethods and Projects Database(joint-funded with JISC) linked to register of research assistants (employment exchange)JISC (JCSR) Arts and Humanities ICT Awareness Programme (100k) suite of on-line introductory materials on ICT resources for Arts and Humanities research aimed at low-level usersBroad, coordinated and clearly articulated strategy for the medium term: up to 2007AHDS (joint-funded with JISC)RDN Humbul (AHRB supplements JISC funding)ICT Methods NetworkICT Strategy ProjectsArts and Humanities ICT Awareness and Training Programme (funded by JISC)Methods and Projects Database (joint-funded with JISC)2006 Review to then determine new long-term strategic provision from 2007 onWork with AHRB Research PanelsGuidance on needs in the academic communitiesMore expert input into evaluation of ICT-related projectsICT in Arts and Humanities Research0118 378 5064ahrbict@reading.ac.ukhttp://www.ahrb.ac.uk/ict


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